Why Women Pull Away: 15 Reasons She Pull Away & How to Handle it

Here’s what to know when a woman wants to pull away, why women pull away, the signs she’s pulling away, and how to stop her from pulling away.

Is your woman behaving abnormally and you are wondering what is wrong with her?

Do you feel she’s not connecting with you emotionally as she always does?

Or she isn’t craving your attention just like the first time you both started out, and you desperately want to remedy the situation, but don’t know how to start?

This article was written just for you.


Why Women Pull Away: 15 Reasons She Pull Away & How to Handle it

Read through to know what it means when a woman wants to pull away, why women pull away, the signs she’s pulling away, and how to stop her from pulling away.


What Does It Mean When a Woman Pulls Away?

When a woman wants to pull away, she’s indirectly telling you that she’s no longer interested in the relationship and wants to return to singlehood.

It means that she wants a break, although some women do that to get their lover’s attention back as funny as it may sound.

If her behavior changes, and you don’t know what to make of it, check out these signs to know if she is trying to pull off.


Signs She’s Pulling Away – Signs Your Woman Is Pulling Off

1. She stops giving you hot gist

When a woman is in love with you, you become her gist partner, you become the first person she gives the gist about the current happenings at the workplace, and she can never get tired of telling you her friend’s activities but once she starts to pull away, everything stops.

She stops chatting with you the way she use to, and you become the last person to hear when she gets promoted, that is if you even get to hear about it.

2. She stops enjoying your usual night talks

Bedtime call is one thing ladies don’t joke with. They love it when their men call to say sweet things to them just before they fall asleep and if you fail to call them, they will be offended and demand to know why you didn’t.

They just love getting attention and so, if your woman no longer wants those bedtime calls, it’s a sign that she’s pulling off. If she doesn’t get angry when you fail to call, it means her love for you is waxing cold.

3. She stops laughing at your jokes

When a woman loves you, she finds every of your joke extremely funny even the boring ones. The thing is, she isn’t really laughing because your jokes are funny, laughing is her way of expressing the fact that she’s enjoying your company and so when she suddenly stops laughing when you crack funny jokes, it means that your company doesn’t give her joy as it used to. It shows that she isn’t happy with the relationship.

4. She doesn’t miss you anymore

She doesn’t call to know when you’re coming over, she doesn’t call to know why you didn’t call her last night, she stops asking why you seem busy and worse still, she doesn’t say she missed you with a warm hug as she use to. All these are signs that she isn’t into you as she use to be; she’s pulling away.

5. She keeps saying she’s busy

Ladies don’t get busy for those they love, they create time and even long to get themselves wrapped around the men they love. Even if their schedule is very tight at work, they still find time to call and meet with their lovers. If yours start to cancel dates with the ‘I’m busy’ excuse, you should do all you can to get her back because she’s gradually pulling away.

6.  She starts calling another guy her bestie

When she calls another guy her bestie, you are in trouble because she is definitely pulling off from you. Ladies rarely have male besties aside from the man they sincerely love; they can keep male friends but they won’t be as close as the man they are dating but once they are pulling off they try to connect with other guys more closely.

If you find out that she’s pulling off and wonder what her reasons are, you are not on the wrong lane as most times, it’s difficult to know what exactly is going on in a woman’s mind. To ease you off the stress of searching to know why for a long time, I have here, 15 possible reasons why she’s pulling away.


15 Reasons Why Women Pull Away

1. Absence of trust

She’s probably tired of trying to make you trust her the way you should. You check her call logs often, you’ve asked her to avoid other guys, you question her if she goes for company dinner and she’s feeling suffocated and want some fresh air.

2. Lack of discipline

You can’t control your urge when she says she’s not in the mood, you force her to open up. You can’t hold back from yelling when you are angry, and you don’t wait to hear her own side of the story before concluding. She finds that gross and wants to get some space from the emotional torture.

3. No vision for the relationship

She noticed that you don’t have any intention of moving the relationship to the next level, and she’s really tired of just dating. She wants to become a part of you for a lifetime, but you don’t even bring the topic up and she thinks there’s no need to keep waiting.

4. Overprotection

You follow her even when she wants to hang out with the girls, you tap her phone to know her current location at all times. You don’t allow her to make firm decisions for herself. Your intention might not be wrong to you but she’s not comfortable with it and want to leave. [Read: Signs you’re being Overprotective]

5. You stop saying sorry

The four-letter word, sorry, is as important as ‘I love you’ to ladies. Failing to apologize when you offend her is a crime to her, and she has corrected you numerous times but you’re not picking it up. She’s pulling off probably because she thinks she deserves better.

6. No sexual satisfaction

You’ve not been paying attention to her sexual needs as you use to and when she brings it up as a topic, you brush it off. She’s starved and can’t endure it any longer or worse still, she thinks you’re giving that attention to someone else since you’re not giving it to her.

7. Lies

You look her straight in the eyes and lie to her even when it’s very obvious and she can’t take it anymore. Your relationship is no longer based on trust because you lie to cover up at any slightest chance you get.

8. Cheating

No one will stay in a relationship with a man that sleeps around. It’s heartbreaking and it’s affecting every part of her life including her career, and she doesn’t want that. Even though she loves you, she can’t keep subjecting herself to emotional trauma.

9. Incompatibility

Maybe she didn’t find this out before saying yes to your proposal. Your reasoning seems completely off from how she reasons. As a result, she senses future danger and decides to leave before it becomes worse.

10. She’s in love with another

Here’s one major reason she’s no longer giving you all her attention. She found someone that seems better than you, and is doing everything to let you know she’s no longer interested without saying it verbally. [Also Read: signs of Unspoken Mutual Attraction]

11. Her friends think you’re a jerk

Your girl might be among those girls that listen to their friends or take their advice seriously. She might be trying to pull off because her girls say you’re not worth her.

12. She feels ignored

You call once in two days, don’t want to know if she’s okay health-wise, you don’t even stop by to see her, and even forget to celebrate her birthday. No girl will take these things lightly.

13. You fight too often

You yell at her whenever she makes a mistake and even keep mute for days. She believes she can’t handle this part of you for a long time and wants to leave.

14: She wants you back

She’s behaving that way because she wants to get your attention back. She wants to get her man back and the only way she thinks she can do that is by faking her attitude.

15. Her priority changed

She found out that dating isn’t what she’s supposed to be doing at that stage of her life and decide to call it a quit to fall back on track.

Now you know why she wants to pull off, you must do something to prevent her from leaving the relationship entirely. If you’re confused about what to do, follow the tips below on how to stop her from pulling away:


How to Stop Her from Pulling Away

1. Return to your old sweet self

Do you remember how sweet you were when you first met her? Return to that old sweet days. You use to call her every night before she hugs her bed, right? Start calling again, but make sure you don’t do them just to gain her attention back but because you love her and don’t want to lose her.

2. Create more time for her

Give her your attention, tell her she’s beautiful when she’s all dressed up. Visit the mall and get her that red lingerie she loves and tell her you love her often.

3. Give her space

Stop the overprotection already, give her the space she needs. Trust her more, allow her to converse well with the opposite sex without questioning later.

4. Sit her down and discuss

One important part of a relationship is communication. Invite her over or go over to hers, first reassure her of your love, wrap your arm around her with her permission and ask her calmly what is going on. If she keeps mute, remind her of your old days, she might come around.

If you love her, don’t allow her to pull away completely. Understand why she wants to pull off and try as much as possible to bring back the joy you both had from the beginning.