Smitten Kitten – 15 Signs Someone Is Smitten With You

Smitten kitten is a rare term, and somewhat like what happens in a movie, but truth is, this feeling happen in real life! In this article I share with you 15 signs someone is smitten with you.

But before then, let’s quickly look into a brief introduction on the meaning of Smitten kitten and as it regards our topic “signs someone is smitten with you”.

You may not be expecting it, but when love comes or when you meet someone you are completely infatuated with, you won’t be able to hold yourself back; This is a sign you’re smitten with someone. Ready to find out the meaning of Smitten Kitten? Let’s dive in below;

Smitten Kitten Meaning

The word smitten is English, and it means to be strongly attracted to something or someone.

On the other hand, Kitten refers to a baby cat. Now, whether you are a cat lover or not, one thing you can’t deny is the affection among cats.

They are always looking to be cuddled and pampered. It is common to see cats rubbing their faces and heads against each other or their caregivers in a way that shows affection. Kittens always love, and want to be loved and pampered. They enjoy affection! Safe to say Smitten kitten?

Smitten Kitten is not a popular slang but refers to being loved by someone who is strongly attracted to you. Now, you get the picture, don’t you? So, wouldn’t you want someone to be smitten with you?

15 Signs Someone Is Smitten With You

1. He is shy around you

So, he can’t even look you in the eye? How lovely! Although women always wish their dream men will be a strong warrior atop horseback and in shining amour, this is not often the case.

The man who truly loves you and is smitten with you may be very shy and quiet with you. Do not push him away or mistake him for a weakling; this may be a sign.

Sometimes when you see that he is always shy and blushing around you, it is a sign that he is smitten with you.

2. He can’t stop texting you

Are you offended he is constantly texting you instead of calling? Although there may be other reasons why someone may be always texting you instead of calling, it could be a huge sign he is smitten by you.

If you notice that he is expressing himself more via text than in person, it means he is smitten by you. He can’t fully express himself around you because he is shy and overwhelmed, but he is free to send text messages and express himself.

3. There is fire in his eyes

Can you notice the fire in his eyes? Does he lighten up immediately he sees you, and do you see all that gloom turn into a beautiful smile?

He may be too shy to say how he feels about you. He may not be able to express himself freely, but his expression will surely give him away. Try to notice his eyes. Does his eyes remind you of a love emoji whenever he sees you? If yes, it is a sign he is smitten by you.

4. Everyone notices his love for you

Are you the only one blinded to how much he loves you? All your friends are talking about how much he loves you, and they even envy you! Wow, this is a big sign that he is smitten by you.

Do not take the opinion of others for granted. Sometimes, you may be the only one who isn’t seeing what every other person is seeing.

Due to your experience in past relationships or your perception of him, it is possible that you are not noticing his actions are gestures, but those around you can clearly see the signs.

5. He showers you with gifts

So, he is always buying you gifts – especially the little things. Sometimes we wait to judge people by the big stuff – and wrongly so.

If he is buying you little gifts often, then it is a sign he is smitten by you. Maybe it is just a snack during lunch break. So, before you return to your desk from lunch break, he has dropped a little treat for you – somewhere where your other colleagues won’t notice.

Again, do not take this for granted; this is a sign.

6. Nothing else matters to him

Has he made you the beginning and end of his world? If you notice that nothing else matters to him, then it is a sign that he is smitten by you.

When a guy places you at the center of everything, it means that he is for real. You come into his world, and suddenly, nothing else matters, this is a sign that he is smitten by you.

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7. His family and friends know you

Have you unexpectedly come across any of his family and friends for the first time, but it appears they already know everything about you?

He has obviously told everyone how wonderful you are, and how much you have affected his life positively. This is a sign that he is smitten with you.

A guy will only share positive news about you of they are truly smitten by you. So, take note of this.

8. He does the ‘shameful’ things

Okay, let’s get this straight! There are some things that the ‘Guy Code’ does not permit. If he goes as far as breaking the guy code just for you, then he is genuinely smitten by you.

For instance, is he willing to hand wash your clothes because you are under the weather, or he cooks your meals?

These are things a man would not do naturally unless he is smitten by you.

9. He goes everywhere with you

Is he willing to go to the saloon with you – even when you tell him that it is an all-female saloon? Or does he want to accompany you to a rowdy tomato or fresh meat market – not only the high-class supermarkets?

If you notice that he is not ashamed to be scolded for your sake and is willing to go places other guys will naturally not go, then it is one of the signs someone is smitten with you.

10. He writes you letters

Letters? Yes, letters! Does he write you letters like an ‘old-school’ lover? I know this is the era of WhatsApp messaging and copy-pasting of love messages, but if you notice that he takes his time to script you hand written letters, then it is a sign he is smitten by you.

One important sign to identify someone who is smitten by you is their resolve to go against the norm and express their love with the good old sacrifices. It may not be the things you expect, but you should not take it for granted.

11. He is always cuddling you

What does he do when you are together – alone? Unlike other guys, does he just want to cuddle you and have you in his arms all day?

No, he is not asking you for sex. He just wants to pamper and love up on you. He is stroking your hair and massaging your feet while you relax. If this doesn’t give you a sign that he is smitten by you, what else will?

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12. He treats you like a princess.

Now, there is a massive distinction between being treated as a lover, a queen, or a princess. When someone treats you like a princess – which is the most important, do not take it for granted.

Princesses are always pampered; they attracted a lot of love and care. In fact, it is like they can’t do anything on their own. In other words, he loves you like a baby.

Please take note of this, because this is one of the signs someone is smitten with you.

13. He allows you to win the arguments

Have you noticed that he allows you win the arguments even when you know you are wrong – and he knows it too?

If he is always allowing peace reign rather than go into unending arguments with you, then it is a pointer that he is smitten by you. He knows you are wrong, but for peace to reign and because he cannot afford to have an issue with you, he allows it all to die away.

14. He sheds a tear

Have you ever had an issue with him, and he sheds a tear or breaks down crying? Many guys will not naturally be in this position because guys tend to have a solid and absorbing heart.

If you have noticed that you can bring your guy to tears, these are signs he’s is smitten with you.

15. He serves you and pours your drink

Have you ever heard of the statement ‘the little things matter most’? When trying to judge him by this, please take note of whether he does them in public.

For instance, does he pour your drink in public – not just when you are alone together? Does he give you a feet massage in the presence of his friends or feeds you?

These things, even though little, are signs someone is smitten with you.

What to do when you Notice the Signs Someone is Smitten With You

Just the fact that someone is smitten by you doesn’t mean you have to date or marry them.

However, you should be careful how you handle people who are smitten by you. This is because when a person is smitten by you, they find themselves in a delicate state and can easily be heartbroken if not handled rightly.

When you notice someone is smitten by you, you should do the following:

1. Appreciate them

One mature thing you should do when you notice that someone is smitten by you is to appreciate them. Do not take their love for you for granted.

Appreciating a person’s love for you does not mean you accept to love them in return or become their partner.

So, you should start by saying thanks to them for their love towards you. C’mon! It won’t take anything from you.

2. Acknowledge their feelings

You should consider speaking to them about it, especially if you are not willing to take your friendship or relationship with them to another level.

This is not a piece of good advice, but it is possible. There is every possibility that you just want to keep things simple and do not want this person smitten with you.

If you are faced with this, then you should acknowledge their feelings and talk to them about it.

3. Reciprocate, if you are game

If you love this person too, what is holding you back? Trust me when I say your love life will be more interesting if you reciprocate the feeling.

If he is smitten by you and you are enjoying it so much, imagine what will happen if you double the effect. You should try and treat him the same way and be smitten with him too.

4. Be honest about your feelings

Whether you are interested or not, be honest when you speak to him; tell him the truth. You should not encourage him to continue being smitten by you because you enjoy the attention, affection, and gifts.

No, you should be honest about your feelings and let him know.

5. Make your decision on what you want

You have to be truthful to yourself whether you want this to continue or not. Weigh your options rightly and make a decision without emotions or sentiment.

Apart from making this decision, you must be prepared to talk to him about it.


Now you know what Smitten Kitten is all about and the signs that someone is smitten with you.
To be frank, it is an incredible feeling to be a smitten kitten. Who doesn’t want some more love and pampering in their life?

Perhaps the most important point in this article is that many of us need to change our perception of love and accept the fact that someone can genuinely love and be smitten by you.

Don’t push them away with your unbelief and hurt from past relationships.

You deserve to be loved and be a smitten kitten.