How to Break Up With Someone Over Text; 10 Breakup Texts Guide to Nicely End Relationship with your Partner

When you ask people whether it is a good idea to break up with someone over text, you will receive a general answer: “no, it is thoughtless, heartless, and rude!” But depending on the relationship you have, breaking up over text might be the recommended approach. For example, if you’re an overly anxious person, it might seem impossible for you to break up in person. So, a text can save you a lot of mental distress. Anyhow, no matter why you’re interested in this topic, next, we shared our insights on how to break up with someone over text.

Is it a good idea to break up over text?

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, wanting to break up with someone over text is more of a personal decision. If the situation is too dire to address in real life, a text might be the only solution for you! After all, breaking up is an emotional process, and we all react differently.

A text message is a more comfortable alternative, and it can avoid you a lot of mess. And you can prevent a lot of feelings of confusion, sadness, and anger. Most experts argue that breaking up with a text message is not the best idea. But if you feel more at peace with this option, there is no one stopping you from implementing it!

Breaking up over text: an essential guide on how to do it!

#1 Spend some time alone before the breakup

No matter how you’re planning to break up with someone, it is always best to take your time and sit over the idea. Make sure you really want to end the relationship! Assess your feelings and reasons you want to break up with your partner. And after you’ve done all of that, you can move on towards breaking up over text.

2. Think about how your partner will react to this approach

It is best not to overlook your partner’s feelings. You have been in a relationship, so it is only natural for you to think about how the break up will affect their mental wellbeing. This will get your insights into creating your text message to handle the situation as smoothly as possible.

3. Be kind

Using sensitivity and kindness can ease the toll of a break up. So, avoid negative approaches and keep yourself from pointing out your partner’s mistakes. Use positive language and be as impartial as possible. There is no need to hurt their feelings even more!

4. Consider implementing a back-up plan

Breaking up over text doesn’t mean you won’t be called back as soon as you send that message! So, think about what you will do if you get called and requested a face-to-face encounter. And you might even get a surprise visit! Experts say it is a good idea to think about your partner’s behavior and imagine all the possibilities.

5. Start crafting a gentle text message

Remember that it will be odd to start your break up note in a cheerful tone. It might make things worse! So, it is best to use a neutral and respectful fashion. It will make it easier for you to send the right message!

6. Make a small and honest compliment before you reach the break up part

After starting your text with a neutral and comforting voice, you can move forward and include a compliment. Avoid exaggerating and use genuine compliments. Don’t go for “you’re amazing, nice, and understanding, but…” This is an affirmation that contradicts itself!

7. Share your break up reason as clearly as possible

This is the most challenging part of a break up text. Remember that a text is not a natural means of communication. So, things can get misinterpreted with ease. Be kind and share your reasons without anger or resentment.

8. Close the break up text by showing gratitude

As odd and hard as this might appear, if you want to break up with a text and be successful, you should end the message with a way of thanking or showing appreciation. After all, you’ve spent some time together that helped you learn important life lessons you will have forever. Of course, you shouldn’t overdo it because you will send the wrong signals!

9. Embrace your ex’s reaction with a lot of calmness

It is simple to jump into anger and quick conclusions. But since you’re breaking up over text, it is highly recommended to be calm. Your ex might react in different ways, and you will have to manage the reaction smoothly.

10. Don’t budge in front of pleas

If your ex asks for another chance and you already decided there is nothing that could mend your relationship, you should hold your position. You can close all future possibilities on interaction. Or you can suggest becoming friends. It is up to you!

The bottom line

Breaking up with a text might seem like a plain approach. And studies reveal that this becomes one of the most common ways to end a relationship. Some say it is impersonal and heartless. But others agree it can save you from a real conversation that tends to get uncomfortable. Anyhow, it is your decision on how you will deal with this. Your feelings, expectations, and confrontation skills have a say on how you end a relationship. Just make sure you follow the tips we listed above! Being kind, calm, and honest can save you a lot of trouble and misunderstandings. Send a clear and respectful message in which you explain your actions and desires! Avoid leaving room for doubt and misinterpretation! (Recommended Read; How to Get your Ex Back Very Fast)