How to tell if a Woman is Checking You Out – 6 Ways to Know

As a guy, can you tell if a woman is checking you out? Do not be deceived! Yes, women check out guys all the time, and you may lose out on meaningful relationships and networks if you are not smart enough to notice.

Society and human perception have reduced us to believing that checking out the opposite sex is only synonymous with the male gender. This is so untrue, and the early you knew this, the better for you.

Women check out men all the time, and in fact, they do as much as men do! Women enjoy checking out guys they like and often wish the guys will approach them. Many times, ladies even go as far as making signs to exhibit their admiration for guys, but sadly, only a few can decode this.

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Women check out everything in a guy, from his physique to his outfit and even the most minor details.

Their reactions – and inactions give them away whether or not they want you to make an advance at them or not. You should be very vigilant and monitor the signs to know their verdict. That way, you will know if a woman wants you even before you approach her.

One thing that guys have to also understand is that, unlike them, women can check you out without being noticed. They can be really discreet about it, and even the person sitting close to them won’t know they are checking you out.

They are able to take a quick snapshot of men mentally and dwell on the picture in their minds for a very long time. While it is possible you may not know what their verdict it after checking you out – whether they like you or not, it is good to know how to tell if a woman is checking out.

Still, wondering how to know when a lady is checking you out? Well, there is no need wondering anymore, we got you covered! In this article, we have highlighted ways you can tell if a woman is checking you out – or not.

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How to tell if a Woman is Checking You Out

1. She shoots quick and successive glances in your direction

If a lady takes a second look at you, it means she saw something in you that caught her attention.

As a guy, one fundamental thing that you have to understand is that women are entirely different from you. Unlike guys, who make their impression and attention noticeable, a woman wouldn’t want you to tell if she is checking you out, women do not like to be noticed when checking you out.

When a lady is checking out a guy, she makes use of her peripheral view. A lady who is checking you out will throw quick successive looks in your direction until she can get a good image of you in her mind.

They do this in order to picture you perfectly in their mind, and then they feed on that for as long as they want.

The exciting thing is that they act like they are ignoring you when they are doing this, and trust me, they will look away if they see that you have noticed them looking in your direction.

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2. They deliberately catch your attention and smile

There is a big difference between catching a lady throwing glances at you and a lady deliberately catching your attention.

One way you can tell if a lady is checking you out is if she holds eye contact with you, throws a faint smile, and looks away – or takes a sip from her glass.

Please don’t get fooled that she is taking a drink or pretending to take a sip from her glass. If she throws you a smile after eye contact, then she is checking you out.

Do not be deceived, this is not a coincidence. You didn’t catch her glance by mistake. If it were just a random glance, she would not hold your eye contact – talk less of throwing you a smile. This is a big sign and signal that she is checking you out and calling on you to make a move.

Guys must understand that just because a woman is checking you out, does not mean she is a prostitute – or loose. This is the impression many guys have, and it is absolutely wrong. There is no crime in a lady checking you or giving you a signal for you to make an advance at her.

Ladies are humans too, and if they see a guy they like, they will like him to approach her. Do not waste such an opportunity being an irresponsible guy. This is an opportunity to make a good friend – at least.

3. If she changes location to a good vantage point

Okay, let’s analyze a scenario. She was sitting at a particular position but changed location the moment you stepped into the place. Like an experienced sniper, she immediately picks a good – often dark spot, where she can check you out and be easily approached.

Except you are a playboy or overly confident, guys do not like approaching a lady if she is in the midst of other ladies. So, if a lady gives you eye contact and moves to a location where she gives you a clear view of herself or gives you the ease of approaching her, it is a sign she is checking you out.

At this point, be sure to make your move quickly before someone else in the room who has noticed her move beat you to it.

Again, you have to remember to ask her if she is with someone. If she says she is waiting for someone, there is no harm in asking her for her contact details, giving her your business card, or asking if she would not mind you checking up on her later before her visitor arrives.

4. Notice the reactions of her friends

So, she is with a group of friends, and you see her friends all looking at you. They are all turning to check you out – but she isn’t. If you notice this, then it is her!

In this case, two things are involved. It is either she checked you out and asked her friends to check you out too, or her friends are ‘offering; you to her. Either way, it is a sign. It would be best if you looked for a way to speak to her.

Many times, when faced with a situation like this, guys are usually confused in deciding who is genuinely interested in them among the lot. They always make advances at the wrong person, which never ends well, because to keep up the ‘girl code’, the ‘wrong’ girl will turn you down.

Not only will she turn you down, but the entire group will also label you an ‘idiot’, and there won’t be any more glances at you from that direction for as long as you remain there – except to throw frowns at you.

When faced with a situation like this, you should remain calm and not be in a rush. Watch carefully and make sure you observe the situation to see the one among the group to whom everyone else is talking to. Look out for the one whom the others seem to be advising or urging to take action.

5. She compliments you and asks the personal questions

If you have a casual friend, acquaintance, colleague, neighbor, church member, etc., who has suddenly started noticing the little things like your haircut, a new tie, or a new outfit, then she is checking you out.

When someone who shouldn’t be naturally bothered about your changes suddenly starts complimenting you and showing concern about your weekends and holiday, then it’s a sign.

For instance, a female colleague compliments you over a detail like your skin tone changing for the better; it is because she has been checking you out.

You should note that, it may not always be a good compliment, or the conversation may not be about something she likes. Do not feel attacked; she noticed because she is checking you out and is talking about it because she is concerned.

Like say, she expresses displeasure about a picture or video you posted on your social media page. That means she has been checking you on social media. Ladies do not spend time on what does not interest them online.

If she is talking about your posts and talking about what she likes – and dislikes in your posts, then it is because she is concerned – This is one way to tell if a woman is checking you out, or has been checking you out for some time.

6. She remembers every little detail

Have you ever tried having a conversation with a friend or acquaintance you didn’t consider ‘close,’ only to find out she remembers everything from the first time you met?

She remembers every little detail of your small conversations and what you wore. Most surprisingly is that she recounts the tale with so much happiness and laughter.

If you notice this, it is no coincidence and certainly not because she has a sharp memory like she wants you to believe. It’s all simply because she has got her eyes on you and checking you out.

When you notice this, decide on what you want to do and how you want to handle the situation henceforth, because this lady is not only checking you out, she is interested in you.

And so those are our six clues on how to tell if a woman is checking you out! The question now, is, what do you do when you notice a woman is checking you out?

What to do when you Notice a Girl is Attracted to you And Checking You Out

Now, this is where a lot of guys get it wrong! When you notice a woman is checking you out, how you behave at that point means everything.

Yes, you cannot contain the excitement that one of the hottest girls in the room is checking you out. But trust me, this is not the time you should be alerting your friends to inform them that she is checking you out!

Many guys make the mistake of alerting their friends to notice that a lady is checking them out. No, do not make this mistake. This is not the time you want to direct all your guys to shoot glances at her.

What you do after you notice that a lady is checking you out matters a lot because it can ruin everything and destroy the perfect perception she has of you.

You have to act normal and do not try to do anything out of the ordinary. I understand that it can be overwhelming, but spare yourself the blushes and continue being yourself. Do not try straightening your shirt, faking an accent, or flaunting your jewelry or shoe – just be yourself!

Conclusion: On How to Know if a woman is Checking You Out

One important thing you have to know is that you found out she was checking you out because she wanted you to find out. Also, it has nothing to do with your looks or what you are wearing. So, do not feel all important and smart!

When you notice that a lady is checking you out, the best thing to do is to respect her and make a move. In respecting her, you have to excuse yourself (if you were sitting with a group of friends), and look for the best possible (discreet) way to get her attention and be alone with her.

The next thing is that you need to start your conversation as a gentleman, be the first to greet her and make sure you compliment her. Look for something nice to say about what she is wearing, or better still, compliment her smile.

Action Point: Making Your Move

Now, in making your move, let her feel comfortable by telling her you have been checking her out – even though you really haven’t. This gesture from you will immediately make her relax, knowing you were checking her too and didn’t come to her because you noticed she was checking you out.

You should also ask if she is with someone or waiting for someone, you don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable; the next thing is that you need to give her your card or get her contact details as soon as possible – and leave.

Except on rare occasions, if you are in a club or lounge, she has informed you that she came alone and isn’t waiting for anyone.

This is not the time you want to be engaging in lengthy discussions and talking about a whole bunch of stuff!

Keep it simple, and you could be on your way to meeting the love of your life – a woman who truly loves and admires you for who you are!

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