How to Make Someone Cry in a Goodbye Letter

Saying goodbye to a girlfriend or boyfriend is always difficult, especially if you’ve tried all you could to stop yourselves from leaving. It’s normal, some things are not meant to be. Most times, the best is just to take that decision; it hurts but it might be worth it. Read through this piece to learn more on how to make someone cry in a goodbye letter you intend to write them.

Pouring your heart on paper or in a text seems to be a better option because you’d get to express yourself the way you want, no need for composure, no confrontation, you just have your space to your self but it’s expedient that you do it the right way to avoid misconception. A goodbye letter should make someone cry and not get them confused.

If you want to write a goodbye letter that will drive someone into tears and don’t know how to go about it, the tips below will go a long way in helping to achieve your goal. [Read: How to Breakup with Someone Over Text]

How to Make Someone Cry in a Goodbye Letter

1. Begin with appreciation

Whether you’re writing on a good or bad note, you must begin with an appreciation, you must get their emotion involved by being thankful. You don’t have to go shallow by just saying he or she has been good to you, go deeper into telling how they’ve helped you, that way, they will have a flashback to that moment(s) and properly smile at it. At this point, you’re gradually making them emotional.

2. Use words of encouragement

One good way to make someone tear up is by motivating them in absentia. This is why most people cry while a Will is being read, haven’t you seen it in movies? Write about the good side that you enjoyed while you were present, also include how you became better as a result of their influence. That will make them emotional.

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3. Render apology

It takes two to tango, if it’s a breakup scenario, you must render an apology because, in some way, you might have contributed to what happened. You can also include the fact that you bear no grudge whatsoever. This will make the reader want you back desperately and the thought of not ever going to have you back will help the tears to roll without control. This is obviously how to make someone cry in a goodbye letter. [Also Read: Signs to Know They Feel Guilty for Hurting You]

4. Honesty is exclusively required

If you are not honest, the reader will feel it after reading the first line, it’s that easy. While appreciating the person as I said earlier, don’t exaggerate. It is not fiction, hence, the recipient must be able to relate with what you have written. Make the letter real and avoid using false statements.

5. Your mood is important

When good actors want to act a comedy skit; they are usually happy and energetic and if they are about to act a crying scene; they put themselves in the mood that will promote tears, that is why they are referred to as good. This also applies here, you must be in a teary mood to write a letter that will make someone shed tears. You can’t manipulate the process.

6. You must not follow the format

You might want the letter to sound like a poem but words are not coming forth, no matter how you try, you won’t write like Shakespeare since you are not a trained writer. Don’t be tempted to borrow words from the dictionary or a sample from the net to make it sound poetic. It won’t work, rather it will make you look like a moron because the recipient might have come across the sample you used in the net. Let it flow from within, you need not force it.

7. Pour out your emotion

Don’t hold back! If you feel like crying while writing, just go ahead. The person at the receiving end will also feel the same. If you need to find a private space to do this, it’s allowed. Just do what you want. Don’t look out for the placing commas and full stops just yet, edition should be done after writing because you might lose the flow if you start looking out for possible errors in your letter. Just keep writing!

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8. Revisit good memories

Do some throwback to the beautiful moments you shared, capture few activities that you both carried out and it brought joy your way, you can also include few jokes that you crack when you spend time together, just add anything that will make them wish to revisit the past. This is another good way to make someone cry in a goodbye letter.

9. It should be concise

That you’re asked to express yourself does not mean you should write an epistle. Don’t beat around the bush. Remember, your goal is to make them cry and not bore them. Keep it simple, it’s a letter, not an article.

10. Don’t be a perfectionist

Fine, you want your letter to be perfect, you want it to be an amazing one. That’s fine! But you should know that your letter will definitely lose its purpose if you concentrate on making it perfect instead of making it real. It’s okay to make a few mistakes, be authentic.

11. Use informal language

There is no need to use grammar for one who does not understand English. You’ve been in a relationship with this person, so you should know the language that he/she understands best. If it’s a native language, don’t hesitate in using it to get the information passed so long as you can express yourself using the language. This will get your goal to be accomplished.

12. Put yourself in the same shoe

What will make you want to cry after reading a letter? What language, when used, will make you shed tears unconsciously? What aspect of your life will make you cry if it’s talked about? Answer these questions and use them to construct your letter. You have to put yourself in the same position to be able to write well.

13. Don’t apportion blames

Hello! It’s a goodbye letter and not a blame strategy. You will rather get the reader angry if you focus on blames. If that is sensed, the mission will be aborted from the beginning and I know you don’t want that. This is very difficult to do especially if the other person is part of the reasons you are saying goodbye but you must train yourself not to.

14. Choose your medium

This should be done having the recipient in mind. If he/she is techy, you might consider using the social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or even Email, you can consider using pen and paper if the recipient isn’t tech-savvy, ensure you use a medium the recipient is conversant with.

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15. State why you needed to leave

It’s okay to tell why you need to leave. The reader deserves to know; a letter is not entirely a farewell letter if the reason is not inclusive. Help their curiosity by telling them what is making you leave or why you left; the goal is to leave them crying and not wondering.

16. Wish them well

This is a manipulative method. It is one manipulative way to make someone cry in a goodbye letter.

Take for instance, when a goodbye speech is being read, the part that makes people cry most is the ‘I wish you well, ‘We will meet later, on a better platform ‘ part. You can inculcate this into your letter and remember but be sincere with your words.

17. Give assurance

There is need to assure the recipient of your love despite the separation. If it’s a case of breakup, you can ask to be a good friend afterwards and also make the person understand that he/she can contact you. If you don’t want to have anything to do with this person, you can ignore this to avoid giving false hope to the recipient.

18. Conclude by saying goodbye

Spill it! If you really want to end the relationship, you must make it clear even if it’s difficult, but don’t say it blatantly. Find a unique approach to say it, remember your mood reflects immensely, so, write it the way you feel.

19. Leave your number

This is optional! If you want to be contacted, of course, you need to drop your contact in the letter. Although, this isn’t really advisable because one of the things that can make someone shed tears is knowing that you’re gone and there’s no means of contacting you.

20. You might not need a signature

As I said earlier, no need to follow a certain format, a signature isn’t really necessary and unlike a formal letter, you don’t need to write your name in full. To make them tear up, you should consider writing the pet name they call you. For instance, if you’re being called ‘Baby’, you can write ‘Baby’ in place of your name. It’s a good way of reminding them of the good old days.

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As earlier said, it’s difficult but this guideline will help a lot if you follow through meticulously. There is no better way to start than to start right away. Pour out your heart, allow the reader to see through you, don’t beat around the bush, just let flow naturally. Good luck!