10 Good Signs She Wants a Serious Relationship With You

So, you started a relationship out of a fling. And at this moment you ask yourself about whether or not she wants a serious relationship. We know that this is a tricky question to answer since actions and desires can be misinterpreted. So, we asked a couple of dating experts to share their top signs she wants a serious relationship with you. Keep reading this article to debunk this situation. You will be amazed by how obvious it is!

  1. She modifies her routine to have more time to spend with you

The first sign she wants a serious relationship is when she changes her habits. This means that she wants to invest more time in your relationship and that she would do anything for it to work out. For example, maybe she saved some days of the week to spend with her friends, but she changed that. This is a good sign you are important to her!

  1. She asks if you deleted your dating apps

If she’s not serious, she won’t even consider asking this question. But if she is the one and wants a serious relationship, she will definitely express her concerns about your dating apps. So, if you keep your dating apps on, you might tell her that you want your options open. And this can only make her look for another serious match.

  1. She asks about how you see your relationship in the future

Another sign she wants a serious relationship with you is when she asks about the future. If she wants to know your thoughts on having kids or getting married, you’re on the right track!

  1. She collects photos of your experiences

The golden dating rule says that when she takes the time to create a scrapbook or a nice corner with pictures with you two, she is serious. Not every man in her life is worth this, so you should feel amazing about it. Gathering pictures of your experiences and adventures in your home is a clear sign she wants a serious relationship.

  1. She wants to share her bucket list with you

Well, every woman out there has a bucket list she wants to complete. And a good sign she wants a serious relationship is when she includes you in her plans. It is a powerful indicator she is the one since this list is so personal and exclusive. Remember that she won’t consider asking a random guy making her lifelong wish! Hence, if she wants to finish her bucket list with you, you are on the right track to a serious relationship.

  1. She invests in your relationship

If she spends time and money on stuff she wants to do with you, you won! This shows she is interested in a serious relationship. If it weren’t like this, she wouldn’t even consider covering for tickets for a movie, a theatre play, and so on. And if she even thinks about your next vacation together, you should know she is a keeper.

  1. She wants to meet your family and friends, and she encourages you to do the same

If you were a temporary person in her life, she wouldn’t even consider meeting your friends. But she wants a serious relationship if she asks you to meet your parents and friends. This shows her interest in your personal life and the people who love you. So, if you weren’t sure if she genuinely loves you, this is the most important sign to pay attention to. She wants to be part of the family, and she will most likely encourage you to meet her family and friends, too.

  1. She is attentive and buys small gifts for your family members

No matter if she meets your family for the first time or she simply fell in love with them, if she buys them small gifts, it is more than a sign of appreciation. Of course, she is impressed and happy, and she wants to thank them for their warm welcome and for their important role in helping you become the individual you are. Yet this also signifies she wants a serious relationship. This gesture shows her concern and interest in everything going smoothly between you two.

  1. She is not hiding her romantic feelings in public

The public display of affection is another important sign she wants a serious relationship with you. So, if you’re not sure she wants a long-term relationship, just look at how she behaves in public. If she shows affection and she is happy for people to know you are in a relationship, she is the one for you!

  1. She shares her problems with you and listens carefully to yours

Maybe she has a problem with how things go in your relationship. Or perhaps she had a rough time at work. But no matter the issues, if she shares it with you, it is a sign she wants a serious relationship. A serious lady will never let something slide since she knows it can affect your bond in the future. Also, if she actively listens to you, it is an indicator of how invested she is in your relationship. Just make sure you respond with the same interest and honesty. And from this point on, you will be able to create something beautiful together!

The bottom line

So, these are the ten signs she wants a serious relationship with you. Pay close attention to the small hints she drops, as you will learn plenty about her intentions. Overall, if she makes you a priority in her life, you are more than a guy who she will date for a couple of weeks!