40 Reasons Why I love You

Are you thinking of how to express love to your lover and don’t know where and how to start? You’re looking for those “40 reasons why I love you” lines to say to him or her?

Or you’re trying to get a unique gift that your date would love and yet won’t forget in a hurry?

We’ve got a long list of ideas just for you. Make your choice! They will make your partner understand you love them and give him or her reasons for the love too.

Wondering how to make use of them?

That’s not even a problem, you can write them out on paper if you have beautiful handwriting or you type with a nice print and send along with red roses, that would do.

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40 Reasons Why I love You

1. I love you because you tell silly jokes; you make me laugh so hard that I feel my ribs crying for help.

2. I love you because you’re an excellent chef. Your food makes me want  to forget that I have a home somewhere else.

3. I love you because you don’t joke with your family members. The love you show them is amazing. It makes me want to become a part of you already.

4. I love you because you show how much you love me through giving. You aren’t stingy at all and I can’t help but love that aspect of you.

5. I love you because you sing me lullaby, I love the way you rub your hands on my hair and forehead. Your lullaby helps me to sleep like a baby and in my dreams, I see no one else but you.

6. I love you because you’re always available for me. You tighten your schedule to be with me, you clear your desk to run to me when I desperately need you the most. I love you.

7. I love you because you aren’t clingy, you give me the space I need and even respect my decision to be alone when I need to sort things out.

8. I love you because you’re independent. Unlike other ladies that I know, you’re super independent that you don’t place your financial burden on me. This aspect of you makes me want to build my whole life and spend all I have on you because I know that you’re a rare breed.

9. I love you because you’re loyal. Over the time we’ve spent together, I can’t help but notice how loyal and trustworthy you are. I love you for not being a gold digger. It is one of the powerful “40 reasons why I love you” you can say to her.

10. I love you because your smile brightens my day. It gives me energy, I can’t explain, but somehow, I get strengthened to carry out the day’s task whenever I see you smile; showing off your beautiful white teeth.

11. I love you because you love my parents as your own. I won’t even lie, you make me love you more when you wake up early to fix breakfast for them, arrange their room and check on them before leaving for work.

12. I love you for being open with me. You don’t hide how your day at the office went, you tell me whenever you have a difficulty, you tell me your plan beforehand, you don’t pretend at any point, I love you very much.

13. I love you because you put me first. I’m always at the top of your list and I’m always happy about that. It makes me feel loved and cherished such that I smile secretly whenever I remember it.

14. I love you because you understand me more than any other person. You know what I want, when I want it. You always have a way of making me feel good whenever I’m depressed, you just have your way around me and I love you wholeheartedly for that.

15. I love you because you have your way with words. Whenever you tell me how beautiful and curvy I am, whenever you tell me how smooth my skin is and how I make your heart beat faster, my heart accepts you the more.

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16. I love you for being real. You didn’t pretend when I introduced you to my parents, you don’t try to behave like someone else when you’re with my friends. You don’t change who you are to please anyone, l love that sincerely.

17. I love you because I feel safe in your arms. Whenever I’m pressured by the many issues of life, your arms give me comfort. In your arm, I feel like I have solved each of my challenges; it’s so peaceful there. Another one of the 40 reason why I love you that you can say to your partner.

18. I love you for your sincerity. You always tell me stuff as it is, no more no less. You’ve helped to keep my treasure in the past and didn’t mess with it. You’re rare to find.

19. I love you because you strive to solve my problems. Who else can do that except the one who loves me greatly. You take my problem as yours and look for any possible way to solve it.

20. I love the way you encourage me to grow. You are super interested in my growth. You hook me up with things that can help my growth process, you are amazing and I’m so blessed to have you.

21. I love you because you speak well of me even in my absence. I hear your friends whisper good things about me when I walk past them, I see how your siblings hail me whenever they see me, and tell me the many great things you’ve been saying about me. I just wanna say that I’m proud to have you.

22. I love you because you take extra care of my health. The way you work so hard to see that I take my medicine according to the doctor’s prescription, the way you remind me to eat lunch during my break to avoid ulcer, and how you send a  text message to remind me to take more water 20 minutes after a meal. What have I done to deserve you?

23. The way you make my friends envious of me. The way you praise me and give me that charming look in their presence makes me want to kiss you right there, in their presence. I love you a whole lot.

24. I love the fact that my tears make you unhappy. I see how you try all you can to put the tears away, to bring happiness to me. I love how you cuddle me when I’m sad and can’t control my tears. In you I find comfort.

25. I love you for sticking with me, for staying with me through thick and thin. I love you for understanding that love isn’t just for rainy days but also for sunny days too.

26. I love you because you allow me to play silly games with your face. Thank you for being my best friend, for not being too strict with me, for allowing me to be just me and nothing more. I love you truly.

27. I love you because you give me the peace I need. You don’t nag, you don’t disturb me in any way, you respect my decisions and you obey my instructions. What more could I ask for in a person that you don’t have already? You’re a gem.

28. I love you because you roll well with my siblings. You’re exactly what I prayed for, and I thank God that you’re a blessing instead of a curse to my family. I love you deeply.

29. I love you because you love me as well. I can’t control my smile even in public when I remember that I have a person like you longing to be with me at all costs. That giggles me from time to time. I love you so much, Honey.

30. I love the way you massage my foot with smiles after work. Babe, have I told you that you make me want to go down with you immediately because your soft hands get me aroused?

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Other Why I Love You Templates And Quotes

31. I love you because you love having me around. You hold my hands while we walk around the garden, you finish up on time to take me to the movies. You love going on dinner dates with me. These things make me love you more each day.

32. I love you for choosing to be with me amongst other handsome, intelligent, and well-to-do men that keep flocking around you. I’m so blessed you love me so much to choose to settle for me. That feeling makes me so proud and energized that I want to do more to avoid disappointing you.

33. I love when you say I’m special, and what makes it even more romantic is that I could see that you totally mean what you say through your eyes. Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for thinking that I’m really special. I love you.

34. I love you because you’re super organized. You keep your library arranged at all times. Your bed is always dressed and your wardrobe is the cleanest I’ve seen so far.

35. You correct me with love whenever I’m wrong and I appreciate that part of you. You don’t call me names or scream at me even when I make dangerous mistakes. You make me love you when you do that.

36. Our goals align so much, and that makes me want to be with you. I feel like I can win in this life with you. I feel like with you I will be unstoppable. I feel like I will get to my destination in life as long as I have you. I love you so much.

37. I love you because you carry me along in all you do. You don’t leave me behind, you don’t leave me in the dark.

38. I love you because you value my opinion so much. You don’t talk down on me when I suggest that you tread a different path. I love you for that.

39. Thank you for trusting me. You trust me with your business, and your credit cards, and you even gave me the password to your social media handles. I love the way you love me.

40. I love the way you say you love me. It comes from the deepest part of your heart and I can feel it. I love you too.

Conclusion On Reasons Why I love You

I hope these tips help. Use these ideas to wow the love of your life but ensure that you’re super sincere with all you write or type on that paper.