25 Flirting Signs Guys Miss And How to Identify them Before It’s Late

Most ladies are drawn back by the belief that guys should do the approaching, and so they just send out flirting signs to the guys they love hoping that they would read the handwriting on the wall and do the expected. These flirting signs guys miss them most of the time.

For this reason, most guys miss out. They fail to catch these ladies flirting signs which gets the ladies frustrated and as a result, they give up after so many trials.

Are you a guy that wants to know what exactly the lady in your corner is trying to say with her nonverbal or body signs and movement?

Or you have a girl that you are interested in, but want to know if she feels the same way before approaching her to avoid unnecessary embarrassment?

Then, you are in the right place. Herein are 25 flirting signs guys miss and how to identify them before it becomes late:

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25 Flirting Signs Guys Miss And How to Identify them Before It’s Late

1. Readiness to Meet

Okay, here is the thing. Ladies give you the initial ” no or let me think about it” answer when you ask them out, but a girl who has been yearning to be yours might not say yes outrightly, but will give you the ” I will try” answer; that’s a yes in disguise. Don’t miss this! Ensure you make use of the opportunity to cement what you both are feeling for each other.

2. She Avoids Eye Contact

I know this is contrary to what you read or what you were told but it is true. A girl who is dying for you will constantly avoid having eye contact with you especially if she’s a shy type. She will look below while talking to you, and even when you try, she will barely look straight into your eyes.

3. She Suddenly Wears Skimpy Dresses When You’re Around

She puts on mini skirts, and chooses to wear sleeveless tops or even those that expose her cleavages. That’s her showing off her contours to get you talking, can’t you see? Since she can’t ask you out herself, she settles for doing so with her dress pattern. Don’t overlook this sign, make hay while the sun shines.

4. Hair tossing

She flips her hair gradually or always tries to take her front hair towards the back of her ears. These are all flirting signs that you shouldn’t neglect. This is frequent amongst girls with long hair or those with new hairstyles. They do that so you notice just how beautiful they are. Some even support their chin with their hands and allow the hair to tilt, and also to give you their facial side view.

5. Sheepish Smiles

You might not find this among very enlightened ladies, or ladies that are well travelled, it’s predominant among younger ladies who haven’t had much experience, but for sure, this is a sign.

She smiles sheepishly while you talk to her, she smiles sheepishly when you compliment her, and her face lightens up when you touch her even if it’s a meaningless touch. This shows that she loves you secretly and will welcome the question when you ask.

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6. She Assists you Voluntarily

She asks if you enjoy homemade food and volunteers to come prepare it at your place, she helps to get your work done at the office. She covers for you when the boss is furious about your whereabouts. This is an A sign.

She wants you to see how helpful she can be to you if she’s with you, or she just wants to be close to you and so, looks for excuses to make her desire fulfilled. Most girls do this both young and mature.

7. She compliments you frequently

Any lady can compliment your good dress sense, but a woman who’s into you will go into details. She will compliment your bears, your muscles, even your broad shoulder, and most especially, she will always do that with so much love in her smile as she looks at you.

You don’t need to go looking or asking if she’s falling for you, because the answer is very obvious and if you have the same feeling, ask her out on a date.

8. She Teases You

Yeah! Girls do this to the guys they are crushing on very well. They tease you about your love for romantic novels, they tease you about your boring jokes. This can be deceptive, don’t go thinking that she is nit-picking at you. That’s her way of telling you that she’s interested in you.

9. She’s Being Touchy

She always likes to have her hand on your lap, she loves putting her head on your shoulder, and she loves to touch you while talking or hug you from time to time. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that those signs are her mere way of doing things. Yeah, some girls are naturally touchy but most times, they use this means to send a message.

10. She Laughs At Your Jokes

It’s okay if she laughs when you crack very funny jokes but how about she laughs even when you know that what you said isn’t funny at all? Any girl in love with you will be happy while with you. At that point, what makes her happy isn’t what you say, but because she’s sitting next to you. It’s a major sign that most guys miss.

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11. Consistent Texting

If she texts you often about what’s not really important and replies to your messages almost immediately, it shows that she’s enjoying your company and can’t wait to hear from you again. A casual friend might let a message from you remain in the unread folder if she’s working on something, but that girl that loves you will bring out time to return your calls and even text often and on.

12. She Wears Provocative Perfume to Visit You

Some perfumes have inviting fragrances, those fragrances that set the mind in the right mood, and girls sure know how to make use of them. If you notice she wears a certain fragrance whenever you are around her, it’s a sign that she wants you for herself, don’t miss that.

13. She Avoids You

This is another flirting signs guys miss. While some girls hover around a guy that they love, some, especially those with a phlegmatic temperament often run back to their shells if they notice that they are falling for someone, and they are the type that also avoids eye contact no matter how much you try.

If she suddenly withdraws from you and cancels your meeting from time to time, don’t get upset. Maybe she just found out how she feels about you, and doesn’t want to give you a clue in any way to avoid getting a NO for an answer.

14. She Sends you Random Pictures of Her

She might take a selfie at work and send it to you, she buys a new dress, snap herself, send it to you and ask what you think about the dress. You should read the handwriting on the wall buddy, She wants to keep you thinking about her even when she’s not around you. She might give it another caption but hey, don’t get deceived. She’s giving you a hint on what’s going on in her mind about you.

15. She tries to Impress You

Another obvious flirting signs guys miss. This is the peak of it. This is the reason you get to hear cases where a girl registers at a gym to get back to shape just so that she gets noticed by the guy she loves dearly. Girls do this a whole lot although, it has multiple disadvantages. You will know she’s doing it for you when she asks you how she looks every day, how well she presented at the board meeting, and how perfect her pitch was?

16. She Asks About Your Relationship Status

The bold ones kinda give a bigger clue but yet, if you aren’t careful, you will miss it. She wants to know if there’s a chance for her in your life that is the reason for the question. She might ask you what you love about your girl but hey, she doesn’t really wanna know. All she prays to hear at this point is the “I have no girl” response. That would make her very happy.

17. She Initiates Conversation

Because she doesn’t want to leave you even after a hectic day at work, she brings up lots of things to discuss. If a girl always makes an effort to speak with you, whether at a party or club or any event, it’s a sign that you appeal to her. This is definitely one of the flirting signs guys miss which you should be aware of it.

18. She Values your Opinion

If you notice she always drops everyone’s opinion to work with yours, if she seeks your opinion before carrying out an important task in the office or she comes to you before final submission to the boss. There’s a possibility that she has a depth of respect for you which is often accompanied by love. She can’t say anything about it because of her belief but she’s probably speaking to you via her actions.

19. She Tells You of Her Failed Relationship

Girls don’t often tell about their ex especially if she is the one that got dumped. They don’t let the person they are crushing on know but on special occasions, they discuss it just to let you know that they are single and willing to mingle. This often comes after she asks you about your relationship status. The reason is that she wants to be clear that she isn’t trespassing in any way.

20. She Blushes When you Compliment

This isn’t a pure sign so don’t depend on this but can serve as a support sign when you might have sighted other important signs from her. This is because almost every girl out there blushes when a decent guy compliments their beautiful and so, you will become confused if you go for any girl that blushes when you compliment her.

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21. She Plays with Her Necklace While Talking to You

This is unanimous with pressing her phone, touching her ring or bracelet, drawing on the floor, or tossing the wine cork back and forth. And most importantly, they do this while taking their eyes off you. If a girl does all this while with you, it’s a sign that she’s in love with you but very shy about it.

22. She Changes Her Voice Tone

You do not need anyone to tell you about this very particular flirting signs guys miss. They do this all the time to the guys they are crushing on. This is a very popular sign that you must not neglect. When you notice she speaks with you with a voice different from her normal tone, make no mistake about it. She’s so into you. If she’s not, she won’t stress herself doing all those stuff to you. Once you notice that she changes the sound of her voice, go for her if you have feelings for her because she won’t hesitate to accept you into her life.

23. She Calls You first on Your Birthday

Apart from your mum, any other girl who has your birthday off heart is harboring her love for you. It isn’t easy to remember numbers, especially for hardworking ladies. If she remembers to call you every year to wish you a prosperous year before anyone else does, she is crushing so hard on you. You should approach her before it becomes too late.

24. She Loves to Listen to You

Girls give their listening ears to those that they count worthy. They don’t submit to anyone that’s not their boss and those they respect very well especially if she’s advanced in age. If you notice she keeps quiet to listen while you talk and even asks for your help after that, there’s a possibility that she might be in love with you.

25. She Bites Her Lips

Come off it, guys are not the only ones that play with their lips when they see beautiful girls. Girls bite their lips when they are around guys that they are crushing on. Although not all girls do this but if you notice that she does this often when you are around her, it might mean that she’s into you.

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Most times, you can miss these signs even if you’re always with her, and so for you to get hold of all the signs that she’s giving out, you must be very much attentive and observant.

And once you notice these signs from a girl you also have feelings for, go ahead and approach her formally, don’t keep her waiting for a very long time lest she will give up on the love she has for you.