I Just Want to be Loved; Likely Reasons You Feel You Just Need Some Love

If there is one common thing we want, it is to be loved! And this is why many of us at some point in time have had the feelings and even said to ourselves ” I Just Want to be Loved”. We crave to feel intensely connected to other people, ultimately seen and admired by them, and feel secured in those affairs.

There is some engaging study that shows we tend to appreciate material possessions less when we sense loved and recognized by others because relationships can give a feeling of comfort, security, and refuge. These feelings certainly are essential things in our beings.

But if you repeatedly find yourself worrying and feeling, “I just want to be loved,” then you may be thinking that way because of some uncertain reasons. Right below, we reveal some of these possible reasons you feel the way of “I just want someone to love me” and how to overcome the frustration of craving you want to feel loved! [Also Read; Reason Someone Would Pretend to love]

I Just Want to be Loved; Possible Reasons You Feel You Need Some Love

Below are some of the reasons you may not feel cherished even though you are.

1.. Depression: When you’re depressed, it can make you feel this way. Depression is a very severe problem that several persons undergo everyday. It is not only about sadness. It is an emotion of sorrow, misery, and loneliness you just cannot seem to get rid of. You may feel unwanted, and you do not even want to take a foot out of your house. If you suddenly feel this way, mixed with your feelings of just craving to be loved, you could be suffering from depression and not know it.

2. Your goals are too high

Some souls do not recognize that they want far much out of life and the sensation of being loved. You may be placing your expectations way too high; it leaves you believing that you are disliked even when you are not. Put yourself into a practical situation when it comes to feeling adored. You cannot expect that the feeling of another person cherishing you will suddenly work out all your problems. If you have a way of saying, “I just want to be loved,” all the time, this may be your difficulty.

3. You just went through a breakup

It is certainly natural to feel like you are not loved after a breakup. You may even discover that you feel like you will never be loved again if it was a particularly horrible breakup.

If you have just been through a condition where only one person quit feeling love for you, you may believe as though everybody in your life quit loving you. Such a situation gives rise to you to be desperate enough to let out something like, “I just want to be cherished.”

4. You are alone

If you are single and have been like that for a while now, you may begin believing that you are unloved and that you really need to be loved. If you have not felt emotional love in a long time, it is straightforward to start saying this over and over again.

If you are single or live independently and use most of your time off from other people, you possibly feel like you just want to be liked. When you do not use your time with those who really love you, it is easier to forget that they love you.

5. Your pals are too occupied to attend to you

Everybody has an existence, and some of your friends may be involved in theirs than you busy with yours. This leaves you feeling left out, deserted, and you may even miss having them around.

You think as though your friends are so engaged in their own lives that they do not create time for you. Know that just because somebody is occupied does not imply that they do not like and care about you any longer.

6. You have watched numerous romantic films or displays

This tip Is one of the major reasons you may be feeling so wild to be cherished. If you are alone, bored, and have been watching many romantic movies that grip your chest in hopelessness, then that is why you feel unwanted.

Those films were created to wish for that love in your life, but it is not practical. If you keep concentrating on wishing for the love in a movie, you will never be fulfilled with the love you do have in your life.

7. You do not have any family or friend that is really close to you

If you are not intimate with the persons in your life, you could be believing that you are unloveable. There is a particular feeling of being really attached to somebody intimately, even if it is just friendship, making you feel all fuzzy and safe inside. If you do not feel this, it could be because you have not discovered the buddy you can open up to.

You may not have anybody to be close in an emotional way, as this could make you feel like you are missing love in your life.

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8. You are spending too much time with unloving persons

If you have surrounded yourself with people that care about you and will not be vocal about craving for love.  If you use your time with people that are not very lovely and caring for you, then it is easy to say, “I just want to be loved.”

The individuals you spend the majority of your moments with can build the way you feel about yourself. If you waste your time with untrue people, you feel less than cherished as it keeps you yearning for that love.

9. You do not love yourself.

If you do not love yourself, you will feel like you are missing affection in your life. Loving yourself helps to fill that vacuum with love that is supposed to be received from other people. It will not leave you always saying, “I just want to be loved.” First things first, love yourself.

10. You envy someone else’s love

If all you do is pay interest to the way someone else is receiving love, it will make you feel you do not have sufficient love. A particular couple may torment you on social media, and it blinds you to the affection you receive. This compels you to feel like you just want to be cherished, even though you are loved.

How to Get Past the Frustration of Feeling you Just Need Some Love

1. Remember that it is not about you.

When you are striking up relations with fresh people and going out for a romantic meeting but find yourself being rejected often, you might start looking inward and condemning yourself. Being ignored will prompt you to ask these questions:

  1. What is poor in me?
  2. Why do I keep making mistakes? I just need to be loved.
  3. Will I ever see someone that will love me?

However, when somebody rejects you, harms you, or disappears on you, it is one hundred percent on them. It has got nothing to do with you, so quit accusing or judging yourself.

It would be best if you were using your time and energy in a much reasonable way. So be patient, forgive yourself, and be active and strong because dating is not an easy thing, but it is worth it in the end.

2. Do not get glued to old, poor habits.

Perhaps you keep on dating persons who are not a good partner for you, and you do not even know that you are doing it. Perhaps you choose emotionally inaccessible partners, or you were trying to fill a space within your life. Or perhaps you go for somebody who is enclosed in problems because you like the idea of fixing difficulties.

Whatever type of partner to do select, this will certainly lead to you getting pained or feeling taken advantage of. Assess your past dates and relationship record and attempt to see any standard features between them. After you discern the pattern, you will be able to start changing it.

3. Pause if you need to.

If you have been dating incessantly, which has left you feeling deflated or tired, it is completely okay to stop for some time and take some much needed time for yourself. Just because you are single does not imply that you have to be dating. Do not allow tension from your family or friends, or society force you to do something you are barely not enjoying any longer.

Occasionally, we need time alone to work through our difficulties and give ourselves moments and vacancies to heal. Taking a pause will enable you to know your opinion and clarity on what it is you are really looking for, take the burden off, and assist you in healing from any of the negative energy that might have accumulated within you from any of the latter dates you would like to forget.

4. Recall that you are worthy of being loved.

We are taught to understand that if we are not in a comfortable and healthy relationship, there is something wrong with us. A sequence of bad dates can abandon us in a permanent situation of insecurity. So we begin to look inwards at what we can mend to be fascinating and worthy of somebody else’s love.

5. Stop looking for a perfect partner

Several men and ladies usually look for the perfect person as their life partner. But, we all must realize that nobody is flawless, and having defects makes us human beings. A loveable life can be spent together by acknowledging that you can only see perfections in films or novels.

6. Select a life partner with similar interests

It is good to select a life spouse with the same attractions and hobbies you have as it will offer an incentive for you to hang out together and boost your connection.

7. Be yourself

A healthy relationship is one where you can be accepted for who you are and not be judged for existing like that. If you are being compelled to change for yourself to continue in a relationship with somebody or forcing them to alter because of you, that is not called love.

8. Understand your feelings

Ensure that you understand your feelings and not be puzzled by them. Possessing feelings for a close friend does not always imply that you romantically love them. Do not confuse often wishing to be intimate with your friend as love and weaken a good friendship.

Final Word

The “I just want to be loved” feelings can take a thorn on you if you do not watch how much you crave for that love attention; The feeling can be frustrating but there is still time to revaluate yourself and take bold step to get past the frustration that comes with it. Read through once more to understand more how you can put a stop to such feelings.