Why Do His Eyes Sparkle When He Looks At Me

Why do his eyes sparkle when he looks at me? You are not the only lady who has asked this question, so yes, you saw right – his eyes did sparkle when he looked at you.

If his eyes sparkle when he looks at you, it is a reflection of what he feels inside about you. When determining whether a person loves you or not, it is best to look out for the less obvious signs which cannot be faked.

The sparkle in a man’s eyes when he looks at you is a sign that he comes alive whenever he sees you. A guy can fake a smile, the gestures can be false, his words can be fallacies, his actions timed; but his eyes can never lie – always watch out for the eyes!

As a lady, you should be able to notice the subtle signs, not the ones being forced on your face. Look out for the silent signs and do not be carried away with the words – or actions.

Yes, actions can be faked, and if you are someone who is a firm believer of the famous saying – “action speaks louder than voice,” be guided. Guys can make you see what they want you to see until they get what they want.

Why do his eyes sparkle when he looks at me? We have answered your questions below.

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10 Reasons Why His Eyes Sparkle When He Looks at You

1. You are the Woman of His Dreams

If his eyes sparkle when he looks at you, it could be a good thing. Like in the movies – the good ones, it could be that you are the woman of his dreams.

When you genuinely like this guy, and you notice that his eyes sparkle when he sees you, you could be the woman of his dreams. But be careful, “the woman of my dreams” can mean different things to different people.

2. He Has a Crush on You

Yes, a guy can have a crush too! Having a crush is not just a woman think – at least, not anymore. One reason why his eyes may sparkle is that he has a crush on you.

When a guy has a crush on you, he will subconsciously reconnect to his younger self and feel younger again. So, his eyes will sparkle when he looks like you.

3. He is Excited to See You

Excitement can make his eyes sparkle when he sees you. Perhaps he has been looking forward to seeing you for a long time – and probably didn’t believe you will agree to see him.

So, seeing you in person may actually make his eyes sparkle.

4. He Finds You Attractive

If a guy finds you attractive, his eyes may sparkle when he looks at you. Honestly, when a guy finds you attractive, it’s an advantage; and if his eyes sparkle because he finds you attractive, then it is a double advantage.

5. He is Relaxed Around You

Naturally, when a person is relaxed around you, their eyes can sparkle. So, there is a possibility that he is very comfortable around you. Again, it is a good thing if he is relaxed around you.

When a guy is relaxed around you, it is easy for him to trust you. With trust comes commitment – and the rest could be history.

6. You Remind Him of Someone

Memories can be triggered by anything, and seeing you may trigger a memory. His eyes may sparkle if you remind him of someone.

There is nothing to worry about; his eyes sparkle when he looks at you because you remember him of a good memory – probably his mother. If not, you will see the rage in his eyes – not a sparkle.

7. He loves you for Real

Many ladies do not generally believe in true love, but if his eyes sparkle when he looks at you, he may love you for real.

Everyone is capable of genuinely falling in love – and you deserve to be loved. So, maybe it is a good time for you to open your heart to true love – if you don’t already.

8. He is Interested But Knows He Can’t Have You

Sometimes, a guy’s eyes may sparkle when he looks at you because he is genuinely interested in you but knows he cannot have you.

Maybe he is already with another woman, or he can see you are already with another guy. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t attracted to you. So, his eyes will likely give him away.

9. He Wants to Be Intimate with You

His eyes may sparkle because he wants to be intimate with you – he wants to get you laid. So, the thought of it is making his eyes wet.

Like I mentioned earlier, you cannot use the same yardstick to measure everyone. The fact that his eyes sparkle when he looks at you doesn’t mean he genuinely loves you.

10. He Believes You are Interested in Him

Interestingly, his eyes may sparkle when he looks at you because, for some reason, he believes you are interested in him.

Probably he caught you checking him out – or he believes he saw you checking him out. Either way, the excitement and feeling about himself may make his eyes sparkle when he looks at you.

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What to Do If His Eyes Sparkle When He Looks at You

Come to think of it, what are you supposed to do when you notice that his eyes sparkle when he looks at you?

You are at a crossroads because, honestly, you do not know what his true intentions are. It is actually more complex than you ordinarily thought – right?

Well, we will put you out of the dilemma. Below we have highlighted ten tips on how to handle the situation.

1. Be Calm About the Situation

First things first, you have to be calm – this is definitely not the time to jump to conclusions.

I mean, the fact that his eyes sparkle when he looks at you could mean anything, so you have to remain calm to enable you to make a rational decision.

2. Carry Out Your Due Diligence

Remember, you are a lady, and due diligence is your specialty. So, this is the time you should carry out your due diligence on the guy.
You cannot just give yourself away to a guy because his eyes sparkle when he looks at you. Make sure you know what you are going into before you make a move.

3. Ask Him What He Wants From You

If you are willing to give this a shot, ask him what he wants. Do not try to play any games, and do not give anyone the opportunity to play any games with you.

Ask him to square up what he wants from you and what his intentions are – rather than assuming.

4. Check Out for Other Signs and Actions

Please do not take his words for it and do not allow him to play on your intelligence. Don’t take his works and the fact that his eyes sparkle as the only reasons you give yourself to him.

Watch out for other signs and actions to enable you determine his true intentions before making your decision.

5. Trust Your Instincts

In everything, always trust your instincts. Your instincts are more powerful than you can ever imagine. So, always trust your instincts and never place anyone’s opinion over them.

Despite the fact that his eyes sparkle when he looks at you, and he says he genuinely loves you, what do your instincts say? Trust your instincts and stick to it!

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6. Check How He Relates With Other Ladies

Before you jump to any conclusions, it is best to confirm how he is around other ladies. It is possible he is like that with every lady – so, it is not about you.

If you notice that he acts the same way and his eyes come alive when he is around other ladies, take caution, you may be dealing with a player.

7. Put Him to the Test

There are many ways you can test if a guy truly loves you or is playing you without having to state the obvious.

Our article on ‘How to Know If a Guy is Playing You or Really Likes You’ will give you all the tips you need to put him to the test and get the correct answers.

8. Look Out for Consistency

It would be best if you looked for consistency. Did his eyes sparkle on the first day, or is it consistent with him?

If you notice that it was a one-off, then it is nothing profound. Something triggered the effect that day, and you should not bother taking this seriously – if you already have.

9. Guard Your Emotions

When you notice his eyes sparkle when he looks at you, you need to guard yourself against falling for him. I know you may see this as a good sign – yes, it could be.

But you need to guard your heart and make sure you understand his intentions before you make any commitment.

10. Do Not Say Yes Yet

For God’s sake, his eyes sparkled when he looked at you, so everything inside and around you is prompting you to say yes to him – DON’T!

Do not be in a hurry to say yes to this guy for the sole reason that his eyes are all wet. Be a lady, carry out your due diligence, and look out for other signs.


Why Doesn’t His Eyes Sparkle When He Looks at Me?

There are different reasons why a guy’s eyes may not sparkle when he sees you.

Although it could be a significant reason, like I mentioned earlier, you cannot honestly tell if this is because he isn’t interested in you.

Check out other reasons why his eyes may not sparkle when he looks at you.

1. He is Not a Natural Romantic

Now, we have to understand one thing – not every guy is a natural romantic. A guy can genuinely love a lady, but he is naturally not romantic.

I know this may go against all the laws in your Girl’s Guide Book, but it is the truth. So, do not believe that he doesn’t love you just because his eyes do not sparkle when he looks at you.

2. He is Not Interested in You

On the other hand, it may be that there is no sparkle in his eyes because he is not interested in you. Who said things of the heart were easy?

Like I said before, you cannot judge everyone by the same rule book or yardstick when it comes to love.

3. He Doesn’t Find You Romantic

Again, this has something to do with romance. He may love you, but for some reason, you do not trigger his affections and infatuations.

If a guy doesn’t find you romantic and he doesn’t enjoy or crave intimacy with you, his eyes may not sparkle when he sees you. So, it may actually be more about you than it is about him.

4. He is Not Happy with You

You may have probably offended him or is nursing a grudge against you – this could prevent his eyes from sparkling when he sees you.

When it comes to emotions and feelings, every cell in our system is connected together.

5. He is not in a Good Mood

Sometimes, it may not be about you in any way. It is possible he is not in a good mood, and yes, this will affect everything about him – including the sparkle in his eyes.

So, hold your breaks before you jump to conclusions; it may have absolutely nothing to do with you.



As you can see and should possibly know, there is no cap that fits all when it comes to things of the heart.

Although we must always remain vigilant and careful so as not to fall victim, we should always understand that things which relate to love are relative and peculiar to individuals.

Feel free to ask us any questions about this topic or any other topic on love, relationships, and marriage in the comment session below.