15 Signs Your Boyfriend Likes his Female Friend

There is always a female friend in the picture – but there is a difference between this female friend being just a friend – and when your boyfriend likes his female friend. And in this article we reveal to you signs your boyfriend likes his female friend.

Let us get this straight. We are not trying to turn you into the creepy partner who suspects every female friend her boyfriend has. We are only doing our best to assist you, just in case you have been sharing your boyfriend with another woman right under your nose.

It is very common to be in a relationship with a guy who likes his female friend and is cheating on you with her. Perhaps the most annoying part of it all is the fact that this may be a friend you know so well.

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15 Signs Your Boyfriend Likes his Female Friend

1. He Always Bring Her Up in Conversations

If you notice that your boyfriend is always talking about her, it is a sign that your boyfriend likes his female friend.

When he cannot keep her out of a conversation, then it means her thoughts always occupy his heart. You should take caution because; it is a sign that he likes her.

2. He is Always Comparing You to Her

This is very common in relationships and sadly, many ladies do not pay enough attention to it. When you notice that your boyfriend is always comparing you to his friend, chances are that he likes her.

Do not make the mistake of trying to become like her at the detriment of your happiness and freedom, because you will always be second best if you do – and he will choose her over you.

3. He is Always Protective of Her

So, you are both having a conversation and he flares at you because you expressed your distaste over her actions? Darling, he is interested in her.

When you notice that it is not a one-off, and he is always very protective of her; then you have to take caution because chances are, it has passed the stage of ‘interest.’

4. He Talks About Her Sex Life

Why should your boyfriend be talking about the sex life of his female friend? Why does he care if she is having enough sex or too much? Don’t ask me – ask him!

Even if he is complaining of how she is sleeping around with other men, do not be tempted to join the conversation and take his sides against her. If he is saying such, it is a sign that he is jealous the female friend is sleeping with other men other than him.

5. He Doesn’t Tell you About their Dates

Oh, did you run into your man and his female friend having a ‘harmless’ date? One he claims he forgot to tell you about? Or did you mistakenly bump unto a photo they snapped together during an outing?

If he is seeing her behind your back, then there is something going on he doesn’t want to talk to you about. This is a sign that your boyfriend likes his female friend.

6. He Brags About Her All the Time

One of the signs to know that your boyfriend likes his female friend is if he brags about her all the time.

Once you notice that your boyfriend is always bragging about her intelligence, career, looks, or accomplishment, signs are that he likes her. No matter the accomplishment, a person can only brag about who they like.

7. He Tells You She is Not Pretty

Have you ever tried complimenting your boyfriend’s female friend, but he enters into an argument with you over her beauty?

Wait a minute, this is the catch! If he is claiming that his female friend is not pretty, then take caution because it is a huge sign that he likes this friend – but doesn’t want you to know. It is very common for a guy to claim that a girl he is attracted to is not pretty. Funny, right?

8. He Talks About Her Outfits and Appearance

On the other hand, it is possible that your boyfriend is always talking about her outfits and appearance. This is a perfect example of the “One cap doesn’t fit all” rule.

When you notice that he is always complimenting her outfits and appearance – and is ignoring your lovely dress and ensemble, it is a sign that he is seeing more than the clothes. There is something more.

9. You Notice that He Consults Her for Opinions

So, your boyfriend consults his female friend for her opinions even after you have told him what you feel is best? Do you notice that he takes her advice over yours?

This is a sign that he likes and values her over you; take caution because you have a competitor. [Read; Reasons He Chose Her Over You]

10. He Doesn’t Want You to Be Her Friend

How does he react when you tell him that you want to become friends with his female friend? Did he reject the idea or try to talk you out of it?

When you notice this, it is a sign that your boyfriend is trying to protect his relationship with his female friend and this is a sign that he likes her.

11. He Doesn’t Want You to Hang Out With Them

If he doesn’t welcome the idea of you hanging out with his female friend, then it is a sign that there is something he doesn’t want you to find out. Chances are that your boyfriend has a secret or he likes his female friend.

Is she a colleague or having a party but tries to talk you down when you request to attend with him? Then take caution because if he doesn’t want you to hang out with them, then he likes her.

12. He Does Not Allow His Friends Fancy Her

How does he react when his friend says he like his female friend? Does he warn his friend not to speak to her, and make the decisions for her?

If yes, this overly protective attitude is a sign that he likes her and doesn’t want anyone else to be with her – except him.

13. He Doesn’t Pick Her Calls In Front of You

What could he possibly be hiding if he doesn’t pick her calls or call her in front of you? When you notice such an attitude from your boyfriend when his female friend is concerned, it is a sign that he likes her.

When he doesn’t want you to be privy to the context of their conversations, it means he is hiding something from you – or hiding something from her. Either way, he likes her!

14. His Friends and Family Know Her

Did you discover that his friends and family members all seem to know this ‘wonderful’ friend of his – and do not even know you, then it is a sign that your boyfriend likes his female friend.

It is obvious he has been introducing her as his ‘friend’ and she is the recognized woman in his life.

15. She Doesn’t Know You Exist

Wait a minute; you know about this friend, does she know about you? Can you see in a saloon or a mall and exchange pleasantries?

If he is not telling her about you, then you are a side chick! It means he has plans to be with that friend as his main chick – probably she hasn’t agreed to date him yet, but trust me – he likes her and has an interest in her.

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How to Deal With Your Boyfriend’s Female Friend

It is not easy to know that your boyfriend has ‘that’ female friend. It hurts and the thought of sharing your man can drive you nuts.

If you are not guided, you would end up making costly mistakes in trying to manage the situation. When you notice the signs that your boyfriend likes his female friend, there are ways to deal with the situation maturely.

Below, I have highlighted 7 ways to deal with your boyfriend’s female friend.

1. Before Anything, Take a Deep Breath

The first thing to do when you are faced with situations such as this, is to make sure you are in control of your emotion. You cannot be in control of a situation if you are not in control of yourself.

Make sure to take a deep breath and be calm before you think of making a move or taking the first step.

2. Analyze the Situation

Before you jump to conclusions and plan on taking action, you need to first analyze the situation and make sure you have gathered your facts.

Make sure you have enough evidence and have seen the clear signs that your boyfriend likes his female friend before you take action.

3. Introduce Yourself Formally

Introduce yourself to his female friend formally. Invite her for drinks or anything, but be sure to formally introduce yourself in a friendly way and express your satisfaction in ‘finally’ getting to meet her.

Her reaction – or that of your boyfriend after the introduction will tell you everything you need to know.

4. Ask Her About Her Relationship

“Did you come with your boyfriend” or “Who is the lucky man” are two ways you can ask her about her relationship without making it look like you are targeting her or being too inquisitive.

Her response when you ask about her relationship will reveal to you whether this is actually your boyfriend’s chick. You may have just uncovered your boyfriend’s side chick – or his main chick!

5. Introduce Her to Your Male Friend

If she tells you she is single, then you should do her a favor! Introduce her to your male friend who is single. Perhaps she would no longer have time for your boyfriend if she is hooked.

6. Organize a 3-Way Date

Invite her to a party you are attending with your boyfriend or ask your boyfriend to invite her to your birthday party.

If she makes it, the atmosphere in the room will tell you all you need to know, and if your boyfriend refuses to invite her repeatedly, then something is wrong somewhere.

7. Talk to Your Boyfriend About It

It is time to address the elephant in the room directly. Rather than remain in your thoughts and trying to battle the situation alone, talk to your boyfriend about it. His response and reactions to your questions should tell you all you need to know.

You need to be aware that there are two possibilities in the situation, your boyfriend could like her and dating her, or he could like her and trying to date her. So, the fact that he isn’t in a relationship with her today doesn’t mean he won’t be in one tomorrow. You should always be on your guard.

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Basic Boundaries Your Boyfriend’s Female Friend Must Observe

So, your boyfriend is adamant about having ‘that female friend’ around? Then, there have got to be some basic rules that she must observe – simple as that!

Sometimes, you cannot force your boyfriend not to have a female friend that he likes, especially if he knew her before he met you. But we have some basic boundaries that she must have to follow if she wants to come into the triangle.


6 Basic Boundaries Your Boyfriend’s Female Friend Must Observe.

1. She Must Visit With Her Boyfriend: If she wants to come to visit your man, she must come with her boyfriend. QeD!

2. No Calls at Odd Hours: Who is the girlfriend – you or her? She can’t call your man at odd hours. Early morning and mid-night calls should not be allowed or tolerated.

3. No Erotic Names: She can’t call your man ‘baby’ or ‘sweetheart’! No way! There is only one person in the world permitted to call him that – and it’s you.

4. No Date Nights: He cannot go with her on a date and he cannot invite her on your dates. If she wants to go on dates, she should get herself a boyfriend – and NO, she cannot share yours with you!

5. Respect Your Bedroom: Yes she is his friend, probably his oldest surviving friend, but that is not an excuse to come into your bedroom. Whenever she visits – for whatsoever reason, the sitting room is enough space to operate!

6. No Touching: No hugs and no touches. Does she like his beards? So what? She does not have any right to touch your man for any reason – and she must know this!