10 Ways to Impress your Crush And Make Them Like You

Do you feel in love with someone special? But at the same time, are you struggling to get your crush’s attention? Well, we’ve all been there! Sharing your feelings for a crush starts with impressing them. And if you’re wondering which is the best way to impress your crush and make them like you, this article is for you! Fortunately, we have the most useful tips to express your feeling to your crush and make them fall in love with you immediately. Let’s see what you need to do!

10 Ways to Impress your Crush And Make Them Like You

1. Use confidence to your advantage

One of the best ways to impress your crush is to be confident. A good attitude and self-respect are key to gaining your crush’s heart. So, you can start with nice clothes that make you feel comfortable and adopt a confident attitude. We can tell you from our experience that this is key to making your crush like you.

2. Look for opportunities to be around your crush

Another thing you can do to make your crush like you is spend as much time as possible around them. And this can mean anything. Check out the events your crush is interested in, go to the same coffee shop, or anything else your crush might enjoy doing. The secret is to be around your crush as often as possible.

3. Smile and avoid sitting around like a grumpy person

As simple as it might seem, this is an efficient way to impress your crush and make them like you. A smile is indeed a universal gesture of kindness and can make your crush smile back. And no matter the situation you are in, if you smile, the outcome will most likely be positive.

4. Make sure you express your attraction right away

A significant mistake you can make is avoiding sharing your thoughts and feelings with your crush. In most cases, your attraction might not be as apparent as you think. And your crush might be in the dark about this. So, if you aim to impress your crush and make them like you, here’s what you need to do:

  • Keep eye contact and smile to your crush
  • Lean your body in your crush’s direction to express interest
  • Make light bodily contact, like touching your crush’s shoulder or arm

5. Put your phone down in front of your crush

This is a common sense rule you should use for both dating and spending time with friends or family. No one likes a person who stares at their phones while discussing something. So, this is the worst mistake you can make when flirting with your crush. You should always be present, express interest, and look forward to spending quality time with your crush. Full, undivided attention will make your crush notice and appreciate you faster than you think.

6. Flirt smoothly and leave around hints you’re into your crush

After you’re sure you’re spending as much time as possible around your crush and that they notice you, you can move forward to the next step. Dating experts say that one of the best ways to impress your crush is to win them over with smooth flirting techniques. You can make your crush like you by:

  • Offer your crush an honest compliment and smile
  • Share with them how much you value the time spent together
  • Ask your crush if you can hug them

7. Talk about your passions and express your interest in your crush’s passions and hobbies

We recommend you use this tip to impress your crush immediately! Talking about your passions and finding out what your crush is passionate about can add a lot of value to your connection. This will only send good vibes while making you look more than interested in their wellbeing. Ask questions about what’s important for your crush and underline the fact that it is your pleasure to discover more and more things about them.

8. Make eye contact

We all love a confident person who looks us in the eyes when talking. So, if you aim to win your crush, you should start by making eye contact. Of course, there is no need for you to stare at them the entire conversation. Instead, you should look your crush in the eyes and show them you are genuinely interested in your conversation. And we can tell you from our experience that eye contact makes you more attractive than ever!

9. Be honest and tell your crush how you feel

So, you already showed interest in your crush and left a hint that you are attracted to them. But this is not enough! After spending time with your crush, you can go even farther. Be confident and confess your feelings. Indeed, this takes a lot of bravery, but we guarantee that your crush will fall for you immediately!

10. Never discuss about your old crushes

Lastly, but the most important way to impress your crush is to avoid talking about your old crushes. No one wants to hear that, so you should leave it out of the discussion. Always remember that bragging about old babes, crushes, flings, or breakups is a big no-no and can make your crush run away! And it can even get you in the friend zone!

The bottom line

So, these are the ten ways to impress your crush and make them like you starting today. Of course, there are plenty of other approaches you can use. But focusing on the ones listed above are excellent for a great impression and some first steps towards winning your crush.

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