How Do You Know You Are Falling in Love for Someone

It’s sometimes glaring and sometimes, it can be confusing but you must know that you’re on the right track, as clarity is all that matters. Here is how you do know you are falling in love for someone.

If you’re having feelings for someone but needs to know if you’re falling in love instead of lust, then, this article is just for you.

But first, you must understand what it means to fall in love and also, why people fall in love.


What does falling for someone mean?

Falling in love with someone means that you have a very strong emotional feeling for such a person, and you develop a romantic interest in that particular person. You look forward to being in a romantic relationship with him or her.

Why People Fall In Love

People fall in love for different reasons, while some fall in love because they found the one who completes them and makes them feel a certain way that no one else makes them feel, other people, fall in love because of uniformity in interest. They find that person who loves what they love and hate what they hate.

Others also fall in love because the person takes care of their financial need This might not be really called love in its real sense, but most people try to love those that provide for them.


Signs you’re Falling in Love

1. You become more affectionate

If you notice that you’re becoming more considerate and warm towards them more than every other person, it’s a sign that you have feelings for them. Most times, you do it unconsciously out of the love you’ve been harboring inside of you.

2. You make them your priority

One of the major signs that shows that you are hooked is that you begin to build your world around them, everything about them matters to you in a different way. You place their need above yours, and schedule your day to accommodate them even though they don’t notice.

3. You respect their decisions

This works best if you’re the type that always want things your way, and you suddenly want her to have her way. You don’t compel her to accept your opinion or do only what you want her to do and you respect her space. Obviously, you’re gradually falling.

4. You want to share in their pain

It hurts badly to see the one you love in excruciating pain and its worse if you don’t even know how to help, if you always feel like splitting their burden, and taking half or even lift the burden off their chest, you love them, don’t ever doubt it.

5. You start seeing them in your future

This is it! When you love someone, somehow, you begin to fix that person into the kind of future you desire for yourself. Sometimes you even daydream about having them all to yourself. It’s a sign if you think about them that way. You’re falling deeply in love already!

6. You want to protect them

Protect them financially, protect their reputation, protect them emotionally and even physically. If all you do is think about how to protect them even when you are not around them, it’s a sign that you’re falling but beware so that you don’t overprotect. [Read: Signs You’re Protective Of Your Partner]

7. You love to hang out with them

It’s not a new thing, if you love someone, their company becomes all you will ever want. If you can forfeit your night out with friends just to be beside them, if you always look forward to the next time you’re going to see them, then, you’re in love already because one characteristic of people in love is that they consistently walk side by side and enjoys each other’s company.

8. You smile often

When you look through your gallery and you see their pictures, you smile sheepishly. When you are alone, you have a flashback of the sweet moments you both had, you smile as though they are there. When they send a text which has no joke in it, you smile. These scenarios described above are popular among new lovers. If you find yourself in the shoe, you’re definitely in love.

9. You feel safe

Peace is one of the many things people look out for in a relationship because it’s priceless, no one wants to be in constant fear or disturbance in their relationship, and it’s also a sign that the two people involved truly belong to each other. If you feel safe whenever you’re around them, it’s a sign that you are comfortable and that’s one of the characteristics of love; comfort.

10. You make out time for them

One is busy only for those people or things that do not interest him or her. Naturally, humans make out time for people they love and value no matter how fixed their schedule is. If you find yourself making sure you tidy your work fast just to meet with them, it’s a sign that you’re hooked already.

11. You sacrifice for them

The word sacrifice seems very simple when said, but very difficult to do, but then, it is one major way to show someone how much you love them. If you’re able to sacrifice for them without being forced, it shows that your love for them is true and pure.

12. You don’t see the need to look elsewhere

When you love someone, nobody else matters. You see no need to be with anyone else, you won’t be able to find someone else as beautiful and as perfect as they are. It’s natural and that is the reason for the popular cliché, love is blind. If that person seems to be all you want and need in your life, you’re in love already, no doubt about that.

13. You always want to sleep over

You love them and can’t even imagine a night without them, that is the reason you always desire to sleep over at their place. Although this might not be an A sign, it’s a pointer. Of course, you wouldn’t always want to sleep over at his place if you’re not feeling a thing for him. You should check yourself.

14. You accept their flaws

The very reason why you ignore all she is doing to you is because you love her so much and don’t want to scare her away with anger. The reason you ignore the fact that he smokes is because you love him and secretly wish he changes. It’s love and nothing else.

15. You love going on a walk with them

How pleasant it is to walk side by side with her on a cool evening. Hey dude, you aren’t doing it just for the fun of it, if you’re truthful to yourself you will admit that deep down, you love her immensely. You avail yourself anytime he asks to go on a walk despite your busy schedule, it’s a sign that you might be falling in love.

16. You crave sex when you both are alone in a room

Let’s face it, every human on earth is created with the urge for sex. The difference is that we all have different factors that arouse us. One of the common factors that arouse the urge to have sex is love. Although, having the urge to go down with someone does not necessarily mean that you’re in love, as lust can also suffice, but it’s a pointer.

17. You want to get involved with what they are building

Love can make a man look for how to assist the woman he loves or get involved in whatever she’s trying to build; career, business, etc. If you find yourself looking for ways to move her business forward, if you’re in constant search of how to help him make more profit in his business, it’s a sign that you are in love and want to prove it.

18. You get excited whenever you’re about to meet

You scatter your wardrobe looking for what to put on, you change your hairdo in excitement, you clean your room and arrange your shelf because s/he called to tell that s/he is coming around. You need no soothsayer to tell you that you’re deeply in love.

19. You stare so much at them

This happens more in guys than ladies. While the ladies might take a look from time to time, guys stare for a very long time and most of them approach the particular lady afterward. If you can’t take your eyes off her, you’re crushing on her, don’t even deny it and if as a lady, you keep stealing glances, you’re in love.

20. They seem perfect

This is a sign that you must not neglect. If you don’t see any wrong in whatsoever they do or ignore obvious errors they do, it’s a sign that you’re hitting on them and will love to have them.

Even though this habit isn’t really commendable, it’s a sign that you might just be doing all these things because of the love you have for them.

In addition to the tips above, I have also, other excellent pointers that help you to know that you’re falling in love already.


How Do You Know You Are Falling In Love for Someone

1. You become conversant with their likes

You know how they love their egg fried, you know what they enjoy doing after work, you practically know the smallest detail about them. If you do, you’re falling in love.

2. Your call takes a longer time

And may even enters into the midnight. You discuss topics that aren’t even relevant just so you can continue hearing their voice. You find it difficult to hang up, or you even get angry when your airtime gets exhausted. You’re falling in love if you do this.

3. You want to improve suddenly

You don’t wake up by 5AM before, but you strive to inculcate it into your habit because they said something about it. You suddenly want to go back to the University just to prove to her that you’re forward-thinking too. You’re in this group? You’re a victim of love.

4. You become jealous when they are around the opposite sex

You can’t afford to share, that’s why you feel that way. You’re in love if you do everything possible to prevent her from going to the movies with her male friends.

5. You desire to meet their family

This is because you want to become one with them already. You can’t just wait to be called theirs, you want to be accepted by the family because you’re falling helplessly in love already.

6. You become anxious around them

Whenever you see her coming from the other angle, you run back to confirm your looks before going out to meet her, or he’s calling you and you change your accent immediately. All of these show that you might be crushing on them.

7. You enjoy singing love songs

This is a sign that you now have someone who makes your heart beat faster, especially if you’re not into it before. Singing love songs and smiling sheepishly means that there’s someone somewhere who makes you happy.

8. You value their opinion

If you love her, her opinion becomes a welcome idea especially if she’s enlightened. Same with ladies, you first ask to know what he thinks before acting on it. It shows that you respect him and love and respect walk hand in hand. You might be falling in love.

9. You share your secrets with them

This might not stand as a sure sign but you shouldn’t neglect it. That one person with who you often share your secrets that no one else knows might have stolen your heart without you recognizing it.

10. You laugh at every one of their jokes

Whether funny or not, you laugh at their jokes. You smile not because of what was said but because you love them and enjoy their company maximally.

Being in love is a beautiful thing, it’s a treasure that you must protect. You can use these signs to ascertain if what you have is actually love or lust because there’s a very thin line between them.