Cute Pet Names to call your girlfriend – Nicknames for Girlfriend

Check out list of nicknames and cute pet names to call your girlfriend. Surely, they will bring that joy, excitement and feeling of endearment you sure want both of you to feel!

It’s well known that girls are attracted by what they hear and this has been a wooing strategy for guys over the years. Girls kind of have butterflies in their belly when guys call them pet names especially if it comes from the guys they love.

In as much as they love to be called pet names, their choice varies according to their personalities, level of exposure, and understanding. What this means is that you have to understand her kind of person before you pick a pet name for her to avoid her wrath.

When picking a cute pet names to call your girlfriend or any girl, look for one that suits her perfectly, you can’t possibly call a fair girl ‘BlackBerry’, she will see you as fake. To avoid that, you can use her features such as her skin color, height, shape, etc to get a perfect one for her.

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Below are a few suggestions of cute pet names to call to your girlfriend;


Cute Pet Names to call your girlfriend – Nicknames for Girlfriend


1. Pumpkin:

This is super cute and suits plumb ladies more. It doesn’t sound right for skinny girls.

2. Darling

This is good but seems old to some girls. Well, you can just ask her if it goes well with her.

3. Chick

This is adorable to some because of the furry nature of chicks immediately after hatching but to some, it’s offensive.

4. Princess

This works but you know, she might not like the fact that it’s overused. You still have to check though.

5. Sweet

Well, you might mean well but this might sound flirtatious to your girl. You don’t want misconception, I’m sure. ‘Sweetheart’ is preferable.

6. Most beautiful

This is the bomb, every girl wants to be called the best. Beautiful is a random word but the prefix ‘most’ is all that matters. You might want to try it.

7. Baby

Okay, this is simple, cute and it makes sense. Some girls still don’t fall for it, to them, they are way too old for it.

8. Honey

This is nice but hey! Don’t abbreviate it into Hon, it makes more sense this way.

9. Gorgeous

O wow! It sends the message ‘you’re amazing ‘ to girls. This sound decent and perfect, you pick this.

10. Sexy

This might sound too vulgar especially when used in a public but if she likes it that way, ahead you go!

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11. Mi Amor

This is one of the cute pet names to call your girlfriend that I love personally. It is a Spanish word for ‘My Love’, if you don’t want to use the English version, you can go with the Spanish version. It’s cool.

12. Dove

You know that simile ‘As gentle as a dove’, call her this if she is soft and tender.

13. My world

Okay! This is fine but you must mean it. Call her this if that’s what she really is; your world.

14. Dimple

Of course, you know she must have dimples to call her that and it’s more if it’s the dimples that attracted you.

15. Choco

Cute if she loves to consume chocolates a lot.

16. Cuddles

This would be perfect if she’s the type that enjoys kisses and cuddling.

17. Hottie

You can call her that if she’s hot, you know what I mean but be careful, Not every lady likes to be referred to as hot.

18. Heartie

If she stole your heart, you can let her know by calling her this pet name.

19. Best part

It’s so nerve-soothing. If she completes you, go ahead and give her this pet name and she will constantly be happy.

20. Angel

If she is pretty and soothes your heart in every ramification, you can give her this pet name.

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21. BAE

Just so you know, this is an acronym for Before Anyone Else. If she is your first in command, you might want to call her Bae.

22. Wifey

This is another one of the cute pet names to call your girlfriend. You can go simple by calling her wifey if you intend to walk down the aisle with her.

23. Babyboo

You might want to add that suffice to make it unique if you think Baby is overused.

24. Heartthrob

She stole your heart right? This is a perfect pet name for her.

25. Soulmate

If she complements and makes you extremely happy, then, she deserves this name.

26. Diamond

If her presence brings you luck or blessings, you can call her your diamond.

27. Sugar

This is equivalent to honey. If your girl is succulent, you can call her sugar.

28. Dream girl

If she’s all you wanted in a girl, calling her this is not bad at all.

29. Ride or die

If she’s your everything and you can’t do without her, this name is superb.

30. Ace

If your girl is a smartie if she’s good at what she does. You call her that.


31. Gem

If she is adorable and you passed through hard times to convince her to be with you.

32. Doll

If she’s pretty and angelic. This one will suit her perfectly.

33. Queenie

It’s another way of saying queen. She’s the queen, in your life, why not call her that.

34. All mine

This name will make her feel secured and loved. All though, some girls might feel that you’re possessive but you can explain what you mean.

35. Brainy

This is right for her if she is extremely intelligent and you want to let her know that you are proud of her.


If her presence in your life brings beautiful things your way, then, you can call this to make her feel and know that she is special.

37. Gifty

In actual sense, Girls is a name that girls bear but it’s also a pet name for a girl who you believe is a rare gift to you.

38. My Diva

Diva is a name you call girls that are bold and fearless. If your girl has these qualities, don’t think twice, give her this pet name and to make more sweet, personalize it by adding the prefix ‘My’. She would love it.

39. Sunshine

This is fine if she brought joy and light into your life.

40. Candy

Call her this if she’s a candy junkie or if she’s as sweet as candy.


41. My dear

Simple, over used but good. If you decide to call her dear, then, you must make sure you don’t call any other person dear. You have to make it unique.

42. Priceless

Calling her this every day will bring constant boosting to her esteem. If you want to let her know that she’s your ride or die, there is another way to express that.

43. My essence

Too long but it’s a great way to let her that she is the best choice you have ever made.

44. Princess

This is good too but some girls find it degrading, they prefer being called a queen instead.

45. My happiness

Quite understandable but seems long. If you both are fine with then go ahead and call her that.

46. Baby love

This is a combination of two pet names. Both are common and overused but you can merge them to make them unique.

47. Precious

It’s a name for girls but if you consider her too valuable, you might as well call her this.

48. Mon cherry

A French version of my cheery. You can choose between the two. They are both perfect.

49. Teddy bear

Weird but cool. If you love her and can’t survive her absence, call her this pet name.

50. Blue eyes

Only girls with blue eyes deserves this pet name, don’t give a girl without it else, she will think you’re not serious.


51. Lollipop

This is a great alternative for sweet. You’re free to call her this if she’s kind and lovely.

52. Dee

This is a short form of darling. Fans of darling who knows it’s kind of common, go for this to achieve uniqueness.

53. Daisy

If she’s as cute, tender, and soft as a flower, you can consider calling her this pet name.

54. Bambina

This is an Italian word which means Baby. If you like the pet name ‘Baby’ but to put it in a special way, you can use this.

55. Pinkie

This is right if she’s girlie in every way.

56. Other half

It’s a cute way of telling her that she completes you. Every girl will love to hear that.

57. Doll face

If she’s cute and has a baby face. You can call her this pet name.

58. Cup cake

Cup cakes are crunchy and delicious. If your girl is so sweet that you can’t get enough of her, you can let her know by calling her this name.

59. My All

You don’t have anyone besides her and you want her to always know this. Calling her your all can do the job faster.

60. Star

If she’s specials, charming, and shines bright like a star, this will be a perfect name for her.


61. Fine wine

Girls who are called by this name are always extremely beautiful, gentle, kind, and fun to be with. If she has these qualities, you can choose to call her this pet name.

62. Rare gem

If she’s pure at heart, brilliant and precious as a piece of jewelry, then, call her this.

63. My jewel

Jewels are carried with prestige because of their quality. If you value her so much, call her this name.

64. My treasure

You know what that means, a treasure is a well-valued commodity.

65. Peaches

If she is super attractive and highly seductive, this is a perfect name for her.

66. Honey bun

She is super sweet and fun to be with, then, call her this name.

67. Fluffy

Some girls are soft in every way; their skin, tone of their voices, the walking steps and, the way they handle things. If she belongs to this group, this will be perfect for her.

68. Babylicious

This is a combination of two pet names; Baby and delicious. It’s a good way of escaping the Baby gang.

69. Bella

It’s an alternative to Beautiful. You can go for this if you think she’s super beautiful.

70. My Juliet

I’m sure you know the Romeo and Juliet Movie. You can call her this name if you feel for her what Romeo felt for Juliet in the movie. You can personalize it by adding the prefix. This is not to show that you’re possessive, it’s just to tell her how much you accept her as your own.

71. My heartbeat

Your heart skips whenever you see her right? Then, this name will be the way to express how you feel inside.

72. My pride

If she makes you proud and you don’t hesitate to show her off, you can call her your pride. I’m sure she will like this.

73. Barbie

This will go if she’s beautiful and fashionable but you have to watch her reaction when you call her this pet name because not all girls like to be called by this name.

74. Bubbles

For a friendly girl who is open-minded and kind.

75. Love Bug

If she’s excessively cute and loves being around you. You can choose to call her love bug.

76. Beloved

It’s a very decent way of telling her you love her. This name is often used for decent girls.

77. Pancakes

Pancakes are sweet and easy to make. If she’s sweet, this will be good for her.

78. Tiny

If she’s slim and tall but be sure you watch her countenance because she might not like it.

79. My lady

This is classy and simple. It has a way of boosting girl’s morale. You can take this.

80. Miss elegant

This is self-explanatory. This name is kept specially for bold, tall, and confident girls. You can call her this if she have these qualities.


81. Sweet Potato

You how sweet it can be, this works best if you are a fan of sweet potato. I’m sure she will keep blushing if you call this name.

82. Desire

If she is all you think of, if she occupies your heart on a daily basis, call her your desire to let her know that she is your all.

83. Miss Universe

This means that she’s exceptional. This name will constantly make her day, try calling her this.

84. Sexy bae

It’s a combination of two pet names: Sexy and bae. If she’s freely hot and makes your life more beautiful, this one will suit her perfectly.



You can be more creative by getting names from your dialect or even from something that she likes to get herself involved with or the snack that she is addicted to. There are no limitations to what she can be called, as I said in the introduction, know her well to tell the kind of names that will suit her.