Nervous About First Date With Girl? – 24 Ways to Ease You Nerves for a First Date

Are you nervous about first date with girl? Then read through this piece on ways to ease your nerves for a first date with her.

It’s okay to be nervous, I mean, she finally said yes to your invite right? What’s not acceptable is ruining the whole thing with your nervousness, and destroying your chance of getting another yes.


Nervous About first date with girl? – 24 Ways to Ease You Nerves for a First Date

You’re the man! You must make sure your date don’t smell nervousness from you, you know that won’t be good for you right?

She probably said yes because she feels that you’re the man for her, she feels like you’re the man with the kind of shoulder she would want to rest on when she’s experiencing discomfort.
Is disappointing her by fidgeting, what you want?

Definitely NOT!

Hence, you should calm your nerve before going on that date with her. You need to be the man she wants to meet with and not some shaking lad.

Bringing yourself together in this situation is tough, but I have tips that would get you started.

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24 Ways to Ease You Nerves for a First Date

You should note that just a tip from the ones listed below might not give you the desired result, hence, I advise you to read through carefully. You can use it as your first date checklist.

1. Get the Venue Ready

You must make arrangements for the venue before time to avoid disappointment. It will be embarrassing to keep your lady waiting while you fix things with the restaurant’s administration. That’s a very bad impression. She might think you’re disorganized. Don’t let that happen.

2. Return Early from Work

On the D-day, ensure you are among the first set of people to enter the company’s compound if you’re an employee, clear your desk, delegate duties if you can, and return earlier than normal to get yourself ready.

No! You’re not overdoing it, you’re actually being proactive. Since you’re nervous, it’s right that you get home on time to calm your nerve. If you return late from work, you might begin to worry about how to get to the venue on time and that can stir up anxiety.

3. Have a Cold Bath

Running cold water on yourself can help remedy the situation. It will help to relax your muscles and also wash away sweat from you. When you return from work, dash into the bathroom and get yourself washed, then, get ready to meet with your lover.

4. Don’t Overdress

Okay! I know you just bought a brand new suit and a deep blue tie, and you’ve made up your mind to wear it, even it’s obvious that you rarely wear a suit, and can’t even remember the last time you knotted a tie. Well, if you ask me I would suggest that you shouldn’t. Go with your normal polo and jean that you feel comfortable in. I mean, she gave you a yes while you’re on that jeans and polo right?

5. Wear Confidence Like a Cloak

You are not a coward, you’re a man! You are only going there to meet a girl you love, and not another lady client. Girls love confident guys, and they sense it from afar, so, tell yourself that you’re capable and worthy of her.

Remind you of who you are, if necessary, help yourself to recall the number of hard projects that you’ve been able to carry especially those related to public presentation. That will bring peace your way.

6. Good Music Ain’t Bad At All

Listening to good music also eases off stress magically. Music with loud sound and good rhythm will do the job well. You can even pick your favorite love song to put you in the mood, you know what I mean. Try this now and see how effective it is.

7. Find Out What She’s Interested In

Find out her kind of movie, her philosophy about life, her role at work. That will help keep your conversation with her rolling. The truth is, the longer the conversation, the bigger your chance of getting more relaxed.

You don’t want to go asking her questions like, how was work today? Have you eaten? What is your best color? Come off it man, she’s not a kid. Stir up a conversation that will show her just how logical and wise you are, but be careful not to overdo it.

8. Is Your Wallet With Cash

You should check and recheck okay! You don’t want to be embarrassed. I will advise you to go with your credit card as well to avoid an ugly situation. Don’t be like some men that allow their date to pay the bill, that’s awful. So, check to be sure you’re not empty.

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9. Arrive Before Time

The benefits attached to this singular act are enormous. If she insists that she must come on her own, don’t force it, rather use it to your own benefit. Arrive earlier and get the venue arranged the way you want it. You can even place an order first especially if you do your investigation on her likes well. She will be wowed to see the waiter come in with her favorite drink you know. Girls love these things a lot.

10. Plan to Compliment Her

It won’t be nice if you don’t welcome her with an excellent compliment. Sight the word excellent. This means that your compliment should be decent, true, and must come from your heart. You must have liked her for a genuine reason, that’s what you should compliment, except you only want to get to her pants. Don’t compliment her boobs and ass, that alone rules you out especially if she’s a no-nonsense lady.

11. Wear Comfortable Footwear

It’s not an official assignment, it’s a date with a baby girl. Do well to dress freely, wear a flat shoe if that’s what makes you happy. Don’t let anyone make you think that there’s a specific way to dress for a date. When it comes to footwear, you can go on a very simple one that won’t inconvenience you in any way. But remember, don’t dress too simple, it’s a rule.

12. Prepare to Give Her a Ride

Although it’s not compulsory, I would advise that you go pick her up yourself. It’s fine if you don’t have a ride yet but you can still hire a taxi right.

Still, confused as to why I mentioned this? Let me tell you a secret. If you pick her up, your conversation is likely to kickstart on a very natural ground and that will relieve you from tension.

13. Wear an Inviting Perfume

Bring your ears for girls’ little secret, they love guys that smell nice. Most times, no matter how bad the date is, a nice cologne might be all they remember.

And if the date goes well, they will hug their clothes so tight each time they think about you, because when you hugged them, the perfume you applied rubbed off on their cloth. You see how important it is to them? Don’t ever go on a date without wearing a nice perfume.

14. Call a Friend

If you can’t bear it, you’re free to call a close friend. Hell no! You ain’t calling him to go with you, you’re calling him to help boost your morale by talking to you. A problem shared is a problem half solved, you remember that principle? Make use of it, but make sure you don’t call someone who is a novice when it comes to dating, he might not give you exactly what you long for.

15. Try to be Excited

I know! I know!! It’s difficult to do this since you’re anxious but here is good news, you can do it. Try to remember how she makes you feel, remember just how you giggle at the sight of her. If the memory refuses to pop up, you have her picture in your phone’s gallery right? Take a look at the beauty you are going to behold soon and be excited, I mean, her face should be able to light up your day.

16. Say Positive Words

After dressing up, stand in front of the mirror to see how handsome you are, admire your beautiful eyes, and even how charming your smile is. Now, compliment yourself, say positive things about yourself to your hearing. Tell yourself that you are the best man that deserves her, remind yourself that you’re irresistible not just because of your outward appearance, but also because of the stuff you’re made of; your kind heart. Just love yourself before you head out.

17. Remember Not Your Past

Maybe you’ve been dumped before and out of hurt, you concluded every lady out there is as heartless as the one you met previously. And so, you are finding it difficult to really focus on your promising present. Get it out of your heart at least for the moment.

Remember that who you’re going to meet isn’t the same person you met the last time. So, decide to treat her differently and don’t let your past ruin your beautiful present and in extension, your future.

18. Did You Brush Your Teeth?

Woah! You should! If you dare to leave the house without brushing your teeth, you might hate yourself if you eventually remember in the middle of the date. Your anxiety will be raised to power 2.

You will become super uncomfortable that you would want to wrap things up, and go for the fear that your mouth might be oozing out bad odor even if it isn’t.

Worst still, your date might bring to your notice that you have some vegetables hanging on your teeth. Gross right? Brush again to avoid these scenarios.

19. Activate Your Sense of Humor

You shouldn’t be discussing work while you’re on a date. Don’t make the date a boring one. Remember, it’s your first date, and the impression you give her now might be on her mind for a very long time. So, don’t make her see you as a boring person. Girls love guys who can make them laugh a lot. This is why they flock around comedians and musicians most at times. Make her happy by cracking reasonable jokes, that will help both of you, especially if she’s tense herself.

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20. Be the Man Indeed

It’s your first date together and she’s expecting to meet a strong man to fall in love with. If she accepted to see you without an external force, it goes a long way to show that she might be interested in you. Don’t let her down. You must at least try to be the kind of gentleman that she wants.

21. Buy a Gift

Well, most men don’t do this, but you should, you know why? It boosts your confidence. Let’s face it. Giving out has a way of making us feel good and proud of ourselves, and the reason you’re reading this article is to find a way to calm your nerves right? So, go to a gift shop and get a nice feminine gift for her, and see how proud you will be.

22. Notify Her Parents or Guardians Before Time

This applies to you if your girl stays with her parents, some ladies do. So, if this is the case, courtesy demands that you tell her parents or guardian about it before time, except you’re both trying to keep it a secret. This will help make you both super comfortable knowing that your outing isn’t illegitimate in any way.

23. Don’t Expect too Much

Before going on a date, keep your mind open. Be ready and prepared psychologically to chest anything. Don’t hope to see much, so you won’t get disappointed. The fact is, if you keep expecting, your anxiety keeps mounting and will weaken you more if you do nothing about it.

24. Try Journaling

If you don’t feel like saying it out, probably due to your environment, pick your diary and write out words of affirmative. Write out all the qualities that you believe you have. While you do that, your thoughts will naturally move away from the negatives to the positives, thereby, taking away your anxiety.


CONCLUSION!!! Nervous About first date with girl? – 24 Ways to Ease You Nerves for a First Date

First dates can come with intense pressure, but don’t let it in, you’re the man. Just try as much as possible to take control of your mind and every other thing will be okay.

Always remember that you mustn’t go overboard with anything but then, try to create a good and lasting impression.