How to Know If a Guy is Playing You or Really Likes You

Can you know if a guy is playing you or really likes you? Every lady will tell you ‘yes’; But in truth, the answer is ‘no.’ Ladies have a powerful instinct – more substantial than that of guys. They tend to detect intentions and decipher actions easily.

In her unguarded hour, a lady feels like the boss. She believes she knows it all about men – and has seen or heard everything there is about men, their intentions, and their actions.

However, the truth remains that it is impossible to fully know if a guy is playing you or really likes you. This is because of the way guys are naturally wired.

So in this article on how to know if a guy is playing you or really likes you, I have listed 14 ways to know if a guy is playing you and 16 ways to know whether a guy genuinely likes you.

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How to Know If a Guy is Playing You – 14 Ways to Know

1. His Love Ends in the Bedroom

He is clearly playing you if his love starts and ends in the bedroom. Any guy who is only romantic to you or exhibits his love because of sxx is playing you and does not really like you.

2. He Doesn’t Go Out With You

So, he doesn’t like going on dates with you or take you along when he is going out? Sweetheart, he is clearly playing you.

If he isn’t taking you out, the chances are he doesn’t want his friends – or main chick to spot you.

3. He Doesn’t Know You in Public

Have you ever been out with him and noticed a significant change in his attitude just because he is in public?

For instance, he doesn’t want to come close to you or allow you to touch him so that others won’t know you two are together? Girl, he is playing you.

4. He is Suspicious of You

Is he constantly questioning everything you do and accusing you wrongly? You have to understand that this level of suspicion is not a sign of love.

If a guy is always suspecting you and accusing you wrongly, he is trying to play on your guilt, and this is a sign that he is playing you and not taking you seriously.

5. His Phone is Always out of Reach

Are you a predator, and his phone is prey that should always be protected?

If he is always protective of his phone, he is clearly hiding something from you, and chances are that he is playing you and doesn’t really like you.

6. You Never Know His Where About

If you never seem to know his whereabouts or have no idea where he is coming from or where he is heading to, he is playing you.

Have you ever considered that he may be with another woman all the while he was incommunicado?

7. He Has So Many Exes

Oh, every situation reminds him of a different ex. Every girl you bump into in the neighborhood was once his girlfriend.

Girl, look for the exit door. This guy is playing you and doesn’t really like you.

8. He Doesn’t Introduce You to His Family and Friends

If he doesn’t see the need to introduce you to his family and friends, who does he introduce you to? You have to be cautious of how he introduces you, and to whom.

If he takes you seriously or wants a future with you, he will introduce you to his family and friends.

9. He Cheats on You

So, he is a serial cheat, and he is giving you different excuses. He may even use the famous line that the devil was responsible for his actions or that it is a weakness he is trying to fight.

Girl, this is a red flag that he is playing you and does not really like you.

10. He Doesn’t Want You to Leave Any Trace

Has he ever restricted you from leaving your clothes in his place? Or did you find out that he trashed the outfit you forgot in his apartment the last time you were there?

It is simple and straightforward! You are not the only lady coming to that apartment, and he is clearly hiding you from the main chick. He is using you and doesn’t really like you.

11. He speaks ill of His Exes

A guy that speaks ill of his exes to you will speak ill of you to others. Is he painting himself as a saint and all his exes as devils?

This is a clear sign that he is playing you and isn’t taking you seriously. Obviously, he doesn’t really like you.

12. You Don’t Have a Key to His Apartment

If he really likes you and wants you in his life for the long term, you will have a key to his apartment.

He is not giving you a key because he doesn’t want you to come to his house unannounced. Be careful, because this is a sign that he is playing you.

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13. He Doesn’t Respect You

A guy that is playing you will have no respect for you. Respect is an essential ingredient in every relationship.

If he doesn’t have respect for you, his love is not genuine, and he is playing.

14. He Doesn’t Want to Meet Your Family and Friends

He doesn’t want to meet your family or friends? If a guy is clearly giving you excuses not to meet your friends or family members, then he is telling you something indirectly – he is not interested in ever meeting them!

Any guy that does not have plans for you for the future is playing you – beware!

Sixteen (16) Ways to Know If a Guy Likes You

No, it is not as easy as you think. Sometimes you may believe you are on top of your game, whereas you really are not. Do not spend your time running after a guy who is playing you while you abandon the guy who likes you.

These are 16 ways to know if a guy likes you. Master these points and know peace!

1. He Offers to Buy You Things

Please do not take his little gestures for granted. If he is always buying you things, the chances are that he really likes you.

Pay attention; these things may not be big or flashy. Like I always tell people, it may be a snack during lunch break.

2. He Subconsciously Becomes – and Compliments You

Have you noticed that he compliments you or is always in agreement when issues arise at the office or in the group?

If he is beginning to gravitate towards your opinions and always seem to accept your resolutions, it is a sign that he really likes you.

3. He wants to see you During the Day

Unlike a guy who is playing you, this guy wants to see you during the day – not at night.

A guy who wants to have multiple casual dates with you to spend time with you really likes you.

4. He Invites You to Family Gatherings and Events

One sign to know if a guy really likes you is if he invites you to family events. If he is comfortable with his family seeing you, then the chances are that he is not playing you.

5. He Remembers the Small Details

As a guy, I can confidently tell you this – guys forget the little details. This is not because he doesn’t value the piece of information, but the truth is that guys have a lot in their heads.

So, if a guy is always taking the pains to remember the little details you told him about, he really likes you.

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6. He Encourages You to Do the Things You Always Wanted

Sometimes there are things you’ve always wanted to do, but for some reason, you don’t. If he is constantly pushing you to tick those boxes, then it is a sign he likes you.

7. He Turns Up for You

There are times in life when everyone turns their back on you, and this person turns up for you. Or it could be that it is a task that you needed someone to come out from his comfort zone to do for you.

Now, this should not be judged based on money. Instead, it should be from genuine sacrifice, someone going the extra mile just to come through for you.

8. He Appears in Your Selfies

Guys do not like appearing in selfies. By guys, I mean the majority of guys. If he is very comfortable being in your selfies and photos – and does not pretend to be doing something else when you want to post a live update of a date, he really likes you.

9. He Run Errands for You

If he goes out of his way and the call of duty to run errands for you, then he really likes you. Usually, guys do not want to run errands for ladies because of the fear of being taken advantage of.

But if he runs errands for you, it is a sign that he really likes you.

10. He Says ‘I Miss You’

If he is never too ashamed to express his feelings that he misses you, he really likes you.

Note that this is not about him saying he loves you or wants to be with you. He says he misses you – it is different.

11. He Wants You to Meet His Friends

So, he is eager to introduce you to his friends and wants to tell everyone nice things about you.

You must be very careful and make sure he is not introducing you to a particular click of friends who are all serial womanizers. Is he introducing you to his boss and senior colleagues or his female friends? If yes, then he really likes you.

12. He is Focused on You

If nothing distracts him around or on his phone whenever he is with you, and he is totally focused on you, signs are that he really likes you.

Sometimes people tend to be distracted by other things when they are on a date. If you have a guy who is like this, he is playing you and does not really like you.

13. He Asks if You Have a Boyfriend

Why will a guy ask if you have a boyfriend? If a guy who is not ‘asking you out’ is asking if you are in a relationship, then the chances are that he likes you.

He is asking to know if there is a vacancy. The answer you give him is essential. If you are not interested in him, don’t tell him you are single!

14. He is Jealous When you are With Other Guys

Have you noticed his mood when you are with other guys? Does he go to a corner or concentrates on his work in a sad mood?

If he is always feeling jealous when you are with other guys or always comes to your defense against other guys, it means he really likes you.

15. He Tells You about His Future

If a guy is always telling you about his future, there is a high chance that he wants you in the future.

A guy will naturally not discuss his future plans with a lady he doesn’t like, even if he is dating her. So, if he is telling you about his future plans, then it is because he likes you.

16. He Asks for Your Permission

Does he ask for your permission and advice before he makes vital decisions? How sweet! If he is always asking for your permission and advice, then he respects your decisions and opinion.

This is a sign that he really likes you. And so those are how to know if a guy is playing you or really likes you!



You will be safer if you have an idea to know if a guy is playing you or really likes you. The knowledge will enable you to build your expectations and prepare yourself for the worst and the best.

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