My Boyfriend Doesn’t Trust Me – 12 Reasons Why He Has Trust Issues with You

My boyfriend doesn’t trust me – many ladies have the same complaint, you are not alone! Also, this is not just a complaint; if you feel that he has trust issues with you, he probably does.

Trust is one of the fundamental building blocks for a successful and sustainable relationship.

Over time, it has been evident that a relationship without trust cannot stand – even though love is evident. To have an enjoyable relationship, your boyfriend must not only love you, but he must also trust you.

But as the famous saying goes, trust is earned. It doesn’t come easy – and you can lose trust built over many years – and never regained.

12 Reasons Why He Has May Have Trust Issues With You

1. He has Some Personal Issues

Sometimes it is not about you. Guys have so much going on with them – and I guess you would have noticed that they do not easily open us about their challenges and issues.

So, the fact that he may not trust you could be as a reason of the personal issues he is battling with. Try to make him share his concerns with you, and you could earn his trust.

2. He Believes you are Not Faithful

One of the reasons he will have trust issues with you is if he believes you are not faithful to him.

If your boyfriend has had any reason in the past to doubt your commitment or faithfulness, this may affect his trust in you.

3. You’re Secretive

Guys do not like to be kept in the dark – and your boyfriend is no different. He will think the worst if he notices that you are keeping secrets from him.

If you keep secrets from your boyfriend, he believes it is related to another man, even if it isn’t – and this can affect his trust for you.

4. You Don’t Trust Him Either

This is a very common occurrence in relationships. If you do not trust your boyfriend, there is no way he will trust you either.

In fact, this is a way of payback for many guys. They want to replicate the attitudes they are shown in their relationship. If it is not working out, you should both talk about it rather than play the trust game.

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5. He is from a Broken Home

More often than not, men are a reflection of the homes they grew up in. This again is one of the occasions where the reason he doesn’t trust you has nothing to do with you.

If your boyfriend is from a broken home, the chances are that he doesn’t believe in successful relationships and marriages, and this can make him have trust issues with you.

6. Trust is His Leverage

There are times when a guy believes that the only leverage he has against you is to walk away. This is common in guys that are sensitive.

Your boyfriend may have trust issues with you if he believes trusting you will make him commit more than he thinks he should into the relationship.

7. He has Never Trusted Anyone

You may be bothered that your boyfriend has trust issues with you, whereas you are not the only one in that boat.

It is possible that he doesn’t trust anyone. Some people naturally have trust issues, and they can’t seem to trust anyone – no matter how hard you will try to earn their trust.

Again, calm down because this isn’t about you.

8. He Perceives you as Selfish

Has he ever asked for your help or was in a difficult situation and you didn’t come to his rescue even when he believes you could? If yes, then this may affect his trust in you.

Guys may not show it, but they want their girlfriends to be their first call when they need help or assistance. If he spends so much on you, but you turned him down the one time he asked for your assistance, then it will affect his trust in you.

9. You have an Overly Expensive Tastes

Yes, I know there is nothing wrong in wanting the best things for yourself and ‘celebrating’ people whom you believe have the world at their fingertips and can afford anything they want. But this can make your boyfriend have trust issues with you.

If he perceives that you have an overly expensive taste which he is not comfortable with or feels he cannot satisfy, it will affect his trust for you. This is because he will feel you will leave him for another man who can satisfy your expensive taste – if the opportunity arises.

10. He Doubts your Sincerity

If your boyfriend doubts your sincerity, he will not trust you. The thing about guys is that there are some things they will not talk to you about until they have a piece of evidence to hold on to.

So, if, for some reason, he doubts your sincerity or believes you are not truthful to him about something, it could affect his trust in you.

11. He May be Seeing Someone Else

One reason why your boyfriend doesn’t trust you may be because he is seeing someone else and is not truly committed to the relationship.

Unlike love, we cannot pretend to trust someone if we don’t. It is either a person trusts you or does not. So, the fact that he doesn’t trust you may be the true reflection that he doesn’t really love you enough anymore – or never truly loved you.

12. He Doubts Your Reliability

Nobody likes it when their trust is broken. This is why people don’t trust easily. They can give everything – but not their trust.

To earn your boyfriend’s trust, you have to be reliable. You have to prove to him that he can actually rely on you – and trust you. Until he has this assurance and you have earned his trust, he will continue to have trust issues with you.

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How to Earn Your Boyfriend’s Trust

I cannot emphasize this enough – just because he loves you doesn’t mean he will trust you. He may have fallen in love with you unconditionally, but it doesn’t come freely when it comes to trust.

You will have to take conscious steps to earn his trust. Enough with cracking your head on this. We have helped you with eight ways you can earn your boyfriend’s trust.

8 Ways to Earn Your Boyfriend’s Trust

1. Let Him Be In Control

Allow your boyfriend to be – and feel in control. Make him plan your meetings, choose locations and make some critical decisions.

I think about the whole feminism agenda and how women now quickly feel threatened over anything they believe triggers male supremacy. This is nothing in that direction. Make him feel in control, and he will trust you.

2. Show him your flaws

Talk to your boyfriend about your flaws rather than making him discover them himself. Let him know your weakness because you told him, not because he caught you red-handed.

If you can tell him your flaws, he will trust you to tell him anything.

3. Confide in him

You should not be keeping secrets if you are in a relationship with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Try your best possible to confide in him and earn his trust. People easily trust a person they know will not keep anything from them. If you need to confide in anyone – it should be your boyfriend.

4. Don’t Judge Everything

Assumptions can destroy a good and healthy relationship. Sometimes, it is best to take your mind off assumptions that you know will ruin your relationship.

If you are constantly judging him based on your assumptions, he will find it hard to trust you, and this could affect your relationship in no small way.

5.Keep Your Promises

Just the same way you want him to keep his promises to you, do the same! Keep your promises to him, and he won’t have a reason to doubt you.

Doubt often strengthens distrust. If you can clear his doubts about you, there are very few reasons why he will not trust you. Without a doubt, you will earn his trust.

6. Be Straightforward and Tell Him the Truth

Please do not give him a half or untrue version of a story or situation. For instance, do not tell him that something cost you a certain amount, whereas it cost less.

If he finds out the truth about this, he may confront you – or may not. Either way, you have lost his trust and may never regain it.

7. Try to Be Punctual

Women are notorious for coming late, and it may be surprising why something as little as this can make your boyfriend not trust you. Actually, it can, because he may think you are late because you were with someone else.

When you are in a relationship, you are exposed to a lot of thoughts, conceptions – and misconceptions. Try and eliminate anything that will make him withhold himself from trusting you.

8. Prove to Him you are Trust Worthy

It is as simple as that. You cannot trust someone that is not trustworthy. If you want to earn his trust, you have to prove that you are trustworthy.

This is achieved through the way you communicate with him and how you handle the information he passes across to you. Also, how much you respect and value the relationship goes a long way in earning your boyfriend’s trust for life.

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How Do I Know If My Boyfriend Doesn’t Trust Me?

Taking the pains to know if your boyfriend trusts you – or not is not a wasted effort. Many a time, ladies care less about things such as this, often to their own detriment.

Knowing the level of trust your boyfriend has for you and trying to improve it contribute to improving your relationship and taking it to greater heights.

7 Signs that Prove Your Boyfriend Doesn’t trust you

1. He Checks Your Phone

If he is continuously checking through your call logs, text messages, and chats, it means he doesn’t trust you. There is actually no need to explain much on this. He doesn’t trust you – period.

2. He is asking a lot of Questions

One of the signs that people do not trust you is when you notice they are asking a lot of questions.

Once you notice your boyfriend is beginning to ask you a lot of questions, answer him, clarify the situation and talk about trust.

3. He is Monitoring your Whereabouts

If your boyfriend is monitoring your whereabouts or requesting a photo or live video evidence to ascertain your true location, it is not a sign of love. It means he doesn’t trust you.

4. He is Monitoring Your Finances

Many ladies mistake this for concern and care. While this may be true, another likely reason – and perhaps the most likely reason why he is monitoring your finance is that he doesn’t trust you.

He wants to confirm his suspicions through your financial inflow and outflow.

5. He is Keeping a Distance

If he seems to have kept you to a corner, then he obviously doesn’t trust you. Lack of trust is one of the significant reasons for distance in a relationship.

Once you notice that he is giving you distances, you should know he doesn’t trust you.

6. He Doesn’t Enjoy Intimate Moments with You

Sometimes, when your boyfriend is no longer enjoying the special moments with you like he used to, it is not because he is seeing someone else. It could be because he doesn’t trust you or has had reasons not to trust you anymore.

7. He wants to take Total Control

Have you noticed that he has become overly controlling lately? If you notice that your boyfriend suddenly wants to take control over you and all your activities, it is a sign he doesn’t trust you.


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