20 Side Chick Rules to Being a Perfect Side Chick

Like every game, there are side chick rules on being the perfect side chick. Whether you are a side chick or about to become one, the rules apply to all.

Before you think of winning a game, your aim should be to remain in it. You don’t want to be shown the ‘red card’ halfway into the game, so you must play by the rules.

Being a perfect side chick requires focus, skill, and fair play. Remember, this is all a game! To succeed, you must recognize that you are alone and avoid being caught in a web.

Study the script, learn the rules, and play your role like a superstar.

Below, I have highlighted 20 side chick rules to being the perfect side chick. Also, I have included few side chick rules for guys to follow – after all, it takes two to tangle, and you’re in this together.

20 Side Chick Rules to being a perfect Side Chick

1. Know your place

Don’t take this personally, but a side chick is a side chick! Your place is on the side. Do not demand more and never make the mistake of demanding the position of the main chick.

When you do this, you will lose out in a bad way.

2. Keep no evidence

Yeah, you love taking selfies when you are together and don’t want to delete those lovely text messages and chat history.

Well, you must understand that what you have in your hands is a time bomb that can cause unimaginable catastrophe.

3. Don’t tell anyone anything

If you want to be a perfect side chick, you must take this rule seriously. No one is close enough to know! Do not tell anyone – including your best friend, about your side chick relationship.

If you do or already have, then it is only a matter of time before you regret that particular decision.

4. Do not get pregnant

One of the rules of being a side chick is that you must never get pregnant. Do all you can to protect yourself from getting pregnant.

Don’t even consider it and protect yourself at all times, so it doesn’t happen by mistake.

5. Do not fall in love

You must always be alert and guard your heart at all times. I know the love, care and gifts are getting to you; but sweetheart – trust me, do not fall in love with a guy that sees you as nothing more than a side chick.

You will ruin everything, and only one person will regret the action – you!

6. Don’t get sloppy

One of the rules of being the perfect side chick is that you can’t afford to be sloppy. You cannot forget an item in his apartment or make a mistake by getting drunk.

Be alert at all times and never let any detail pass you by.

7. Be on top of your game

Much like the previous point, you have to be on top of your game in this. You have to run the show like a professional. Be very quiet and submissive, but you must not give room for naivety or ignorance.

If you do, you will lose out and become the victim. Trust me, darling, you do not want to be in this position.

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8. Do not pester him for money

Don’t! I know you are here for the goodies and nothing more. But you must be careful and professional about this. Men do not like to be pestered for money.

They don’t take it from their wives or main chicks. Trust me; they won’t take it from you either. This attitude is a huge turn-off, and to become the perfect side chick, do not make it all about money!

9. Do not speak of his wife – or main chick

Please do not make the mistake of talking about his wife or main chick. Even when he brings up a topic about them – and he would, please do not say a word – good or evil about them.

Apart from the fact that men are very smart and he could be testing you, saying the wrong thing may jeopardize your position and his perception of you. Be careful!

10. Do not cross paths with his wife – or main chick

In all you do, try to stay clear of his wife or side chick. Do not go to the same salon, boutique, or even church with them. If you share her man, try to limit it to that – do not share anything more with her.

Don’t bother about why. Just accept this as a fundamental rule in the rule book – and trust me, it’s for your own good.

11. Please do not call or message him

Wait until he calls or messages you. Except if he gives you a time, you can call or send him messages, do not call or message him. He will contact you whenever he needs you.

You don’t want his wife or girlfriend noticing your calls or messages. Like you already know, women have powerful instincts, and once you give room for this, she will detect that something is fishy, and she will come for you.

12. Please stay clear of his personal life and business

No. Ask him about work and family – and end it there! Please do not ask where he works or his office location. Do not ask about his work and family details – things his wife or main chick should be concerned about.

If he defines your role as a side chick, play the game by the rules and remain a side chick.

13. Give no room to jealousy

Don’t show any trace of jealousy or compare yourself to the main woman in his life. This is very important. Do not feel entitled to demand the same treatment or equal level of love he showers on his main girl.

For instance, do not exhibit any form of jealousy because he recently bought her a car, despite not giving you a monthly allowance for the last two months.

14. Do not touch his phone or wallet

A man’s wallet and mobile phone are out of bounds. Please do not go to his wallet or phone for any reason. If you have any doubt about the relationship, please walk out of it.

You don’t want him to catch you checking his phone or wallet. Of course you already know you should never try to steal from him, right?

15. Always look the part

I cannot emphasize this enough. Never be caught unawares. Always look your best at all times. Men love to see their women look good – side chicks inclusive.

Always give him a reason to crave you the more. The way you dress – and smell is a fundamental way of making him yearn for you at all times.

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16. Radiate positive energy

You do not have a reason not to be happy around him – isn’t that what you are there for? Play the game right and become the perfect side chick by radiating positive energy at all times.

Make him miss your lively company. Men always want to be around lively, upbeat, and happy people. If you can be all this, trust me, you’ve got him covered.

17. Enjoy the moment while it lasts

Being a side chick means you have no business with tomorrow. In fact, you have no tomorrow – with him, to look up to. Enjoy every moment like it’s your last and make the best use of it.

You are a side chick, and you have no entitlement over him. The relationship can hit the rocks any moment, and someone else can take your place within the twinkle of an eye.

18. Keep your negative attitude in the trash

So, you want to start giving him an attitude because you notice he is admiring another lady? Or is it that he did something you didn’t like, so you want to play the hard-to-get game?

This is a decision you will regret. Besides, it is not professional. Displaying a negative attitude is against the rules of the name. Take everything he does with a pinch of salt – and you will be happier for it.

19. Respect him to the fullest

No matter what happens, always be respectful. Try your best possible not to take him for granted. Men like to be respected, and one way you can keep him for as long as you want is to keep respecting him.

Please do not make the mistake of disrespecting him because it is against the side chick rules and will prevent you from being the perfect side chick.

20. No room for ambitions

You cannot have ambitions over what you do not own or have control over. Don’t get ahead of yourself; the side chick rules frowns at ambitions.

Having ambitions will make you sloppy, and once you become sloppy, you will make mistakes –which you will regret. Again I repeat, you do not want to be in that position.


Side chick rules for guys to follow

It takes a lot of bravery to consider having a side chick. It is a peculiar feeling – you love your wife or main chick considerably – and you do not want to replace her. But you like this other girl too!

Having a side chick can be a very stressful and demanding endeavor, and except you handle the situation well, it will destroy everything. Do not lose all you have built because of a side chick.

How do you create the balance you need, and how do you maintain a side chick without losing the things which are important to you?


Check out the following side chick rules for guys to follow


1. Tell your side chick the truth about your relationship status

Don’t get it twisted; you do not want to spend the rest of your life with this girl – as a wife. Regardless of the perfect curves and romantic perfections, there are other reasons you cannot commit fully to this girl.

Keep that in mind and tell her the truth, so you do not regret it later. Tell her if you have a wife or a serious relationship.

Contrary to what you may think, your relationship status will not disrupt your chances of getting a side chick.

2. Do not leave any evidence

If you already have a side chick, you have to be careful in your dealings. You do not want these few minutes of pleasure to ruin your marriage, relationship, or life.

Do not leave any evidence that will reveal your guilty pleasures. You have no business leaving romantic chat history and call with your side chick on your device.

Also, be sure not to transfer funds to your side chick from your account – or joint account.

3. Do not place your side chick over your wife – or main chick

Your side chick is not your wife – or main chick. Read that again!

There is only one place for a main chick in your life, and you must be careful not to allow your side chick to take the place of your wife or main chick in your life.

Many side chicks are professionals and only after their gains. Do not judge your wife or main chick by the standards of a side chick; talk less of replacing her with the side chick!

4. Always use protection

What are you thinking about having sex with a side chick without protection? Always use protection whenever you are intimate with a side chick.

You certainly do not want to contract a disease or be caught in a pregnancy saga with a side chick.

5. Be at alert at all times

You certainly do not want to wake up one morning to your sex tape circulating on the internet. For side chicks, it is all a game, and there is no love lost.

You must always be on your guard. Never get yourself drunk, and always keep your personal life and items away from your side chick. Make her understand that the relationship has no attachments and do not get carried away!


Being a side chick – and having a side chick can be fun and fulfilling if you go by the rules.

Anything outside of this is a complete catastrophe – and you do not want to be caught in that web.

Do you have an experience to share? Or is there a topic you will like us to write on? Kindly drop your comments in the session below, and we will attend accordingly.