12 Signs He Never Loved You – Obvious Signs a Guy Does Not Love you

Love is a fundamental element in every meaningful relationship. However, there are many people, especially women who are in a relationship despite the signs he never loved you – despite their man not loving them.

However, the big question is why someone will go into a relationship with a lady he never loved. You can see it as a no-brainier, like why date a woman you don’t love?

To be honest, there are many reasons a guy will go into a relationship with a girl he doesn’t love. After we have exhausted our discussion on the signs he never loved you, I will highlight a few reasons why he will go into a relationship with you even when he does not love you.

When in doubt whether your partner loves you or not, please check for these signs discussed in this article. Like I always say, there are always signs in every relationship which serve as red flags and should be taken lightly.

In this article, we will discuss the signs that prove that a guy never loved you, and the reasons he will go into a relationship with you even when he never loved you.

12 Signs He Never Loved You

1. He doesn’t tell you he loves you

As much as most men lie when they say the words ‘I love you’, you should pay attention to those who don’t. I mean how do you be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t constantly tell you of how much he truly loves you?

These little things should not be taken for granted, and we must be conscious of what people say – and do not say. If he doesn’t tell you every time he loves you, he probably does not love you, which is a sign that he never loved you.

2. He is not romantic to you

There are many people who propagate the belief that men are not romantic people. Well, there is very little truth in that statement because while men may not be romantic and emotional to others, they are to those they truly love.

If he isn’t romantic to you and does not show in his actions how he misses you and adores you, then you have a red flag there. A man that cannot bring himself to be romantic to you probably does not love you.

If he is not romantic to you, it is a sign that he never loved you.

3. All you both have is a sex life

Apart from sex, what else exists between the two of you? This is a fundamental question ladies need to ask themselves constantly. If all you both enjoy is great sex – without intimacy and romance, then it is a red flag.

Are you only together when it is sex time? Apart from sex, does he play with you or spend time with you? Is there any other time he is happy around you? If your answer is no, then it is a sign he never loved you.

4. He doesn’t communicate with you

Does he talk to you about his plans? Do you communicate about anything and everything? Communication is an essential key in every relationship, and if your partner does not communicate with you often enough, it is a sign he never loved you.

If a man cannot bring himself to communicate with you, then it means he never loved you. A man who loves you will talk and communicate you at all time. In fact, you will be the person he talks to about everything. If he is not talking to you, it means he is talking to someone else – someone he loves.

5. He doesn’t trust you

Trust is a considerable evidence of love. If your partner does not trust you, it only means he never loved you.

There is no way a man can love you without trusting you with his life and everything he owns. Be conscious of the level of trust he has for you because that is a clue of how much he loves you. Trust and love often go together, and if he doesn’t exhibit trust in the relationship, how can the love be true? [Also Read; Signs He Pretends to Love]

6. He doesn’t go out with you

If a man does not want to be spotted in public with you, then he never loved you. He doesn’t want to be seen with you, so he is not labeled as your man. Here is another crucial sign he never loved you.

When you love a person, you will want to go everywhere with them and introduce them around. If he is not doing this, but constantly giving reasons just to deliberately avoid going out with you, then it is a big problem.

7. He abuses you verbally

It is difficult to abuse someone whom you love, verbally. If your guy abuses and insults you, then he never loved you.

Do not be fooled if he claims it is a joke or tries to apologize. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. The words from his mouth are accurate representation of what his heart feels about you.

If he insults you, it means his heart doesn’t accept you, which is a sign he never loved you.

8. He assaults you physically

Now, there is no jokes and no apology in this. When a man raises his hands on you, this is a strong and big “NO”! It is a big sign he never loved you and does not respect you as a woman. Nobody will smash their most priced asset against the wall; if he hits you, then he never loved you.

You deserve better than a woman beater and should not be fooled by the length he goes to apologize. Do not believe him if he says he didn’t know what came over him before he assaulted you.

If his love for you cannot subject every temperament that provokes him to assault you, then he never loved you.

9. He constantly tells you that you can leave when you want

Does he tell you that you are free to leave during a misunderstanding if you’re going to? Does he say the door is open if you are tired of the relationship?

The truth is that he is tired of the relationship and is trying to tell you, he never loved you, and he has had his fill, but he wants it to look like you left.

No man will want to lose the woman he loves, to another man. If he loves you, he will never ask you to leave. If you have ever heard your man say this, then it is a sign he never loved you, and the time has come for you to leave.

10. He doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend or fiancé

How he introduces you in public matters a whole lot. Do not fall for any excuses he gives to do otherwise; if he doesn’t introduce you as his fiancé or girlfriend – or if you are a fiancé, and he calls you a girlfriend, then it is a sign he never loved you genuinely.

So, does he introduce you as his friend, colleague, neighbor, church member, etc.? If your answer is yes, then he never loved you. Pin this as a red flag and take action immediately before it becomes too late.

11. He rubs another girl on your face

I do not know what will make any lady wait until this moment, but if a guy is fashioning another lady in your face, it means he has shown you other signs, and you probably ignored them all.

Like I have mentioned earlier, this is one of the extremes you can experience in a relationship. Why did you have to remain until it got to this point? A man that has the slightest ounce of love and respect for you will never brandish another woman to your face.

If your man does this in any way, beware because it is a sign he never loved you.

12. He doesn’t talk about a future with you

Wait a minute, if you are not talking about your future, what are you talking about? You need to be intentional in your relationship and know exactly where it is leading. If your man does not speak to you about your future together, then it means he probably does not see you in his future. [Read – Reasons You Crave Male Attention & How to Stop It]

Ladies should note that this is a red flag, and it is a significant sign that he never loved you. Any man who doesn’t talk to you about his future never loves you and does not want to share his future.

5 Reasons Why He Will Date you Even When He Never Loved You

It may sound funny, and it may be unbelievable for some, but some guys will go into a relationship with you even when they never loved you.

Below, I have highlighted a few reasons why he may be in a relationship with you even when he never loved you.

1. Your Body

Many men will do anything in their power to have a woman whose physical features entice them. A man can go into a relationship with you just because he likes your breasts or butt!

It may be for something much more insignificant like your eyes or your voice. Many persons are in relationships with guys who never loved them but only want to have a taste of their bodies.

To come out plain and hit the nail on the head, many guys are in relationships for sex. They like how the lady looks, and they want her for themselves to satisfy their sexual desires.

2. You are presentable

A guy can go into a relationship and remain in it for as long as possible because you are presentable. Guys want a woman that is presentable and can play the part to portray them as responsible before their family, friends, and colleagues.

This is as selfish as it can get, but it true. Many guys are in relationships because they want a partner with which they can play a ‘happy couple’ with. It is no news that a man takes the credit for how his partner and children look. A guy can get into a relationship just to get the credit and reap where he did not sow.

This is a red flag and a sign he never loved you.

3. To while away time

You read it right! Yes, some guys do not have any motive or aim being in a relationship. They want to while away time. They are in a relationship because they want to enjoy all the benefits of being in a relationship.

Most times, because they have the money and career to sustain a relationship, it appears things are going well in the relationship. Do not overlook the signs which truly reveals he never loved you.

The truth is that it isn’t, all the basic things are happening, but the relationship is heading nowhere and would not, because the guy does not have a good motive or end goal from the onset.

An attitude like this is one of the signs he never loved you.

4. He is a gold digger

Yes, some guys go into a relationship to rip off the woman. Yes, they want to deceive the woman and cheat her out of her wealth or income.

Such guys can be very manipulative and shower the ladies with all the love and affection in the world to get access to her purse and bank account. This has become more rampant in recent times, and ladies must beware of guys like this because they never loved them and will never love them.

5. He doesn’t believe in love

There are some men who do not believe in love! So, they never loved you despite the fact you are in a relationship with them.

There is no way a guy who doesn’t believe in love can love you. So, there are other motives and reasons why he is in the relationship – but certainly not because of love.

Our Conclusion On the Signs He Never Loved You

What is love to you, and how important is it? If love is important to you and you consider it a significant fulcrum in a healthy relationship, why are you in a relationship with someone who never loved you?

What do you hope to gain from such a relationship, and how do you perceive it will end? It is better to be single than to be in a relationship with someone who do not love you. These are signs he never loved you.

You deserve better than being in a relationship where you are a pawn on the cheeseboard. You are unique in your own ways, and you deserve to be loved dearly and genuinely. Refuse to settle for less and do not allow yourself to be used.

Ladies, you must be careful of the signs he exhibits because he never loved you.

Do you have an experience to share? Or is there a topic you will like us to write on? Kindly drop your comments in the session below, and we will attend accordingly.