20 Signs your Ex Will Never Come Back to You

It hurts breaking up with your lover and becoming Ex to one another, but what hurts most is, you trying to make things up, but nothing seems to be working no matter how you try, yet you do not see those signs your ex will never come back to you because the person has moved on, and you are yet to realize it, maybe all because you still love them.

In this article, we are going to enlighten you on how to know that it is all over, and that you and your ex will never get back together with each other. This will help you take a precise decision, and determine the next direction of your life and relationship.

Yes, we all know it hurts and heart-breaking knowing that your lover who you both cared so much about each other, will never come back to you, because they are no more interested. But it will be more devastating to realize this late, so it is important you observe the signs we have mentioned here, so you can take the bold step on time, and avoid chasing the shadow for longer time, that will devastate you even more in near future.

To save your time, your energy and stress from overthinking it all, below are signs your Ex will never come back to you. You need to understand them and take decisions that will help you going forward.


20 Signs your Ex Will Never Come Back to You

1. Ex stopped calling you: This is one of the obvious signs that shows that he is over you. A person who is truly in love yearns to always hear from the one he or she loves, hence if your ex does not make an attempt to call you, that is an indirect way of saying I’m not interested anymore. This is one of the major signs your Ex will never come back to you as they are no more interested.

2. They cancel your date together: It simply means the urge to be around you has been lost and it’s a red sign. It simply shows that he or she does not enjoy your company again and you know what that means.

3. He or She does not care if you hang out with another: One of the characteristics of a person who is really into you is the inability to stand while you’re with another person of the opposite sex; over protection, and sometimes jealousy. When your Ex sees you with another and is not reactive, it’s a sign that he or she isn’t going to ever return.

4. Ex says you deserve a better lover: This is a very good way of saying ‘I’m leaving this relationship for good’. Don’t fall for this stunt, once you hear this from your Ex, prepare your mind for a permanent breakup, he isn’t coming back.

5. Ex returns all your stuff: When this happens, it means it’s over. Don’t even go begging or fighting, it will amount to more embarrassment. Just muscle up and move on.

6. They block you on social media: One lovely thing lovers do is displaying themselves on social media, they derive joy from it. When your Ex disconnects you from all social media, it means that he or she doesn’t want anything to do with you.

7. Your Ex’s family does not welcome you as usual: In the real sense, what completes the joy you have in a relationship is the love of your boy/girlfriend’s family but When they ignore you, it means that he or she has informed the family about his or decision and they supported him.

8. Ex stops complimenting you: You remember those, “You are so soft and tender, you are looking dashing on this outfit” kind of compliments, if he/she stops saying that to you sincerely, it means that you’ve lost your charm on him and he won’t come back.

9. Ex stops discussing important issues with you: Well, it’s always amazing to have a lover who wants to share secrets with you or always wants to know your opinion on important matters. When your lover stops sharing deep secrets with you, he/she is simply saying that the trust is no longer there and can’t wait to leave the relationship.

10. They delete all your picture on phone gallery: It can be heart breaking but you should move on when you notice that your lover has deleted all your memories in pictures together. You just have to look elsewhere.

11. Ex keeps quiet unnecessarily around you: This shows that chatting or discussing with you doesn’t make him or her happy anymore and has found the person with whom he/she finds comfort discussing with.

12. Ex doesn’t care about your feelings: One way to know a person that still has a thing deep down for you despite a breakup is the inability to stay calm while with you, when you are emotionally down. If your ex isn’t moved by your tears, don’t waste your time waiting for him because he/she won’t come back to you.

13. They avoid your friends and family: If he/she does not avoid meeting with your family, it means he/she wants an opportunity to reconcile but if this happens the other way round, it means that there is no hope for the relationship. You just have to move on.

14. Ex has moved on with another: It’s a clear sign, you need not wait anymore. Moving on means that he/she is done for good and nothing is going to bring him back. Clean the tears, dust your butt and move the hell on.

15. He or She moves out of the city without your notice: Well, their reason for moving out might not necessarily be because of you, but for the fact that you weren’t notified means that you don’t really matter like you used to, so, you need to move on.

16. Ex collects the spare key with you: This is majorly for the ladies. When your boyfriend takes the spare key to his apartment that he gave you, it is another way of saying you are no longer welcomed here. Don’t go begging; he already made up his mind.

17. Your Ex doesn’t ask after your welfare: This is very painful especially if you are deeply in love with your ex or if you’ve grown used to being pampered by your ex. He/she doesn’t care anymore that is the reason, hence, you need to read the hand writing on the wall and go your way.

18. Your Ex seems to enjoy life without you: If he/she does not show any sign of loneliness or emptiness, always happy and going with everyday activities as if nothing happened, then, you need to have a rethink.

19. They speak ill of you: Truthfully, anyone that speaks ill of you behind you does not deserve it even if he/she asks for it. When an ex does this, he/she is definitely not coming back. So, no need to waste your time, go ahead and enjoy your life, you deserve it.

20. Ex doesn’t avoid eye contact: A man that still loves you will not look into your eyes to say it’s over. This is why most of them do this over the phone. It’s only 20 out of 100 men that has the ability to look into the eyes of women they loved to say it’s over and when he does, just go ahead with your life because he is sure of what he wants.


Other Obvious Signs that Shows You Will Never Get Back Together With your Ex

Ex saves your contact on phone with your name: This isn’t bad if that is the normal style for you both but when he/she changes the pet name he/she calls you to your name, most times it shows that he is over with you. You must move on without looking back.

Ex does not try to reconcile: A good way to know a lover who wants to come back to you is through his/her moves to make things come back to normal. A man who still wants to continue with you will not be too far from you; he will continue to hover around you although from a distance until he puts an end to the breakup.

Ex does not show gratitude to the good things you do: Even outside a relationship, anyone who does not show gratitude simply does not appreciate you, and you shouldn’t be with such a person. If your ex starts to overlook the things you do for the relationship, you must leave and never look back. It is one the signs your Ex will never come back to you.

Ex sings passionate songs while looking elsewhere: When lovers sing, they look at themselves especially if they are together. Singing is a means of telling someone how you feel inside. When your ex sings while looking elsewhere, it means that he/she has a mental picture of someone in mind and that someone is definitely not you. You need to go ahead, he/she is no longer yours to keep.

They seem engaged whenever he/she is with you: If he still gives you attention despite the breakup, it means that he is still interested in you. If she still jokes around with you whenever you call her on phone, it means that the breakup isn’t really a breakup and you still have a chance with her. Giving your attention to a person simply means you value that person and that he/she deserves your attention.

Ex pulls out from a joint business: This is the height of it. If an ex decides to withdraw his shares from a business you both developed, it means that he/she has thought things through and will never return no matter how you try. This an obvious sign your Ex will Never come back to you.

Your Ex keeps talking about the past: If he/she is still dwelling on what caused the breakup at the first instance, it shows that their heart is still bitter and does not want to let go and because of this, you need to move on because he/she might not come back. Paddle your canoe and find another comfort zone.

Your Ex treats you equally with others: This is a clear sign that you’re no longer as special as you used to. Normally, a man that loves you truly, gives you special treatment and he does this most times in front of others for them to see how much he cherishes you.

Ex seriously compliments another in your presence: To any man or woman out there, their partner is the best you can find. A man will tell you that the definition of beauty is his girlfriend. When an ex seriously compliments another in your presence, it means that his heart does not belong to you anymore.

Ex doesn’t flirt with you: When a couple breaks up newly, there is a probability that they will go into flirting with each other as they are used to. When your ex is no longer moved by your advances, it shows that what you have on him/her has been lost and will never return. So, for the sake of your sanity, you need to move on with your life.

Ex gets angry when you speak: It’s very easy for love to turn into intense hate such that the person involved won’t like to stay around you because every thing about you will constantly make him/her feel awkward. This is one of the obvious signs your Ex will never come back to you if they ever breakup at this point.

Ex gets engaged with new hobbies: A good way to recover after a breakup is by getting yourself engaged in new hobbies. When you see your ex doing lots of things that he/she does not do before, he/she is probably trying to get over you, and as long as he/she continues with that, he/she will never come back to you.

EX gets married without telling you: Well, if this happens you know he/she is no longer yours. You will be called a fool by the public and even your family if you insist on waiting for someone that has walked down the aisle with another person. You should know he really mean the breakup and would never return.


Other Signs You Should Not Overlook On Signs your Ex Will Never Come Back to You

Inner mind tells you he is not in love with you: As humans, we have the ability to sense or know when a thing is true or untrue. If your gut feeling tells you that he’s not gonna come back, then, you need to follow without hesitation.

His friends ask you to move on: His friends are the best people to tell you how your ex feels about you. This is because he/she will always open up to them about how he/she feels at a time. So when you’re asked to forget about the relationship by your Ex’s friends, then, you should, because they might be telling you the truth.

You get friend-zoned by your ex: This is another subtle way of telling you that nothing can ever happen between you both. If he treats you the way he treats others, and introduces you as a friend instead of a lover, you don’t need to be told that his interest has been lost. This is one of the clear signs your Ex will never come back to you and you have to move on.