How to know if you’re in a Low Key Relationship or a Secret Affair

As you probably know already, there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Each romantic bond comes with ups and downs, depending on your personality traits. Still, relationship experts say there is an increasing trend among couples. More and more people opt for keeping a relationship low key. And if you’re wondering what that implies, this article is for you. Read on to discover how to keep a low key relationship starting today!

What’s Really a Low Key Relationship: what’s the meaning?

One of the most important decisions most couples have to make is whether to make their relationship public. A public relationship is the one in which everyone knows you’re dating someone, you’re sharing a picture on social media and attend events together.

A low key relationship doesn’t imply no one knows you’re in a relationship. Instead, it signifies only a couple of people know about it. Somehow, it shows you’re not comfortable making it public and let the whole world know what you’re up to.

For many couples, it is a challenging decision. Some state that social media ruins relationships, and it’s best to keep everything low key. Others feel like the whole world needs to know about your bond. However, this is a matter of personal taste, and it is a decision you should make alongside your loved one. The most dreadful situation can be the one in which one wants to make the relationship public, while the other desires to keep the relationship private and on a low key.

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Many people believe that not making your relationship public is key it will last. But experts say that a private relationship isn’t necessarily the one that will last forever. Of course, nothing good comes from too many people knowing what you’re up to. But at the same time, hiding your relationship might take a toll on your bond.

How to tell if you are in low key Relationship or Secret Affair?

If you’re lucky, you’ll have the talk out of the blue. Your partner will state that you’re having a great time together, but they aim to keep the relationship low key. This will ease the process and help you get to a common understanding without fumbling with taking guesses.

But what do you do when you feel like you aren’t aware you’re in a low key relationship or secret affair? Well, if you didn’t discuss this and didn’t agree to it, there are some ways to determine whether your partner keeps you a secret.

Our dating experts say you should pay close attention to the following indicators so that you can determine whether you’re in a low key relationship;

  • you caught your partner lying about being with you.
  • your partner panics when people see you together.
  • your partner avoids any confirmation that there might be something more than friendship between you.
  • your partner changes the subject when someone asks about you.
  • your partner hides his phone when answering a text message.
  • your partner doesn’t answer the phone for several hours in a row when you’re not together.

These are some signs you might be a secret to everyone in your partner’s life. And if you didn’t agree to keep your relationship private, you most likely stumbled into an affair. If you’re hidden away without your consent, it might be a good idea to wave goodbye.

Why People Keep Relationships Low Key?

So, if you’re not unwilling being kept a secret and you contemplate with your partner to keep your relationship private, you should know there are several reasons why people do this. Many people keep their relationship low key because they need some privacy to get to know each other. But there are several other reasons worth mentioning.

The opinions of others

Many couples dread the opinion of others. And studies reveal it can take a toll on a relationship. So, if you want to keep everything to yourself because of this, it is an excellent reason to keep your relationship low key.

Not all people will be happy for you

The truth is that a happy relationship can trigger a lot of hate in some people. And this can make you feel uncomfortable and doubtful about your personal life. So, it is a good idea to keep your relationship private if you want to avoid this.

Breaking up is easier

Relationships aren’t simple to keep alive. So, if you’re not sure you’re into a successful relationship, it might be a compelling reason to keep it private. Breaking up won’t attract too much attention, and you’ll be able to make a decision with no questioning and stress.

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Time to decide

When you just start a relationship, you face a lot of uncertainties. Maybe you ask yourself if you’re being lied to. Or perhaps you notice something that triggers some inner signals. But at the same time, maybe you have a fantastic time together and fear an interruption from an unfriendly person. So, you can keep your relationship low key until you both decide it’s time to go public.

How to keep your relationship Low key and Private

Now that you know some valuable insights on low key relationships let’s move forward to discuss how to achieve this. First of all, you should discuss with your partner about whether this is a good approach for you. And when you decide you can benefit from a private relationship, you can move forward to implementing the following tips. Our dating experts say these can help you manage the situation smoothly.

Stay away from social media

The first step to keep your relationship private is to avoid sharing stuff on social media. This means no videos, no photos, no comments, no tags, or anything else that might create a link between you two. It can be a challenging task, especially if you love taking photos. But as usual, it is always best to keep your memories private.

Create a time limit

You should both agree that you won’t be able to prevent people from finding out about your relationship at some point. Hence, it is a good idea to set a time limit. You can opt for a specific timeframe like three months or a particular number of dates. But no matter what you agree upon, you should respect that agreement and make your relationship public at the end of the time limit.

Be careful with phone calls, voice messages, and text messages

If you don’t want your friends and family to know about your romantic involvement, you should be careful about answering phone calls, voice, and text messages. If you’re not attentive to this, you risk giving clues about what you’re up to.

When going out for a date, make sure you pick a discreet location

Of course, you and your partner look forward to going on a fancy date. And this is entirely achievable even though you’re into a low key relationship. All you have to do is select a discreet location where your friends or family don’t usually hang out. So, if you have to drive a bit farther than usual, don’t be stressed about it. It can turn out to be a perfect date in a lesser-known location.

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Keep your circle small

Another way to be successful at keeping a relationship low-key is to keep your friends’ circle small. You’ll find it challenging to maintain your relationship private if you interact daily with a multitude of people.

Focus on spending quality time together and avoid expecting too much

Well, the truth is that if you decided to keep your relationship private, you most likely have plenty of stuff to figure out about yourself. So, the best way to spend this period is by indulging in quality time as often as possible. Also, avoiding unrealistic expectations from your loved one or the relationship itself can save you a lot of trouble, too. Dating experts say that a happy relationship starts with understanding there is no such thing as perfect and unrealistic expectations can do more harm than good.

Final word

So, as you can see, there are plenty of insights into a private relationship. Its purpose is to help you and your partner enjoy the first stages of the relationship without worries. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to create the foundation of a long-term relationship. Just make sure you agree on the conditions of this private approach, and set up a time limit. You don’t want to risk transforming it into a secret affair!