How to Make a Man Feel Loved – 16 Ways to Make Him Feel Special

How to make a man feel loved is a topic that may seem strange to many ladies – and wrongly so. Everyone deserves to be loved – yes, including men.

For many years, ladies have lived with the ideology that to feel loved and special is a territory reserved only for women.

Many even argue that a man has a duty to love the woman and make her feel special, and not the other way round.

Some schools of thought even pull up basic and religious principles and scriptures to back their assertion that a woman has no business making her man feel loved. To them, when it comes to feeling loved and special, then it is a man’s duty to make his woman feel that way.

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are not one of such women. Every human being deserves and craves to be loved and whether or not they openly seek for it, it is our duty to make our man feel special.

It is understandable if you do not know how to make your man feel loved. This article will give you all the tips you need to make your man recognize that he is special to you and you want him to know it!

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16 Tips on How to Make a Man Feel Loved and Special

1. Tell Him to His Face Constantly

Do not always assume that your man already knows you love him. Despite everything you do because you love him, you should make conscious steps to constantly tell him to his face that he is loved and special to you.

As ladies, we want our men to always keep us in remembrance of how much we are loved and how special we are.

The same goes for the man, do not be fooled, despite all that muscle and attitude, there is a human being inside him who wants to be told he is loved and special constantly.

2. Appreciate Him for the Little Things

Do not make a habit of not being appreciative, and you should learn to continually appreciate him even after the gesture has been long done.

When you appreciate him for the little things, he will not see it just as you liking what he bought you or what he did, it will make him feel special and loved. Basically, men feel loved and special just the way women do.

3. Respect Him as the Head of the Relationship

I cannot emphasize this enough – there is a difference between respecting a man as a better half and respecting him as the head of the relationship.

When you respect him and recognize his role as the head of the relationship, it will make him feel loved and special. The good thing about doing this is that it gives you fewer headaches, as against the popular belief that it will make him take you for granted.

4. Always Compliment Him

How do you feel when you are being complimented – you blush and feel on top of the world, right? Well, you are not the only one who feels that way when complimented.

Do you want to know someone else who feels that way when complimented? Yes, you guessed right – your man! Learn to compliment him always because it is one of the trusted tips on how to make a man feel loved.

5. Do Not Abuse His Boundaries

Many people have different perceptions about boundaries, but one thing is constant in life – you cannot win by fighting against someone’s boundaries. All you can do is respect it!

Sometimes, giving your man the freedom and space to do his own thing like hang out with friends, enjoy solitude, or even remain silent is a tip on how to make a man feel loved.

He will see that despite the fact that you may not like that particular thing, you are not fighting it because he is special to you. The good thing is that he may even change on his own!

6. When You Hug, Hug Him for Real

As funny as this may sound, it is one of the tips on how to make your man feel loved. There is a big difference between hugging a person and hugging a person with all your heart.

Oh, you thought you were the only one who could tell the difference? Well, you thought wrong. Men can tell the difference when you are hugging them and when you hug them from the depth of your heart.

When you hug them for real, it is a sign that they are loved and special to you.

7. Take Your Time to Listen to Them

Everyone wants to be heard – including your man. As a lady, do not seek attention and the audience all the time without taking your man into consideration.

Take out time to listen to him. This is one of the most significant tips on how to make a man feel loved.

8. Tell Him You Miss Him

Many ladies believe to say ‘I miss you’, is solely a man’s job. If you are one of such ladies, then you are wrong. There is nowhere it is written that you cannot tell your man that you miss him.

Take out time to call him in the middle of the day to ask how his day is going and inform him that you miss him. When you see him, tell him to his face how much you have missed him and how you craved to see him.

This is a tested and trusted tip on how to make your man feel loved and special.

9. Give Him Attention

Ladies are the chief attention seekers, but sometimes we need to understand that we have to also give ample attention to our men. A lot is going on in their lives and we cannot pretend or be oblivious of it.

You should learn to always give your man attention because it is proof to him that he is loved and special to you. Against popular belief, attention – just like respect could have a great reciprocal effect – and not abused.

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10. Support Him When You Can

One tip on how to make a man feel loved is to always be in his corner. See yourself as his only source of encouragement and strength.

You should always be his cheerleader and support him in every way you can. Do not see him as the man – and should be able to do everything and provide everything. Always try to show support in any way you can, and not only will he feel special about this, but it will also make your relationship healthier.

11. Show Him that You Trust Him

I know all they say about how trust should be earned and not given. What we also fail to remember or understand is that there is nowhere it says we must test people before we trust them.

When you let your man knows that you trust him, he will know it is because he is special and loved by you beyond words. This could not only make him love you more, but it could also help increase his trust for you too.

12. Surprise Him Occasionally

Yes, women like surprises. In fact, when you ask a lady what you should get her, her response is always ‘surprise me.’ Everyone likes a good surprise and your man is no different.

From time to time, try to give your man good surprises. Trust me when I say this is a very good tip on how to make your man feel loved and special.

13. Ask for His Opinions and Consent

I understand that you are in control of your life and your decisions should count, but there are some times when you should ask for his consent or opinion before making certain decisions.

Sometimes when you ask for his consent, it is not as if you cannot go ahead to make those decisions on your own. On some occasions, you know that his responses would not be anything different from yours, but you should still ask because it is a tip on how to make a man feel loved, respected and valued.

14. Forgive Him and Do Not Give Up Easily

Again, this is one thing that is very hard for many people to do. As ladies, we tend to not forgive easily and let go of relationships that would have been beneficial to us.

If you have a man that you love, and he loves and respects you in return; try to forgive him when he errs. When your man errs and you show him that he has erred, but rather than give up on him, you forgive him, he will see it as a sign that he is loved and special to you.

The realization could change a lot of things for the better in the relationship.

15. Do Not Be Controlling

Many ladies are often too controlling and this has done more harm than good. There is bound to be an issue once you are overly controlling of your man.

When a man notices that you are not as controlling as other women he has been with in the past, he will see it as a sign that he is loved and special. Try not to be too forward because it will not only send the wrong signals, it could lead to the end of the relationship.

16. Recognize and Appreciate His Efforts

If your man is making efforts to satisfy you, try to recognize and appreciate it. No matter how little or insignificant you may think the efforts are, always try to acknowledge and appreciate them.

When you acknowledge and appreciate the efforts your man is putting in to make you happy, you will find out that he will do more. This is because he will see your recognition and appreciation as a sign that he is loved and special to you.

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How to Make Him Feel Special in a Long Distance Relationship

Making a man feel special when you are in a long-distance relationship is totally different from a situation where he is close.

When it involves a long-distance relationship, there have to be more sacrifices and a lot more has to be taken into consideration. However, it is not as difficult as it seems.

Below, I have highlighted a few tips on how to make him feel special in a long-distance relationship.

5 Ways to Make Him Feel Special in a Long Distance Relationship

1. Always Check-Up on Him

I agree that we are all busy and have our various engagements but when you are in a long-distance relationship and you want your man to feel special, check up on him often.

Many ladies do not check up on their man, they are always waiting for him to make the first contact. This is wrong! To make your man feel special in a long-distance relationship, always check up on him.

2. Do Not Be Angry for Too Long

There are times when things will happen that will make you angry but do not remain angry for too long.

One way to make a man feel loved and special in a long-distance relationship is when he notices that you consciously try not to hold a grudge against him for too long.

3. Show Him You Can Be Jealous

Yes, men like to be guarded too. They love it when you show them that you can be jealous when they post a photo with another lady.

The good thing about this is that it would reduce his association and contact with other ladies.

4. Discuss Your Plans

Try as much as possible to discuss your plans with your man. Tell him about decisions you are about to make and seek his opinions and advice.

By doing this, you are giving him a sign that he is loved and special to you.

5. Let Him Know He is a Priority

One tip on how to make a man know he is loved and special is by letting him know that he is a priority.

Everyone wants to be a priority, and just the way you want him to see you as his priority, you should also see him as your priority and let him know too.