20 Reasons Why Your Partner Is Acting Weird And Distant

Are you being ignored by the one you love without even knowing what your crime is?

Is he acting weird and you don’t seem to understand what is happening?

He seems distant and is not saying what the problem is?

It can be frustrating to be left in the dark especially when it concerns the person you love.

If you want to have an idea of reasons why your partner is acting weird and distant, here are 20 possible reasons:


20 Reasons Why Your Partner Is Acting Weird And Distant

1. They are cheating

This is prevalent in both males and females. Whenever a girl is seeing someone else, instead of telling you that she wants a break verbally, she will do that by snubbing you and canceling dates. Same with the guys, they will seize to invite you over and even if you visit, their expression will make you uncomfortable.

2. They are stressed by a new work schedule

Maybe there’s a little shifting at his workplace and he is yet to adapt to the new system or maybe he has a new boss that makes him work overtime, leaving him with little time to unwind. She might be going through stress working on a new project and she’s finding it difficult to strike a balance.

3. They are no longer interested

She wants you to read the handwriting on the wall and leave without saying a word. He doesn’t find you as attractive as you used to be and he’s tired of the relationship but doesn’t want to hurt your feelings with his words, If your partner starts to act weird, maybe you should look the other way. [Also Read: How to Know You’re Falling In Love With Someone]

4. They are not strong health-wise

Don’t be overwhelmed just yet, maybe your partner is going through health challenges but doesn’t want to tell you just yet. He might be having a severe headache as a result of stress from work and hasn’t been able to sort it out. Give him time to recover.

5. They need space

You’ve been pestering her too much and she’s no longer comfortable with it. You call her every minute, you’re living with him in his apartment even when he’s not married to you. You check his call log often to know who he calls per time and even quarrel with any lady you see around him and he’s tired of it.

6. They are scared of long-term commitment

Not all girls are desperate to venture into a long-term commitment such as marriage. Some have their reservations, they fear staying committed. Some can’t wrap their heads around keeping themselves for one person for the rest of their lives and as such, prefer to have as many partners as they can have.

7. They want to surprise you

Yes! This happens most of the time when they don’t want to spill the beans. They know that they can’t hang out with you without saying something about the surprise and so they avoid you intentionally to save the news. He might be planning a surprise party for you and might be doing it with your friends. She might just be planning on giving you a wonderful birthday party, think towards that corner so you don’t spoil the fun.

8. They are hurt

If you really want to know why she is acting weird, then, maybe you should evaluate your relationship, and know if you’ve been treating her the way she wants to be treated. It might be that you made him feel less of a man and couldn’t believe you could do what you did. If your partner is ignoring you, there’s a great possibility that they are really hurt deep down but don’t want to vent their anger on you probably because they still love you so much.

9. You are parasitic

You know what that means? It means that your man might be acting that way because you’ve been a pain in his ass. He might be feeling that his life is better off without you since you’ve not contributed anything in his life ever since you met him, and wants to get out of the relationship. Your girl might be giving you that attitude because to her, you aren’t that important.

10. They are broke

It’s natural and more prevalent amongst noblemen. If they are not financially buoyant, they don’t feel good about themselves, and it affects everything around them. They can go moody for a long time until they lay their hands on what to do to get back to how they used to be. It might seem abnormal, but men love to display their heroic traits before their women, and if they can’t do that, they feel miserable and ashamed. The only option they will have left is to avoid seeing your face which will worsen the situation.

11. They want to slow things down

She didn’t know that you both will grow so deep in love so fast that she can barely spend a day without you. You’ve been so good to be true that she thinks that she might wake up one day and discover that it’s been all lies, hence, she wants to slow things down to really get herself together. This might be her reason for giving that weird attitude that you are finding hard to comprehend. Just let her be if this is the case, she will come around.

12. They no longer feel loved

You no longer care for her the way you use to, you no longer call her during lunch or even eat out with her. You don’t even notice that she changed her wardrobe which she did intentionally to get your attention and worse still, you stopped your relationship ritual which is going to the cinema on weekends and she concluded that you don’t love her anymore. So, she decides to ignore you first to avoid getting dumped.

13. You are too arrogant

He loves you and knows that you have that character problem, but thought that he would be able to endure and help to correct it but in the long run, you aren’t helping matters. You’ve become so overbearing that his friends no longer come visiting and he’s not finding it funny anymore. He wants a break but can’t just say it because he still cares about you.

14. They are depressed

This is a mental disease and it affects every aspect of life. Your woman might be ignoring you because she has a lot going on in her mind, she might be avoiding your calls because she’s so depressed and doesn’t want to involve you in her problem. Your man might be down emotionally and his mind is preoccupied. You just need to shut your mouth while with him and offer him a shoulder to lie on.

15. You always misunderstand them

Maybe he is tired of the consistent quarrel with you, he’s tired of explaining over and over again. He finds that energy-draining and believes that you two weren’t supposed to live as a couple, but don’t know how to break the news to you. Ladies do this too when they are often misunderstood, they just ignore you to get some fresh air.

16. Their family doesn’t like you

This is a very strong reason, especially if they value advice from their mother. Maybe he wants to take the relationship to the next level but wanted to know what his family thinks of you and found out that they aren’t comfortable with you. Instead of breaking up with you, he wants to delay the process and cut communication to get you off his back.

17. They are out of network coverage area

Have you looked at it from this angle? Maybe she isn’t ignoring you after all. She might be in an area with poor network coverage, and is finding it difficult to call or receive your call to tell you the situation of things and so, instead of planning on how to vent your anger on her for ignoring you, wait until you meet with her before you conclude.

18. Her priority changed

This is possible! Maybe she re-evaluated her life, and found out that she isn’t achieving what she really yearned to achieve, and she thinks you are more of a distraction than a blessing and decides to trim you off to get what she wants. Of course, she can’t let you know about this, so she tries so hard to distance herself from you.

19. He failed at a thing

His ego or pride is hurt and he doesn’t know how to manage the situation but decides to just shut the world out. This happens daily and it might be the real reason he has been avoiding you for a long time now. Instead of inflicting more pain, try and be his comfort at this time.

20. You changed from who you used to be

Nobody will remain calm in this situation. You’ve completely changed from the girl he loved and proposed to, and he can’t just wrap his head around it.

You suddenly began to club late into the night and she is wondering what has come over you. She always wants to talk about it but you are not giving in and she’s tired of the whole thing and wants some fresh air.

Now you have an idea of what might be making your partner act weird and distant, I believe your next quest will be, what should I do now? Not to worry, I’ve got your back. Here are a few things you need to do to remedy the situation.


What Do You Do When Your Partner Is Acting Weird And Distant

1. Don’t pressurize them

Putting pressure on them to tell what the problem is, isn’t a good approach if you really want them to spill. Just flow naturally with them, act like everything is fine and when they are ready to talk, they will come to you.

2. Give them some space

Maybe they just need some time alone and it’s not too much to ask for. Give them some space to settle whatever it is they are going through; everyone deserves that.

3. Be yourself

Don’t overdo it, you might end up shooting yourself in the leg. Live as if everything is normal because it is. If you go begging, she might think you’re not confident enough or he might think you’re so desperate.

4. Reassure them

Maybe they are going through some things that they can’t share currently but secretly needs a shoulder to cry on. Remind them of how much you love them by offering your help.

5. Trust them to save the situation

They may be passing through something rigid and expects you to trust that they can handle the situation very well.

If you really love them and still want to keep them by your side, then, you must bear with them and help them settle their issue if need be. And if eventually, they want some space, give it to them and don’t take it personally.