How to Know When to Give Up on a Girl – 8 Signs It’s time to Let Go

Giving up is a hard thing to do. In fact, all life’s motivations are centered on not giving up in life. Guys do not like sharing; talk less of giving up on their woman. In this article I will show you how to know when to give up on a girl.

It is even more complicated when it is related to someone you genuinely love. You keep thinking of when you met her for the first time, her great looks and all the good times you both spent together.

Things may still be going ‘great’ with the both of you, and you still have good times with each other, but you have a feeling something is wrong. For some reason, you believe the relationship is not going in the direction you had anticipated.

In all sincerity, there are times when you have to be a man and put all emotions behind you to make the right decision.

There are signs you need to take note of and identify as markers. These markers are landmarks that should prompt you to make a decision and know when to give up on a girl.

But how do you make this decision when you do not know when to give up on a girl?

Below, I have highlighted straightforward ways on how you can know when to give up on a girl.

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How to Know When to Give Up on a Girl – 8 Ways to Know

1. When her priorities do not align with yours

In this context, by priority, I mean the things that matter most in the relationship; the goal that you both – individually and collectively place above every other purpose.

Priorities matter a lot in every relationship. When her priorities do not align with yours, it a red flag and a sign that you need to give up on her.

When partners’ priorities do not align in a relationship, there is very little that can be done for that relationship to succeed. It is like two horses tied together but heading in opposite directions.

There is no need to be self-denial about it, and there is absolutely no reason to be emotional about it. You need to give up on her when you discover that her priorities are miles away from yours.

2. When she has an ill view of love, relationship, and family

The value she places on love, relationship and family matters a lot. In no distant time, you want this woman to be your wife and the mother of your children.

Does she want the same, and considering her opinions on these, is this the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with? Is this the woman you want for your children to come?

How can you be in a relationship with a girl who does not believe in love, relationship, and marriage? When you have discussions about love and marriage, what are her stands?

This is not the time to pity her because her reason for not wanting to get married is because she came from a broken home or that her father assaulted her mother. If she doesn’t believe in love and marriage, she obviously doesn’t see herself marrying you.

Unless you plan to waste your life and dream of being with a lady who doesn’t see a future with you, there is no better time to give up on her.

If you have tried talking to her, but she continues to defend her views, then it is a red flag. You need to do the needful and move on to the next phase of your life.

3. When her role models are people that do not uphold relationship and family values

Who are the people your girl looks up to and admires? What set of people motivate her? Who does she follow on social media? Who are the persons she wished she was in their shoes?

When you notice that your girl is motivated by people who do not uphold strong relationship values, then perhaps it is time to give up on her.

Do you find your girl celebrating break-ups and inspired by people who have broken homes? Does she see women who do not believe they should be married as her role models? If your answer to these questions is yes, then what really are you doing in the relationship?

What other sign are you waiting for in order to know that your relationship is heading for doom? The moment you find out what she sees in herself when she looks in the mirror, you should make a decision whether you want to be with her or not.

You have to constantly remind yourself of the reason you are in a relationship in the first place. If she is not ready to help you achieve that ultimate goal, what is the need to waste your time?

There is no better time to give up on her than now. There is no need to postpone your hurt.

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4. When there is zero evidence of genuine interest in you or the relationship

It is not difficult to tell when a lady is interested in something. When they are, their excitement knows no bounds. You will know when it is time to give up on her if you notice she has little or no interest in the relationship.

Would you rather have her break the relationship after she has drained you? When a lady has no interest in a relationship, she would never commit to it, and if it means refusing your ring during your proposal, she will.

Now, this is not to paint ladies as evil, but this is a two-way thing. The chances for an individual to commit full time and marry someone they do not have an interest in are very slim. If she doesn’t have interest in you or the relationship, it is a red flag – a sign that tells you to give up on her.

When you notice that she is struggling with the relationship and isn’t happy with you, it is best to allow the ship to set sail. That relationship is headed for the rocks, and the best time to save yourself from the catastrophic carnage is now!

5. When she tells you she doesn’t see the relationship heading anywhere

It may have happened during a misunderstanding. She may have said it as a joke. Either way, do not take it lightly. No! She wasn’t joking, and it wasn’t because she was angry.

In her unguarded hours, she will tell you the truth about her perception of the relationship. What should trigger you more to action is if she has mentioned this statement more than once.

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Such a statement is not something that should be joked with or taken lightly. If she says she doesn’t see your relationship heading anywhere, then you should consider it a reason to give up on her.

The earlier you make that decision, the better for you.

6. When she doesn’t respect you or the relationship

The amount of respect a lady gives to you and the relationship is a representation of her level of commitment. It would be best if you considered giving up on her when you notice she doesn’t respect you or regards the relationship.

Respect is an attribute of love, and a woman who cannot bring herself to respect you and the relationship does not love you.

You cannot marry a woman that does not respect you, so what is the usefulness of the relationship? Why continue a relationship with a woman you know you cannot spend the rest of your life with?

You may think it is not a big deal now, but you will understand the importance of respect in a relationship and marriage as you grow older. If a lady does not respect you when she is a girlfriend, she will not respect you when she gets married to you.

There is no need to talk to her about respect because respect is not something you should demand from your girlfriend. If she doesn’t respect you naturally or see a reason, then it means she is trying to use her body language to pass an important message.

The message is clear – she doesn’t want any part of the relationship. It would be best if you gave up on her now.

7. She doesn’t introduce you as her guy

You go out with your girl, and she doesn’t introduce you as her guy to an old friend she bumps into? You talk to her about it, and she brushes it off, only for her to repeat it again?

Why can’t she introduce you as her guy? The answer is simple: she doesn’t plan on you being her guy for a long time. It means she is hiding something! Probably there is another guy somewhere who her friends are familiar with, or she doesn’t just want you as her guy.

Either way, it is not healthy, and you need to give up on her before she gives you the shocker of your life!

That’s a clear truth! If you continue ignoring a lady’s signs for a breakup, she will shock you. It is best you kindly do the honorable thing and give up on her now. [Read; How to Break Up With your Girlfriend]

8. She is always portraying herself as a single lady on social media

In today’s world, ladies are inseparable from social media. They are always quick to defend themselves, that what they post on their WhatsApp status, Insta-Stories, and Snap Chat has nothing to do with their ‘true’ personality.

“It is all for fun,” they often say. Well, do not be deceived. They are exactly what they portray on social media, and that is their true personalities. You should pay attention to what your girlfriend is describing herself to be on social media.

Now, this is not to say that you should monitor her social media and only activities, but it won’t hurt to carry out your due diligence and know what she is up to.

If your girlfriend is portraying herself as a single lady on social media, it means she is telling other guys that she is available and ready for the taking. If this isn’t a reason to give up on her, then what is?


It is never easy to give up on someone you love regardless of gender. As men, we act like we do not really give a care in the world, but sometimes when you see a woman you genuinely love, all that façade fades away.

Whether male or female, love can get to the deepest part of the heart of an individual. True love and affection can bring down walls you never thought could be brought down and in no time.

When this happens, you will be brought to your knees and find yourself holding on to any means of survival.

It is essential you know when to make the decision as a man. One of the most painful experiences a man can ever have is the feeling of being used. No man wants to be used, especially by a woman. We do not want to be a victim, but sometimes love can bring a man to his knees and make him act in ways he even didn’t know he could.

No man wants to be in a position where he is the victim, but there are times when the situation is inevitable, and you already find yourself in a situation where there is nothing to hold on to.

Sometimes, as a guy, you need to know the right time to give up on a girl. Just like ladies believe and accept themselves, you also deserve to be loved – don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.

If you feel a relationship is not going as you planned or she is showing signs that she has someone else in her life. Know it is the right time to give up on her.

Do not just give up on a girl because you have a substitute or because you are tired of her. It is important you have the right reasons, and you know the right time to give up on a girl.

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