Do I Love Her? – 30 Signs You Love Her

You’re not wrong if you want to know what exactly you are feeling inside, whether love or lust, because there’s a thin line between them. Nowadays, people parade lust for love, and the trend is so vast that you can rarely know who truly loves who.

As a guy, there’s a possibility that you are coming after her because of her curves, and not really because you have deep and true feelings for her and so, you need to know which is in there for her; LUST OR LOVE?

If you want to clearly understand before you approach her, or you want to be sure it isn’t another fleshy desire, here are good signs that will help you to know what you need to know in minutes. They answer your questions “Do I love Her?”

Do I Love Her? – 30 Signs You Love Her


30 Signs You Love Her

1. You dress to impress her

Oh well, you want to gain her attention and also make her see that you’re worthy of her that’s why. If you dress with her in your mind, you love her; no doubt.

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2. You always talk about her

That’s one way to point out a man who has fallen deeply in love with a girl. He talks about her at any slightest chance he gets; Charlie loves her egg fried, and Charlie loves to make her hair twice a week. Oh, see that? That’s Charlie’s favorite etc. If you’re like this, you have fallen head over hill, man. You love her more than you even know.

3. You rarely get angry with her

Has she done something that often annoys you when others do it and you didn’t react? It’s a sign that you are in love with her. It’s amazing how love conceals faults. The popular quote “Love is blind” isn’t totally untrue because when you love someone truly, you see their bad side less.

4. You wish to stick with her through thick and thin

It’s a very big life decision that not everyone makes for a girl. It’s rare to feel that way for just any lady, it’s only true love that can inspire that decision. If you feel no pain helping her during her dark days, it’s a sure sign that you love her maximally.

5. You Text Her Every Now And Then to Check On Her

Of course, you love her if not, why would you want to text her often? You should know that you’re finding it hard to stay without her, that’s the reason you want to stay in touch no matter, you have her stocked to your brain that you can’t focus. That is what we call love.

6. You Discuss Future Plans With Her

Men only discuss future plans with family, trusted friends including their lovers, and the people who they are in partnership with. This means that for you to be too open to tell her about your future plans, and even try to fix her in, you love her and will want to have her for a very long time.

7. You make her your priority

Do you see yourself writing your schedule or planning your goals to suit her? Do you find yourself putting her needs above yours? Are you willing to sacrifice your usual Saturday hangout with your friends to go grocery shopping with her? If yes, you love her, period!

8. You introduce her to your friends

This isn’t a total sign though because you can actually introduce a casual friend to them, but the way you introduce her is what you should watch out for. Do you introduce her like every day’s business or you kind of tell them her name softly while looking at her with smiles all over your face? If your answer is YES, you’re right inside of love dude.

9. You make effort to please her

This happens especially when she’s yet to notice you. Men show how sincere their love is, they discomfort themselves to make the woman they love comfortable even before they make known their intention. If you catch yourself willingly accepting to go through the rough path to make a girl who isn’t your relative happy, you should check it.

10. You tell her your secret

If you tell her that you masturbate without feeling bad about it. If you can tell her about your sexuality or tell her your real age, If you share your darkest secret with her without being afraid to be vulnerable to her, it means that you trust and love her with your whole heart.

11. You choose her over your game

Let’s accept it, most men love their video game or football and detest anything that takes them away especially when they’ve gone deep into it. They rarely give up watching premier or champions league for anything, and this is why it’s called a sign if you can abandon or choose to be with her over your games without being forced, especially if you’re a diehard fan.

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12. You reread her text

This stuff happens most when she’s not around you, it occurs when you miss her a lot and so, you look for what to comfort yourself with until she’s back. You pick up your phone, slide into your chat with her, scroll to the very first chat you guys had when you first met and you read with smiles on your face. You’ve fallen helplessly in love with her and you know it.

13. You introduce her to your parents

Even playboys don’t bring girls that they aren’t serious with home to see daddy, they don’t. For you to be confident enough to bring her home for your parents to see, means that she’s occupying a special place in your heart.

14. You don’t forget her birthday

Yes, sometimes you skip your sibling’s birthday but when it comes to hers, you never do. You know why? She’s in your mind, she occupies your thought, and you love her so much and can’t afford to make her unhappy by forgetting her special day. It happens like magic such that you naturally remember her birthday even when you’re so bad at memorizing numbers. You love her Man. Go get her!

15. You always want to be with her

You are not usually a gummy person, you love your own company so much that you rarely allow someone to stick to you for more than 2 hours, especially when it’s not work-related. But suddenly, you want to stay beside her always. As a matter of fact, you get disorganized if you haven’t heard from her. Stop wondering what has come over you, the answer is simple. You love her like crazy and you can’t do without her.

16. You look for ways to make her laugh

You always look for opportunities to crack jokes to make her laugh every now and then. Her smiles become priceless and special to you that you don’t ever want her to stop. Then, you love her because men get to the heart of the women they intend to date through jokes, they derive joy in knowing that they can make the woman they love to smile at all times; it’s a known tactic. If you put effort into making sure she’s happy, you love her.

17. You seem anxious around her

This is a secret or let’s just say it’s something most people don’t know. If as a guy you tend to lose your stand whenever a  certain girl comes around, it shows that you’re seriously crushing on her. If you put in more effort to look good, stand well, smell nice, speak well, and also within you, you fear messing up while speaking with her, you love her.

18. You respect her

This is a very good sign to know if you truly love her or you’re just in for what’s under her skirt. This is how you know you respect her; you don’t force your opinion on her, you don’t force her to do things especially when it comes to sex, you value her, both in her presence and absence, you protect her image, dreams or aspirations and you joke not with her family members. If this is you, then, you’ve passed the test. You’re genuinely in love with her.

19. You tell her to be herself

You do this because you’re sure that you’re okay with her real self that you’ve seen, and don’t need an artificial character to validate your feelings for her. You might not be conscious of it, but that’s what you’re doing. You want her to build on what she has that you love instead of fighting to become what doesn’t matter to you or anybody.

20. You spend heavily on her

Money especially one made legitimately can’t be spent on stuff that isn’t worth it. Only those into illegal business spend their money on just anything because they didn’t work for it. The fact that you spend heavily on her means that you’ve seen her worth, and would love to have her to yourself.

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21. You support her

Only the men that love truly does this to the women they love. If you desire to be part of what she’s building, you volunteer to do one or two things for her even when it’s not convenient for you, you buy her books or other items that can help her get to the level she wants to get to, that is your way of showing how much you love and respect her. You want her to not just hear, but also see how pure and sincere your love is.

22. You always give her your listening ear

When a man is in love with a girl, every of her word becomes very important to him. The fact that you give her your ear even when it’s obvious that she’s not going to say something very important, it shows that you tolerate her and tolerance comes together with love, you should check yourself.

23. You begin to work on yourself

This always happens in a case where the girl is a go-getter. The man will always want to also function in that frequency to have her know that he’s capable and most importantly, loves growth as she does. This makes him pay attention to developing every aspect of his life and this isn’t bad at all. If you catch yourself in the scenario described above, she may have influenced you because you love and want her to be recognized as yours.

24. You want to know more about her

Even you, should know that this is love. Any guy that wants a nightstand with a girl doesn’t pay attention to more details, except her name and most times, they don’t even ask to know where they reside. They are interested in sex and nothing more. So, for you to desire to know more means that you want something more than sex; you’re hitting on her.

25. You hate it when she fails at a thing

I know right, it hurts badly to see that one person you love fail at a thing. The pain is unexplainable, and so, you shouldn’t doubt your love for her if you feel that way; it’s a sign, you love her so much. You’re free to go tell her how you feel because what you have for her is genuine and beautiful.

26. You give her space when needed

Lovers indeed enjoy staying glued to themselves but there’s always a need for space, only those that possess something real and beautiful gift their partners with it. If you let her do her thing when she needs, without asking to follow her around, if you don’t ask for her password to know who is calling her from time to time, it means you value her.

27. You guide her decisions

Although this might not pass as a sign that shows that you have strong feelings for someone, because you can casually be interested in any girl’s vision, especially if you have leadership skills, but it’s partly a sign that you shouldn’t neglect. If you dedicate time to guiding a particular girl’s decision and directing her towards her goal accomplishment, there’s a possibility that you are doing that because you love her differently.

28. You feel happy having her over

For responsible guys, not all ladies are allowed to visit or stay for a long duration when they visit. They only entertain or tolerate such from special ladies they love. If you’re in this group and you have no problem having her around, it might mean that you love her.

29. You want to share the good news with her

Not just men, everyone have that special person they think of whenever they have something to share. If she’s the one person you remember whenever you have good news to share, it shows that you love her and she’s occupying your thought.

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30. You consider making her your wife

If you begin to see the qualities you want in a wife in her and start to consider making her yours, it’s a sign that your love for her is so deep that you don’t mind growing old with her despite her flaws.

Don’t be in doubt, take your time to check within yourself and you will see whether you love her or not.

These signs here are valid and can help you in your search for the truth, but ensure you don’t make your decision based on just a sign as that might be deceptive.

Ensure that you utilize at least, 5 signs to confirm before making any move on her.