15 Reasons to Break Up with Someone You Still Care About

It happens! You can care about them, and still breakup with them. Find out reasons to break up with someone you still care about.

You might be in love with your partner so much but the situation you find yourself in will require you to leave. It’s overwhelming, especially when it’s nobody’s fault.

It’s painful but you must do what you must do to remedy the situation or stop it from going from bad to worse.

If you’re looking to know the reasons that can make you break up with the one you care about, you should read through, and if you want to push through with breaking up but can’t discern when to bring up the discussion, read till the end to know more.

If you are on the verge of breaking up already, and you want to know how to do it appropriately, this article does justice to that.

Here are the 15 reasons to break up with someone you still care about:

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15 Reasons to Break Up with Someone You Still Care About

1. Value Mismatch

This is definitely one of the major reasons to break up with someone you still care about! It’s heartbreaking to find out that your partner who you love so much does not value the things you place a high value on, and instead of hanging in there while getting hurt on daily basis, it’s safe to say goodbye and find someone who sees things from your corner.

If you dare to keep up with the relationship, it might break when you least expect it, and cause major damage to your life and those around you.

2. Infidelity

Once he has cheated on you, it’s 100% possible that he’s going to do it again and again. If you caught her in a bed with another man, do the needful no matter how much you love her. The thing with infidelity is that once the deed is done, the trust in the relationship gets broken, and it might lead to domestic violence which is against the law. Hence, to avoid this scenario, take a break.

3. Abuse

This happens most of the time. Whether physical or emotional assault, nobody has the right to torture you in any way, and most importantly, staying put in such a relationship isn’t the right approach because it might cost you your life. You might still love your partner but you must accept that you deserve better, someone that will love you the way you truly deserve.

4. Trust issues

If your partner is always suspecting your movement, and even goes to the extent of restricting your actions or keeping tabs on who you speak with, and how you interact with the opposite sex, you should discuss the issue as a couple, and if the situation isn’t remedied, it’s best you leave for the sake of your wellbeing, because jealousy can give rise to multiple crimes. Who knows what will happen next?

5. One-sided affection

This is another Reasons to Break Up with Someone You Still Care About. It’s called a relationship because it involves more than one person and so, affection shouldn’t be the duty of just one person in the relationship, it should be from both sides. If your relationship is lacking mutual affection, you’ve discussed it with your partner on several occasions and nothing changed, you should take a break. With that, you will know if your partner really cares or not.

6. Genotype Mismatch

This is one of the most painful reasons to break up with the one you love. If your genotype and that of your partner is AS or even As and SS, it’s best you wave goodbye to each other for the sake of the future. If you insist on pushing true with it, you will be inflicting pain on your children when they eventually come.

7. Family Doesn’t Accept You

Well, you can’t force yourself on people who do not want you. If your partner’s family thinks you’re not good enough, you should move on and go for those that will welcome you with open arms.

Although, sometimes, if your partner loves you and stands his/her ground, things may work out for your good but sometimes, it does not. To avoid living with people that detest you, just walk away.

8. The Relationship Has No Future

You’ve dated for many years and he’s not popping the big question. Worse still, he’s not even bringing up the topic and you’re not getting any younger, buzz off and go get yourself a man that wants what you want.

Maybe he isn’t ready to settle or he doesn’t see you in his future. If she’s not ready to commit, go check elsewhere because her heart might be with someone else.

9. Change of priority

Maybe when you started out, you both wanted to just have fun and make yourselves happy sexually but in the long run, you began to yearn for more, and your partner isn’t giving in. Instead of pushing further, leave the relationship and go be with someone with the same relationship goal as you.

10. You’re losing yourself

Your relationship is supposed to give you strength, it’s supposed to nourish you both physically and emotionally. If this is not the case with you, you should have a second thought about your relationship.

Relationship is not to be endured but enjoyed, you shouldn’t be in penury just because you’re in love with someone. Yourself first!

11. You’re not appreciated

You should receive more “thank you” than insults from your partner. You deserve to be loved the way you are, you deserve to be cared for and appreciated. If you don’t get appreciated in your relationship, you should find your way out. Your happiness matters more.

12. Your self-esteem is constantly attacked

When your self-esteem is attacked steadily, it could be enough reasons to break up with someone you still care about. If your esteem is shot at consistently by your partner through their constant verbal abuse, it’s safe to buzz off because your mental health matters a lot. If you don’t, you might lose yourself trying to save a relationship that doesn’t have anything to offer.

13. You’re not Sexually Compatible

This is one of the many reasons couples go their separate ways. It is one of the major factors and reasons to break up with someone you still care about. Sexual satisfaction is significant in every relationship, and it has the power to ruin or deter any relationship that lacks it. If your partner isn’t giving it to you the way you want it, and you know for sure that you won’t be able to cope with it for a very long time, it’s best you break up to avoid more damage.

14. Lack of healthy communication

The lifeblood of every relationship is communication, it’s very much expedient that you and your partner communicate well to make your relationship an enviable one. If you find out that your partner is keeping secrets and acting weird, you should first talk about it and if this persists, please take a break.

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15. You Are Lonely

What’s the essence of being in a relationship if you’re going to be alone most of the time, if you can’t enjoy the warmth of the one you so much cherish. It isn’t fair at all, you deserve to love and be loved. If you begin to feel single while in a relationship, then, I bet it’s time you leave.

If you’re in a relationship with your best friend and things aren’t going the way you planned, your question might be, ” When is the right time to announce the news of your breakup?” Here are a few tips on how to know when to break up with the one you still care about;

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How to Know It’s Time to Break Up With Someone You Care About

1. When s/he threatens to abuse you

This is a clear sign that shows you must leave if you love yourself. A relationship filled with violence isn’t safe for anyone whether male or female. If he raises his hands on you, that is him telling you to get out immediately. If she rains insult on you, it’s a wake-up call to do what you must do as a man.

2. You feel you’re doing your partner a favor

This happens mostly when the other party isn’t financially buoyant or very beautiful. If you find out that inside you, you’re no longer into your partner and believe you’re doing him a favor by staying, it won’t last, just go because once your partner hears this, s/he won’t find it funny.

3. Your tears are always flowing

Look here! Relationship isn’t supposed to cause you pain. Okay fine, maybe you get hurt somehow by your partner’s attitude or words but it shouldn’t be so often. It’s true that it’s not gonna be rosy at all times but at least, the rosy times should be more than the period of hurt. If you’re constantly in pain because of your partner, that’s the best time to wave goodbye for real.

4. You’re the only one sacrificing

If you’re the only one trying to make the relationship work, if as a lady, your man isn’t trying to provide for you or even spice up the relationship by doing things guys do for their women, then you should think twice dear.

Don’t be locked up with your partner if this is the case, it’s dangerous. You might just lose it while trying. Wave goodbye and give them the opportunity to do what or go for who interests them more.

5. You don’t get aroused no matter what

Now, that’s an issue. If you don’t get aroused by your partner no matter how they try, you should do something. Check to know what the matter is. Know if it’s a medical issue that needs to be treated or if you’ve fallen out of love with them.

If the latter is the challenge, then I bet you should discuss it and find a way out. If it persists, you should leave the relationship to avoid hurting them.

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6. If he talks about marriage often

This is for the girls. If he always talks about how you both will procreate and raise your kids, how he will introduce you to his family, how he will pamper you when you take in, he is definitely thinking about marriage and if you’re not ready to settle, buzz off before he makes any important move.

7. You seem to fall for another

Hey! Cheating is not allowed. It happens, you can have such feelings for someone else while in a relationship with someone you love. If this happens, you should choose from these two options. Firstly, you should tame yourself and put your desire to check.

Secondly, leave the relationship. It will be painful to your partner but s/he will be more pained if they notice you’ve been sleeping around with people while you are with them. Save them the agony and go.

You’ve been introduced to how to know the time to break up with the one you still care about but also know that you must do it appropriately to avoid hurting them deeply. Below are a few tips on how to break up with someone you still care about.


How to Break Up With Someone You Care About

1. Give them clues: Don’t just announce your departure out of the blues, that’s not fair at all. Before breaking off from the relationship, you should give them clues.

Try to ignore your partner for a while, and act weird from time to time. Avoid them or make up excuses for not coming to see them. That way, s/he will start thinking towards that angle and get prepared for the worse.

2. Do it in person: The worse way to break up with someone is by texting them or even through a phone call. It’s inappropriate. The worst is doing it in the public. That is heart-breaking. If you must break up with them, you must muster courage and tell it to their face. [Also Read: How to Breakup With Someone Over Texts]

3. Pick a private arena: Choose a very quiet and kinda lonely location such as the beach or a garden with less traffic, call him or her and ask for a date. That way, you both will have the chance to really express yourselves without interference. That way your partner won’t feel embarrassed. They deserve the respect, you know.

4. Don’t play the blame game: Don’t go blaming them for the action you are about to take. Be specific and real. Tell them the real reason you want to leave and ensure you don’t make them look like the culprit.

If abuse is the reason you’re leaving, instead of telling them how they beat you up every now and then, you can just say that you’re no longer happy and safe in the relationship and you want to go for the sake of your wellbeing.

5. Do well to avoid disrespect: That you’re leaving the relationship doesn’t mean you both won’t have anything to do together ever again.

Who knows s/he might be in a position to help you tomorrow and so you must treat them with respect regardless. Don’t go insulting or calling them names, that isn’t good at all.

Leaving the one you care about because of situations that you have little control over can be devastating but most times, it’s worth it especially when it concerns abuse of any kind.

If you’re going through such in your relationship, it’s best you leave and watch your lover from afar because things can still get better. These tips will help you break uprightly with your partner.