Weakness of a Woman – How to Become Every Girl’s Weakness and Desire

The weakness of a woman is one of the mysteries of womanhood – and it is perhaps even more significant their strength. Yet, its intricacies are not easy to decipher, despite being stereotyped as the weaker vessels from time immemorial.

How they are able to perfectly encapsulate their emotions is something even science does not have an answer to. There is no denying that once a woman falls in love with a person, she can give up everything for him.

Interestingly, despite the intensity of their love, weakness, and desire, a woman is capable of holding on to her emotions for as long as possible without showing evident signs that she is into you. The whole of her heart may be craving for you, but she would keep it to herself unless you approach her and give her a reason to give you a chance.

In this article, we will discuss the weakness of a woman and how you can take conscious steps to become every girl’s weakness and desire – and also win her heart by giving her a reason to give you a chance.

Let’s check out the tested and trusted ways you can become every girl’s weakness and win her heart effortlessly – by doing the right things the right way.

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How to Become Her Weakness

In addition to what we discussed earlier, there are basic standards which every girl resonates towards, and specifications which they term ‘cool’. For you to become a girl’s weakness, you must be able to tick a few of these boxes depending on individual preferences.

Here are 6 Tips on How to become every Woman’s Weakness!


6 Tips on How to Become a Woman’s Weakness

1. Pay Attention to Your Grooming

I cannot emphasize enough the attention women pay to their own personal grooming. We all know how much attention they can pay to their face, hair, or body. Every woman cares about her personal grooming, why do you think they won’t pay attention to yours?

If you want to become her weakness, then you need to start paying more attention to your personal grooming to enable you look more attractive to her. You have to be able to catch her eye before you can become her weakness.

2. You Need to Smell Good

Women love men who smell good – you should read that again. If we are to be truthful with ourselves, this is actually plain psychology. Try to always smell good, not just once a week but every day of the week.

Make her know you for your distinctive smell; let her know you as the guy who smells best. If you are the guy with the best smell she has ever come across, it is only a matter of time before you will become her weakness.

3. Lose Some Belly Fat

So, this may bring a frown on your face if you are a man with some fat around the waist area, but this is the truth. A woman would prefer a man without belly fat to the one that does, if they both share the same attributes that attract her.

Try to put your weight under control so that she can have the boldness and confidence to be around you without having to worry about how her friends perceive her. Also, it is healthier for you and it is no longer fashionable.

4. Be a Gentle Man

Oh, my world, ladies like a gentleman. They want their sons to be gentlemen and a gentleman always catches their eye, so, why not become one if you plan on becoming her weakness.

Hold the door for her, say the magic words – “Thank You”, “Please” and “I am Sorry”. No, that doesn’t make you look weak in any way. Rather these little courtesies will make her give you a second thought, and who knows, you could become her weakness.

5. Be Generous To Her

One of the easiest ways you can become a woman’s weakness is by being generous to her. Women like a generous man and they can place generosity over every other attribute or requirement on the list.

Although I agree that many women fall for the wrong options as a result of their misconception of generosity, I cannot hide the truth from you that you need to be generous also before you can prove that you are a better option. After all, you need to first become her weakness before you can prove anything to her.

6. Always Compliment Her

If you are a guy, then you should know that every woman likes to be complimented as many times as possible. Yes, even if it means doing it every time you come in contact with them, do it. This is a fundamental weakness of a woman.

A woman will naturally feel attracted to someone who makes her feel good about herself. So, if you are always complimenting her, chances are that you will become her weakness – and who knows what will happen from there. However, make sure you do not lie about your compliments or she will know you are blushing. Either way, try to coat your words as much as possible.

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How to Become Every Girls Desire and Win Her Heart

We discussed earlier about how a lady can be very complicated when it comes to issues of the heart. So, one thing you have to understand is that just because you are her weakness doesn’t mean you will win her heart.

A lady can be crushing on a guy and still say no to him if he asks her out – that is how ladies are wired. You cannot just stop because you feel you are her weakness, therefore everything should fall at the sound of your voice.

Not to worry though, we have highlighted four tips on how to become every girl’s desire and win her heart. We know you are eager to get to it, let’s begin!


4 Tips on How to Become Every Girl’s Desire and Win Her Heart

1. Come Through For Her

One way you can become a girl’s desire and win her heart is by coming through for her. When you come through for a girl at a time when no one was there to help her out, you have taken a huge step towards winning her heart.

It becomes better if you come through for her without asking her anything in return. When a lady notices that you did not help her because you want to take advantage of her body, she will give you her heart. I agree that this is a big weakness of a woman, but it is a weakness in a good way.

2. Be Interested in Her Future Goals

Contrary to what you think, women have big goals, sometimes even bigger than that of many men you know. So, when they see someone who respects their goals and believes they can achieve them – rather than question it or talk them out of it, then they have a chance to winning their heart.

Also, you should support them in achieving their goals in the best way possible because showing interest is one thing, and supporting them is another complete ball game.

3. Prove to Her That You are Mature

A lady accepts that she is a baby, so, she doesn’t want another baby in her life – apart from her kids. Do not be fooled that a lady is always quick to call their guy ‘baby’. No lady wants a childish man in her life.

If you want her to desire you and give you her heart, you must be ready to be as mature as you possibly can. However, you should create time to make her laugh and flirt with her. Ladies like that also – yes, they like a bit of everything. This is one weakness of a woman you can take advantage of.

4. Give Her a Reason to Give You Her Act

A lady wants assurance – constant assurance. So, just because you are her weakness doesn’t mean she will give you her heart. To win her heart, you will need to give her a reason for that. This is where you will need to approach her and engage her in a conversation so that she can get to know you better.

This is your chance at the jackpot and the ball is in your court, do not blow it! You want to be her desire and win her heart? Then, shoot your shot!

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We cannot deny the fact that all women are not the same, and what works for one may not work for the other. It is just the same way one may give you signs that she is into you, or even walk up to you to ask you out, while another may never give any signs and may even turn down your advances despite her feelings for you.

One thing that is as certain as a universal truth is that there are certain basic principles that apply to all women. When you can understand and apply these basic principles, you are well on your way to becoming every girl’s weakness and desire.

My final advice for you is that after you become her weakness and desire, do not take the opportunity for granted, because, a girl can hate as quickly as she can fall in love. Most disheartening is that, the hatred of a woman is like a wildfire, it burns everything in its path.