100 Romantic Date Ideas for you And your Partner

If you are reading this romantic date ideas for you and your partner, it means you are looking for unique, creative and fun date ideas to spice up your relationship and marriage?

When you initially met your partner and started going out together, it only appeared natural to take the time to indulge in romance and continue to get to know more about each other. But once you are in our busy schedules, you forget to plan romantic stuff to do together as a couple the way you did when you first met your partner. However, continuing to date your partner after your wedding is one way to make your romance stay alive and have a happy marriage.

Your relationship will be happier over time if you have more fun with your partner throughout your years together. It is significant to make positive moments with your spouse to keep your relationship strong and healthy. Below are 100 romantic ideas for you and your partner to keep your relationship blooming.


100 Romantic Date Ideas for you And your Partner

Outdoor Romantic Date Ideas

1. Recreate a remarkable date. Think of a special past date, something that signifies something special to you both, the place where you and your spouse first met, your first date together, or where you confessed your love and try to recreate it.

2. Be adventurous by skating.

3. Go to a water park and act like a kid again by splashing water to your heart’s satisfaction.

4. Go play trivia at a bar.

5. Try flying a kite.

6. Couple’s yoga is a good idea for your date. If one of you is a gym member, get a guest ticket and bring your spouse along with you.

7. Relax by sitting near a pond or river.

8. Go dancing at a club. This is one of the romantic date ideas you should always try from time to time along side your partner.

9. Watch the sunset. So many romantic movies end this way, you can try it.

10. Go to the beach for recreation. Spend the day appreciating the sun, beach, and sand with your spouse.

11. Have your dinner at a quiet cafeteria.

12. Dance at a ballroom.

13. Watch a show at a comedy club. Laughter gives rise to intimacy as it helps people bond. Also, comedy is always cheaper than other forms of live shows in the entertainment industry.

14. Go together to a spa to get a couple’s massage.

15. Be tourists in your home towns. Spend an afternoon or an evening at your local landmarks or must-see tourist attractions and fall in love with your hometown all over again. Showing your spouse where you grew up is amazingly charming and it is certain to arouse some romantic feelings.

16. Go grocery shopping together at a grocery store. Change a dull chore into an amusing couple activity. You can split your list in half and contest to see who can complete it first, or just stroll the aisles holding each other’s hand.

17. Volunteer together. Sign up to assist at a local industry to make a difference in your neighborhood and see how good your spouse looks when assisting others.

18. Tour the zoo.

19. Get dessert after a delicious dinner.

20. Make a trip to a museum. Learning is not only about acquiring knowledge, it is also sexy especially when with someone we love. In each room, select your valued piece of art and discuss why you like it.

21. Be adventurous by taking a day trip. Get into your car and check out the next town.

22. Try apple or berry-picking, it is a seasonal and friendly excursion. Depending on the period of the year, there is possibly something nutritive growing out there. Pluck apples, berries, pumpkins, or whatever nutritious fruit is out at that period.

23. Try a new workout. Taking a new class is less embarrassing with a spouse, and you can even make use of an app if you would not like to go out for one.

24. Stroll on a new community. Drive or stroll to a new area and see what is around that area, for a free and remarkable date.

25. Take public transit to somewhere new. Instead of driving in your private car, take the bus to a new community for a low-cost adventure.

26. Go to a karaoke bar. Everyone is a star at karaoke bars, particularly if you go to the kind with private rooms. Reserve a private room so you can be as loud as you like, avoiding embarrassment.

27. Visit a botanical garden. Looking at fresh plants makes a romantic date beautiful.

28. Watch a live band show. Even horrible cover bands create a fun night out, mostly if you dance like fools the whole moment.

29. Go on a twofold date. Get a couple of friends and get prepared for twice the enjoyment. Even the most boring dates feel special with another couple.

30. Select library books for each other. For a free and uncommon date, go to your local library and select books for the other to read. Give your sweetheart your most awkward childhood favorite, or introduce them to a recent literary obsession.

31. Try camping. Cuddling under the stars is romantic stuff to do. Pitch a tent in your backyard if you do not have a campground close or if you want to it in your home.

32. Engage in charity. Food pantries, homeless refugees, and community institutions need supplies all year round. Spread the love while using quality moments.

33. Get some ice creams. Nothing tastes as nice as ice cream on a hot day.

34. Try biking.

35. Visit your local historic sites concurrently.

36. Watch fireworks. If fireworks are legal in your country, purchase some and set them off in a field or at the stream, or go out and get some sparklers and play with them in your backyard.

37. Try hiking.

38. Go to a local fair together.

39. Kiss in the rain. There are many advantages and disadvantages of kissing in the rain, but when next time you are caught in the rain, forget the umbrella and give your spouse a romantic smooch.

40. Visit a famous or magnificent cemetery together.

41. Have a photoshoot session.

42. Try stargazing. If you do not reside in a location where the sky is permanently covered in smog, stargazing is a nice inexpensive date idea. You both will get to lay back and completely marvel at the universe while having the chance to chat with each other.

43. Go hunting at an antique shop. You both will be surprised by what kinds of gems you can see at an antique shop.

44. Go mini-golfing. Though it is old-fashioned, it can be a competition full of fun.

45. Go to an outdoor theatre. Watching movies in an outdoor theatre is so much more entertaining and comfortable under the canopy of the sky than in a stuffy theatre.

46. Go for wine tasting. Go for an organized wine excursion, or visit local wineries.

47. Try horseback riding. Find a local stall and either take a guided ride or hire horses if you already know how to ride a horse.

48. Go to an aquarium for an exciting date.

49. Climb rocks together. Whether you are rock climbing at an indoor gym or outdoor, build confidence and communication skills while working up the effort to climb rocks.

50. Go higher by enjoying a hot air balloon ride.

51. Go out when snows. If you are fortunate enough to reside somewhere that snows, sledding, and other fun winter recreations are a pleasure for persons of all ages.

52. Get pedicures together in a beauty salon. Sit in a big, comfortable massage seat and get just as intimate as you are relaxed.

53. Go together to boutiques for shopping.


Indoor Romantic Date Ideas

54. Undergo a pottery-making class.

55. Watching a movie together indoors.

56. Take a workout class together.

57. Play a board game. Pull out the classics or attempt a brand-new one, for a healthy round of competition.

58. Build a cozy fire.

59. Massage each other’s bodies at home. Go to the drug store for massage oils, mani-pedi supplies, and face masks for a do-it-yourself pampering session that will enrich your intimacy and your skin.

60. Play ‘hide and seek’. It is not only for kids anymore but also for couples.

61. Reminisce. Pull out the image albums, share stories of your and your weird teen years to discover something new about your honey, and grow to adore them even more.

62. Take a dance class at home. Taking a dance class can bring about an unusual date. You will be the talk of the dance floor at the following wedding or party you will go to when you make a move.

63. Read each other romance books.

64. Create a craft together. Creativity is even more enjoyable when you finish a project with your partner.

65. Make a dinner party together. Put your teamwork skills to the task by inviting a few other couples for a dinner party and making a soup-to-nuts dinner.

66. Tidy up together. Chores are not entertaining but it is more fun while doing it with your partner.

67. Sit and watch a sports game.

68. Snuggle, turn on, and listen to a podcast instead.

69. Hold a baking contest. Bake like a pro chef and challenge your partner to a baking competition.

70. Play the game of asking 20 questions. Asking each other to get intense can reveal some things you do not know about your cherished one.

71. Make videos. The only thing more enjoyable than watching reality TV shows is making your own videos. Make use of your phone to shoot a cooking video, do a tutorial, or just give each other makeovers.

72. Turn off the lights. Pretend the lights went off and have a no-tech night. That also includes your phones, you can just put on candles. Spend the evening in the glow of candlelight discussing and spending good time with each other rather than concentrating on electronics.

73. Write to each other love letters. Writing your feelings down on paper can stir up some natural sparks.

74. Attend a lecture online.

75. Create a garden together. This can be a lot fun when done with your partner. It is one of the activities you can turn into a romantic adventure.

76. Create a bucket list. Sit together and think big and plan ahead for the rest of your life as a couple.

77. Undergo a cooking lecture. Improve your kitchen knowledge and have to enjoy a delightful meal.

78. Make dinner together at home from scratch to the end. Spending time in the kitchen with your spouse can be romantic, and then you can sit down in the dining room to consume a candlelight dinner that you made together.

79. Make a cake. Baking cakes do not necessarily have to be for any occasion or event. Bake a cake with your spouse as a romantic action and eat it after dinner.

80. Take a candlelight bubble bath. Wait till it is dark outside so you can take a candlelit wash. Turn on some low music, make the water warm, and just soak and relieve tension with your spouse. You can even make the bath more relaxing by adding some essential oils.

81. Ask each other important questions.

82. Finger paint together.

83. Sit and draw pictures of each other.

84. Play some active two-person games and sports together like croquet, Frisbee, tennis, racquetball, and Ping-Pong.

85. Have your breakfast in your bed.

86. Make love in every room in your home

87. Create a Monogram. Design an amazing monogram using a variety of your initials and then place this design on something unique. Monograms can be created into beauties, imprinted on t-shirts, printed on fine stationery, or even embroidered on your washroom towels.

88. Feed each other while eating dinner.

89. Play video games.

90. Take a staycation by checking into a room at a new hotel, rest there, get room service, and sit by the pool. Or tidy your space at home for staycation ecstasy.

91. Stargaze together in your backyard.

92. Acknowledge the art of words. An evening of spoken word or a poetry reading can provoke romance or at the very least an exciting discussion.

93. Learn a different language. Find a thrilling new way to talk with your loved one. Italian French, Spanish, and other romance languages sound wonderful and might be the excellent turn-on in bed.

94. Indoor Camping. Camp out in your living room b making a fort with cushions and blankets and tell each other stories.

95. Dye your partner’s hair.

96. Stay at home and cuddle. It is simple but effective.

97. Picnic at home. Pack up some food and spread a blanket in your backyard or your living room.

98. Learn a fresh skill together.

99. Plant a garden together in your backyard. Either it is a herb garden, cacti, or mini fruit plants, this is a recreation, sweet activity that can be as labor-intensive or easy as you prefer it to be.

100. Use your whole day performing only new things.

These are some of our picks on romantic date ideas you can employ to keep your love life alive. They are proven to work and help you maintain a happy and romantic marriage and relationship for you and your partner.

Got some romantic date ideas? Share with us in the comment section!