Flirting Tips for a Cinema Date – 11 Movie Date Ideas

Looking for some flirting tips for a cinema date for your next movie date outing? Read this piece to the end!

Date ideas can be overwhelming when you are super excited about your date and of course why go for a date if you are not excited about it, but even more so, cinema date ideas can be nerve-wracking, especially if you want to flirt. Movie date is a very popular kind of date known with great chances for you to connect with your date. But it is a different ball game when you want to mix things up and flirt with your date.

Even if this is your second movie date, it can still be hard to flirt. But this is why we are here for you to give you some flirting tips for a cinema date you can try. They are fun, exciting and can help you easily connect physically with your date.

So, in case you would like to make a move at your next cinema date but do not really know where and how to start, these tips below will help you.

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Flirting Tips for a Cinema Date

1. Choice of movie

  • Horror movie.

Choosing a horror movie is risky because some ladies do not like to see violence and blood. A horror film has a lot of distractions and yells, it might complicate your planned moves when you attempt to touch her arms or hands as she will react to the movie.

Although a scary movie could be amusing for both of you, especially if your date likes to watch it. This way when she is really scared, you can hug her or grab her hand. At one point she might not resist kissing you. It will even make her feel protected.

  • Drama romance movie.

A drama romance movie is not ideal, especially for a first date. It is too involving and romantic. Your date can not shortly fall in love with you because it takes time for love to develop. You have to first create the phase of infatuation and sensation.

  • Movie with many sex scenes.

This kind of movie will not work. It is the worst kind of movie if you are looking to flirt at the cinemas. Choosing a movie with too many sex scenes will create a wrong impression about you and will make her feel that you just want to make it out with her. Definitely, you will want to have sex with her, but it has to be a gradual process, first you have to entice her and make her feel relaxed with you over time.

  • Action movie.

Action movies are the best for a flirtatious movie date. Most people like action movies. It is a great selection for a cinema date as it can be thrilling for both of you and create some sexual connection and attraction.

  • Comedy movie

Comedy movies are also a great option for a date at the movies. A comedy movie will make your date laugh and be comfortable in your company as it is amusing and simple to understand. You would like to flirt and entice this girl, so the choice of the movie should be about her and not you.

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2. Do not wear too much makeup on your face

This tip is for girls. Your date perhaps does not want your makeup on his cloth. If you intend to hug or lean against him, wear very light makeup. Also, put on a comfy dress and do not wear skin-tight jeans.

3. Wear good smelling perfume

While inside the cinema, he will not be able to see how beautiful your eyes are. But he can smell the amazing scent your perfume has when leaning on him. Wear it especially around your neck. This is a one of the best flirting tips for a Cinema date for both the guy and the girl.

4. You both should come to the cinema early

If you are going to a cinema to watch a movie, get there early before the movie starts, so you can choose the good seats. Choose a place where people will not stare at you while you both are kissing.

You can choose a seat at the back just to ensure that you are both comfortable getting a little nasty during the movie without fear of being seen. Going to a less crowded cinema or seeing an older movie can help you flirt during your cinema date.

5. Do not be on your phone during the date

This number five in our point is one of the most important flirting tips for a Cinema date and any kind of date. Do not use your phone during the date as it is annoying and not respectful. Even if your date does not care about it, it is a bad manner. And bad manners are not seductive. Resorting to this might be because you are nervous or do not know what to do, you just have to flow and connect with your date. Avoid unnecessary pressing of the phone.

6. Lean on him

Lean against your date, putting some weight on his shoulder. This tip helps well because it indicates physical comfort without doing anything intense, but mainly it shows him that you are pleased with some form of physical connection from him. Your date now has the consent to hold your hand, put his hand around your shoulder, and try all the other menial things that some guys had no guts to do until they know if they can go ahead. [Read: First Date Tips Every Woman Should Know]

7. Rest your head on his shoulder

This also helps to flirt with your date. Leaning on him and resting your head on his shoulder has similar effects, but the latter is a little more close and cuddly. Also, this is a rather uncomfortable position for the guy, so he is more likely to place his arm around you because it feels more natural than just sitting there without making any move.

8. Hold hands with your date

Your hands have a small way of being active even when your mind is wandering around with other things. Hold your date’s hand gently at intervals. Do not overdo it because your date might not feel comfortable when you overdo it. A couple of times while watching the entire movie would be okay.

9. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

You have built a physical connection by resting on your date’s shoulder, leaning on him, and holding hands. As there is intimacy now, you both can kiss. All that is required is a few excuses to get your faces and lips near to each other’s faces. You can move his hand to your thigh or chest, start smooching him in the cinema.

10. Wait and talk

You both can wait after the movie and keep discussing. You can either talk about the just concluded movie or any other topic. Make the discussion an exciting one, and you can go talking anything flirty, it is okay!

11. Take further steps after the movie

You need to give her extra romance after your physical connection at the movies. Your date is already comfortable with you, and she would want you to take more steps after the movie. So now, you can take things a bit further and steer the whole thing to a whole new levels.


We have taking time to highlight these precise flirting tips for a cinema date and it’s time you pick up some of the ideas on what to do and what not to do as to not harm your date. Make sure you keep things lively, exciting and do all you can to create that connection with your date. Good luck!