How to Go From Side Chick to Main Chick

To go from side chick to the main chick is quite the upgrade. So, you love this guy so much and feel it is time to walk up the ranks into his life? Well, why not?

Sweetheart, there is no need to feel guilty about how you want to be the main chick so badly. Let’s come to think of it, why remain a side chick when you could be the main chick – the real deal!

Being a side chick comes with a lot of troubles – I agree. If this guy is available and you see a future with him, taking conscious steps to become his main chick is not a crime.

However, you have to understand that this is a delicate step, and if not managed well, you can lose him forever.

When not done right, you could be easily perceived as a gold digger or opportunist when trying to become the main chick. We know you are not a gold digger or any of those things. You just want more out of the relationship – and do not want to remain a side chick forever.

If you genuinely love this guy, why live a lie? This article highlights twenty steps to take when you want to go from side chick to the main chick.

Here are 20 Ways you can from Side Chick to Main Chick

1. Be Mature

This is not the time to be a baby – or remain as one. If you want the real deal, you have to prove to him that you can handle the real deal. No matter your age or qualification, you have to show him that you are mature enough to compliment him as the main chick.

While they may not admit it all the time, men love to be around mature minded people.

2. Don’t Be Overly Available

I know you love him and every time you see him, there is something special for you. But to remain relevant and increase your chances of going from side chick to the main chick, you cannot be too available.

Get this straight – I do not mean you should start lying about your availability. Find something that truly engages you and reduces your availability.

3. Be Patient

You have to be patient. Remember what they say about patience and virtues? Just because you have decided to be the main chick doesn’t mean you will become the main chick overnight.

You have to be patient because you have some serious convincing to do if you genuinely want to go from being a side chick to the main chick.

4. Be Smart and Current

Yes, we all know you love Instagram and Tik-Tok, but that shouldn’t be all you know. Try to be current in finance, football (if he likes football), and politics.

Your guy will value you more if he sees that you are someone he can talk to about current affairs.

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5. Have a Life

You cannot be the main chick if you do not have a world of your own. No man wants a liability – read that again!

You need to be a woman who is in total control of her world and can live independently. Prove to him that you are a big girl who can take care of herself and get herself anything she needs without the help of a man.

6. Have a Good Sense of Humor

Women always want a guy that can make them laugh! Well, you are not alone. Men also want someone that can make them laugh.

Try your best possible to cheer him up and make him laugh. If a guy can feel comfortable and happy around you, then you have a better chance of going from side chick to the main chick.

7. Don’t Be a Flirt

I know you are just a side chick, and he probably flirts too. But if you have ambitions of becoming the main chick, you have to prove to him that you are not a serial flirt.

Try to keep all your ‘extra-curricular’ activities as secret as possible until you close the chapters on them.

If he can trust that you do not flirt around, then it is an additional point for you in your quest to go from side chick to the main chick.

8. Make Him a Better Version of Himself

It would be best to consciously try to impact him and make him a better version of himself. He should see tangible improvements in his life, which he can attribute to you.

Once a man sees your contribution in his life towards becoming a better person, he will want to get you more involved in his life.

9. Earn His Trust

It is often said that trust is better earned. Try and earn his trust. You should know that you cannot earn a man’s trust overnight.

To earn his trust, you have to be persistent and genuine. You cannot earn his trust on lies.

10. Don’t Bad Mouth His Main Chick

Please don’t be too desperate to show him how much you are better than his main chick. I know you believe he deserves better – and you can offer him more, but bad-mouthing his current chick is not the way to go.

When he thinks of your good qualities, let your attitude of never speaking ill of his main chick despite his complaints about her be one of his points.

11. Don’t have a Sense of Entitlement

Ladies are very quick to exhibit a sense of entitlement over a guy they are dating. What they do not know is that guys do not like to be owned or answerable to anyone.

Try your best possible not be possess any sense of entitlement. This is a major turn-off for guys – and trust me, you do not want to turn off a guy you plan to become his main chick.

12. Be Open to Changes

If you want to go from a side chick to the main chick, you will have to change your mentality about side chicks and main chicks.

For example, if you are of the opinion that a lady is better off being a side chick, then you are only going to waste your time being the main chick. Be open to changes and desire to become the main chick because you want a real difference.

13. Don’t be Desperate

When a guy notices that you are desperate, he will get the wrong ideas. Desperation is not a good sign for someone who wants to go from being a side chick to the main chick.

Desperation sends the wrong ideas, and you should don’t be desperate. I know you really want this, but do not be desperate.

14. Accept Corrections and Improve

If you plan to go from side chick to the main chick, you have to accept his corrections. You need to try to improve into becoming a better person consciously.

Please do not see it that he is trying to rule you. If they are good corrections and they will certainly make you become a better person, then why not?

15. Always Remember Important Dates

Try always to remember important dates in his life and generally. Remember to wish him a happy birthday and remember his parents’ birthdays too, if he has ever mentioned it to you before.

Wish him happy holidays and mark anniversaries. This little attention to detail will go a long way in improving his relationship with you.

16. Build an Exciting Love Life

You should spice up things both in the bedroom and out of it. Guys crave an exciting love life, and if you can bring this to be the table, trust me, it is a big point.

Besides, building an exciting love life is a win-win situation.

17. Always Compliment Him

The little things matter to everyone. Would you mind not getting carried away and forgetting to compliment him? Men love to be complimented as much as women do.

Make it a habit to always compliment him about everything, and you could be on your way from a side chick to becoming the main chick.

18. Don’t Always Ask for Money

Resist the temptation of asking for money all the time. Try to keep it simple and do not always ask him for financial assistance.

Men do not like to be pestered for money. If you plan on going from a side chick to the main chick, you do not want to give him the impression that everything is about the money for you.

19. Take Care of Him

Every man is a baby and likes to be pampered. I know women are always craving for the care and whatnot. But try to show some love and care once in a while.

You should surprise him and shower him with love. Trust me. If you can take care of him as your baby, you could be on the fast lane from being a side chick to the main chick.

20. Turn up for Him

He is human too, and sometimes he will need assistance. Turn up for him whenever you can. Do not look at your current position in his life as your excuse not to turn up for him in time of need.

Your focus should be on what you want to become. He may feel indebted to you and see you in a different light over a little assistance; you never know.

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Advantage of Being the Main Chick

Being a side chick is the new cool! More and more ladies are shying away from commitments and just want to have fun.

On the other hand, guys are very appreciative of the arrangement – as it helps them satisfy their guilty pleasures without having to commit to anything or anyone themselves.

Another reason why the side chick syndrome has succeeded is because of its secret code. Men have always loved secret relationships – which doesn’t threaten their personality or how they are perceived in society; a side chick gives them just that!

Despite all this, there are advantages of being the main chick, and I have listed a few below.

1. You Stop Living a Lie

How long can you remain a side chick, and can you boldly introduce yourself as a side chick? Living as a side chick is living a lie.

As the main chick, you are no longer living a lie – and you should.

2. You Stop Wasting Your Time

Every time spent on being a side chick is time wasted. You cannot continue wasting your time on a relationship that is heading nowhere.

You are not getting any younger and should start making good use of your time.

3. Valuable Decision

The decision to move from being a side chick to becoming the main chick could be a valuable decision that will bring you great happiness.

As human beings, we must constantly evolve to become better versions of ourselves.

4. Prevents Wasted Investment

Every relationship is an investment. Why should you waste your investments being a side chick?

As the main chick, you have the satisfaction of investing in something that is worthwhile.


The ultimate advice I will give you is simple – ‘prove to him that you are more than a side chick.’

It is easy for guys to know the essential things in their lives and ascertain the worth of each. Once a guy notices your maturity and genuineness, he will want you to become a part of his life.

Most importantly, it would be best if you had the right attitude and ambition. Do not bank your ambitions on selfish interests – if you do, it won’t work! Not only will you end up losing everything, but you will also destroy yourself in the process.

Be truthful to yourself and follow the steps with an open heart. Trust me, you will see yourself walk up the ranks from being a side chick to becoming the main chick.

Good luck!

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