How to Calm Down Before a Date

Did your crush ask you for a date and you’re too nervous at the thought of it? Read this “how to calm down before a date” guide we have for you!

Will you be going on your first date soon and anxiety is dealing with you?

It’s a normal feeling, you’re not alone on this.

There are few things that anxiety can do if you let it get to you; anxiety can deprive you of the fun you’re supposed to have with your date, it will rob you of your peace and confidence, and to crown it all, you might mess up the whole thing and won’t be offered a second date.

I’m sure you don’t want that.

The tension can be enormous, but you must learn to calm down before you meet with your date.

If you’re so confused as to why you are nervous, I will disclose why to you. Understanding this in the first place will help you calm down before a date.


Why Do We Get Nervous Before a Date

When the person you’ve been crushing on for a very long time asks you out on a date, there are chances that you might want to be on your best behavior to avoid messing things up, and it might stir up anxiety.

When you finally gather the courage to ask a girl you love out on a date, as the day draws closer, your thoughts will be filled with things like, what will she think of me, what will I put on, how do I sit so that she won’t think I’m not worthy of her, what should I say to avoid her adding me to the group of scum? These thoughts can make you nervous and uncomfortable. [Also Read: First Date Tips for Everyone]

Another reason why people, including you, get nervous before a date is because they might not have seen the person before and wonder continuously what s/he will look like, what interests him/her, and what s/he likes in a person?

People who have had previous bad date experiences will be nervous, they will be very terrified wondering if history will repeat itself and as they do, the tension within them keeps building up.

These are the major reasons why people get nervous before a date.

If you’re tense and want to deal with it before meeting with your partner but don’t know how to go about it. The tips “how to calm down before a date” I have here will help you ruin anxiety before it spoils things for you.


How to Calm Down Before a Date – Relax Before a Date

1. Be yourself

First of all, the man asked you out because he’s attracted to you, hence, you just have to be the person he is attracted to. Don’t try to be like someone else, he might be disappointed. If she agrees to go out with you, it means that she has been waiting for a day she will sit and converse alone with you, so don’t overdo it. Just come as you are.

2. Be confident

Realize that you’re actually going on a date, and not an interview where you need to please the company at all costs. You aren’t going there to be accessed, rather you’re going to have fun. What’s the worst that could happen? You get walked out on or no more dates? Even if after the date, they don’t call or pick your call, it’s their loss, not yours. So, Plan to walk into the venue like a queen/king that you’re.

3. Take a shower

A cold shower will help relax your muscles and reduce tension. And again, you need to look fresh, I’m sure you’re not thinking of going to meet with your date with the sweat you accumulated from work, hell no! You can’t do that. That singular act can ruin things for you, so rush into the bathroom and get yourself washed.

4. Pick a Comfy Dress Before Time

You don’t need to go overboard with your dressing, it’s just a date and not a wedding. Get a dress that fits properly, not too tight, not too loose, and do the selection before time to avoid scattering your apartment in search of what to wear.

5. Listen to Your Good Music

Listening to music is one of the good ways to ease tension especially when it’s music with a nice and advanced beat. It lightens up the environment.

Before you go on that date, try and listen to some good music and dance to it if you want. Allow yourself to be free, don’t cage yourself, you can even continue to listen to it while in the cab, that is if he doesn’t come to pick you up. Do this and see how fast it will exit your worries.

6. Wash Your Mouth

I know, you’re not a kid that needs to be reminded but there’s a chance that you will forget. If you forget and suddenly remember that you didn’t brush before leaving the house, your anxiety level will multiply and your confidence will be attacked.

You will feel very uncomfortable conversing with your date assuming that s/he might be perceiving the foul smell coming out of your mouth. You see why you must wash your mouth?

7. Choose the Venue You’re Conversant With

If it’s a first date, then, you must strive to choose a location or a restaurant that you are used to. That way, you will be comfortable since you aren’t a first-timer.

8. Get to Know What Interest Your Date

If you’re a guy, before the day, find out the kind of food she likes to consume, the kind of conversation she always gets involved with, and if possible, ask around to get to know her role models, and what they do that inspires her, that way, you will have lots of things to talk about.

9. Go to the Gym

You need to shake off the stress and anxiety, and heading to the gym is one of the ways to do that. But it must be done earlier enough so that you can relax a bit and also have time to put yourself in order before your date.

10. Go with Cash or Your Credit Card

You will need to pay the bills after the date isn’t it, so you must not forget to put your credit card right inside your wallet to avoid embarrassment. If you are a lady, you should also go with your credit card, it has a way of boosting confidence.

11. Arrive a Little Bit Late or Before the Time

If you’re a man, you should try to arrive at the venue before the time, that way you will be a bit relaxed by the time your date will enter the venue. As for the ladies, I would advise you to come a little bit late. With that, you will have the opportunity to see how your date looks. That way, your nerves will be relaxed.

12. Come Ready to Play

Instead of harboring fear, plan on how to convert your date into a very fun-filled one. Plan to be open while conversing, and let it flow naturally. You don’t need to do a read-up or make research for your first date or write out jokes to crack, it won’t be funny. Just come ready!

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13. Prepare to Ask Open-ended Questions

Resist the urge to ask him boring questions. If you want, you can write out a few open-ended questions such as “What has been your motivation for doing so well for the company?” Where do you like hanging out after work? Who is your role model? These kinds of questions help to keep the conversation flowing.

16. Tidy Up your Apartment

He might want to come in for a while before going to the venue, and you won’t want him to find your apartment messy and stinking, that will affect your ego and increase your anxiety, because you will be wondering continuously what he is thinking of you now that he has seen how messy your apartment is.

17. Board a Taxi

If he didn’t come to pick you up, don’t drive to the venue yourself if you are anxious. Board a taxi or get a driver to take you to the venue, that will help you to relax more before meeting with him. While in the car, you can keep listening to good music, you can even sing out; anything to take the anxiety away.

18. Remember, they Aren’t Perfect Either

Reminding yourself that you aren’t going to see some god, but a human being that isn’t perfect either, will help reduce the tension in you. For all we know, they might be anxious too, so, go see them knowing that no matter how beautiful and neatly they dress, they aren’t perfect.

19. Wear Simple Makeup

You don’t wanna look overdressed. When you go overboard with your dress and makeup, and he ends up showing up in very casual wear, you will never feel comfortable except he notices your situation, and finds a way to make you calm down but you know, not all men are that sensitive. Come looking not too simple and not too sophisticated.

20. Have a Drink

This isn’t a bit of good advice if you will be the one driving or still, you can take a good fruit juice before heading out. Although this might not get rid of the anxiety and stress completely, it will definitely help calm your nerves down for a while. It is definitely one way to calm down before a date.

21. Use Words of Affirmation

If you’re so tensed and seem uncontrollable, take a cold bath, walk around the room and say good things about yourself into your ears. That might help to calm you down. Say, “I am amazing”, I’m the ideal person that anyone will long to have, I’m an excellent personality, etc. It’s one way to calm down before a date. This works well, give it a trial.

22. How Good Does Your Hair Look

The essence of the stress on appearance is because most people judge the book by its cover. Your first impression matters especially if you’re meeting for the first time, like a blind date. Your appearance gives you the confidence you need to ace your date. If you see the need to do some finishing touches, drive into a salon before heading home.

23. Be Happy

Why won’t you be, your crush finally asks you out or finally said yes to go on a date with you. You can’t deprive yourself of the fun all because of anxiety. Try to be happy, find reasons to, and keep your face glowing.

24. Plan an Escape

As a lady, you wouldn’t want to wait until the man says he wants to go. Courtesy demand that you make that move, but what’s more important is that you must do it intelligently. This is the essence of planning your escape ahead of time.

25. Go with a Gum

This works well if you aren’t meeting at a restaurant. If it’s an open dating where you go to a crowdy environment such as the amusement park or the game center, then you should go with a gum. It will help relax your nerve.

26. Get a Pep Talk from a friend

If your anxiety is going out of your control, it won’t be bad if you call a good friend for some pep talk. It should be someone that has gone to dates severally. The person will help to open your eye to the fact that dating your crush is very fun.

27. Plan to Compliment

This is one of the reasons you must come later or before the time. If you do, you will get an idea of what to compliment on before meeting them. Once she walks in, as a man, you must stand to help her sit and after that, ensure you compliment her beauty, not her boobs. Same with the ladies, compliment his dress sense, which will help usher you into the main conversation.

28. Know What to Order

Another reason why you must choose the location that you’re conversant with. You don’t wanna go thinking of what to eat while keeping them waiting. If you know what to order beforehand, it will help keep your mind in order and on the important aspect of the date.

29. Don’t think About the Past

If you’ve been embarrassed by your date previously, don’t let the thought creep in before or while you’re with this current date, it might mess things up for you. Fight it seriously by telling yourself that the person you’re with now is different from who embarrassed you before.

30. Prepare your Answer Ahead

You must get your response for the next date ready, because he might ask, and you wouldn’t want to eat your mouth when he does. Remember, you’re smart and intelligent, don’t end the date by sending the wrong message.


Conclusion On How to Calm Down Before a Date

Remember, If he asked you to go out with him, that means that he already found you attractive and worthy of him, or she already likes you and has been waiting to hear you ask.

So, you shouldn’t let anxiety rob you of what you’re supposed to enjoy. These tips are practical things you can do to put yourself together before the date, so that you won’t ruin your chance of getting another yes or another invite.