How to Deal with Saying “I Love You” and Not Hearing It Back

Saying “I love you” and not Hearing it Back can discourage one from saying it next time to the person they love, but don’t worry, because in this post, we uncover how you can deal with this situation.

Ordinarily, no one likes to be the first to say the phrase “I love you”, because you are nearly going in blindly. It isn’t very comforting to put yourself out there like that, particularly if you are not hundred percent sure the other person feels same way. Probably they could never love you because you are too unusual. Your partner might not be willing to make such a great statement considering their emotions.

If you do not receive those three little words back, it is not the end of the world. “I love you” is a big deal in any relationship, coupled with the fact that we worry what reply we could get. Saying “I Love You” and not hearing it back can be saddening, but do not fret, you can always recover from it. Check the tips below on how to handle when you say “I love you” and do not hear it back. [ Read; How to Move On After a Heartbreak]

How to Deal with Saying “I Love You” and Not Hearing It Back

1. Accept that it is not your fault.

You have said absolutely nothing wrong! This tip may be hard to grab and understand simply because you feel rejected. If someone does not love you, that is on them. Either they are not in a position where they can love anyone or not feel the relationship with you. It is not your fault, and indeed, no one is really at fault; there is just a mixed relation someplace. Understanding this can help you bounce back more easily from the feeling of sadness that comes with this situation.

2. Be good to yourself

Often, when you say “I love you” and do not hear it back, your thought instantly spiral into self-disbelief as you wonder what is bad in you. You think of why they are not in love with you or could it be you who are not just lovable. Even more worse, these thoughts cannot help stop the regret you feel. You feel you should never have let it out, that it was a stupid decision, and so on until you have virtually driven yourself crazy with self-hatred.

If you do not hear “I love you” back, you have to learn to be nice to yourself. You said nothing bad by communicating your emotions, particularly if you are sure of your feelings. Thus, do not hurt yourself, rather, be pleased that you could communicate yourself and allow everything else to fall into place.

3. Understand that it doesn’t mean you have to break up.

Because they did not say “I love you” back does not imply that they want to stop the friendship. It does not suggest that you should think that either. Perhaps it was too quick for you to say “I love you” to them necessarily, so, you have to be patient with them. Ensure that you notify them that you do not have to break up because it might be concluded from one or both parties. [Read; How to Break up with your boyfriend when you still love him]

4. Know that you are lovable

When you say the phrase “I love you” and you do not hear it back, it can be susceptible to conclude that no one could eternally love you, but know that this is not genuine.  More so, it begins to feel hard for you to go out in public and face people. You worry that you will behold your love again and will not be able to hold yourself back. But the fact is that the more you disconnect yourself from others, the terrible your situation will get. Staying lonely and in your emotions will not enable you to distract yourself and feel good. If you go about your routine, you will have something to distract your mind with. When you start going back to your everyday routine, your brain will automatically reverse to that mode as well.

Know that the best way to handle rejection is to confront it. Expressing your emotions to somebody and being truthful to yourself certainly makes you powerful and strong. Know that you are lovable, and you are lovely. You will discover your spouse in life, and it will be magical; probably, this just was not the perfect one for you.

5. Grant them their space.

When you confess your feeling of love to someone and they do not reply same, all you need do is simply give it some time. Maybe they need to think about it and probably process what they feel too. Also give yourself time and process things yourself including what prompted you to say to you love them. Since “I Love you” is a significant declaration, it is important to take time apart to understand what you both wants to get into.

6. Consider if you really meant to say, “I love you”

This tip seems crazy, but most people use “I love you” to maintain people in relationships. If you love them, your following steps will be very distinct from if you do not love them. You might have confessed, “I love you” just for the response or because you needed them to stay a little bit longer. Maybe, you even expected they would start giving you more interest. Or, probably, you said it because you genuinely meant it. Whichever means, ponder on it and understand how you feel.

If the truth is that you love this person, this is a fact that is not going to alter, at least not so immediately. Understand to accept the reality that you loved this individual and could have been an excellent partner to them. You could have got them all the happiness on the earth. Some do not feel a similar way about you, so; you have to accept this fact and move forward. Do not suppress your emotions but embrace your feelings as this is the only way you can get over this individual and move on with your life. [Read; How to Stop Being a Side Chick]

7. Do not get angry

Unfortunately, someone’s inability to reciprocate the emotion you feel for them can provoke anger in you. But here is the thing, anger can hinder you from being vulnerable to the person. And of course getting angry at someone for not reacting the same way as you do can be a bad reaction. Do not follow up by getting mad at them for not saying “I love you” back to you otherwise this could contradict your honest confession. So stand to your love confession, be calm and do not show any form of anger.

8. Observe your partner’s body language

When you confess to your partner you love them, and they do not say it back, do not conclude they don’t feel same way, instead take time and examine their mood and body language. In as much as they are not turning away from you or are visibly angry, you should be calm and good. If it appears like they are in awe or processing what you confessed, allow it to be. You spoke out what you wanted to say, so give them the time to assimilate it. [ Read; Signs Of Unspoken Attraction]

9. Give your partner some period to ponder on what you said

As it is pleasant to hear, “I love you, too,” you should never expect it. At least at the first instance. Your partner is probably extra careful about falling in love because of negative experiences in the past, or they strive to be accessible. Irrespective of what the justification is, give them time to think about the situation. As difficult as it can be to wait, they will react when they are prepared.

10. Allow the issue some time

If you say ” I love you” phrase and your partner does not say it back, assess the situation and do not push the situation. Do not attempt to force a reply out of your partner, and do not make any passive hostile jokes about the situation or discuss how uneasy it was. Just allow it to be for some time. If they need to take it up, they will. If you can, try not to overthink it. Do not get overwhelmed by your feelings and forfeit a significant person in your life.

In case they have already notified you that they do not feel a similar way, there is no reason going after this individual and wanting them to change their mind. Running after that individual will only push them further away from you and destroy the friendship and connection that you both shared before. Stalking can comes in the classification of a criminal offense.

11. Admit that they are still a significant part of your life

The individual may not have feelings for you, but that does not suggest that the individual does not care about you. He or she is still a huge part of your existence. Do not weaken your current equation with him or her. Feelings come and disappear, but your constants remain in your life.

12. Think about the other person’s situation

Some had their reasons, and you are indebted to them, as their friend, to at least aim to appreciate their viewpoint. If that person says, “I love you, too” when not feeling same way sincerely, it can turn out bad. This is why you should never force them to say it back to you especially when they do not feel same. Whatever their reason, do well to honor their opinion, and do not condemn the person for not saying “I love you” back, since this is about emotions, and most times we can’t help our emotion. [Read; How to Tell if you’re in a Low Key Relationship or Secret Affair]

13. Indulge in self-love

In conditions like these, you have to realize your self-worth. Do not forfeit your self-respect over an individual. Involve in self-love, do not stand alone. Chill with your best pals and take pleasure in every bit of your life. Your life doesn’t stop here as there are several more people to come across, and who knows which one turns out to be your ideal mate. You cannot expect another person to love you if you do not love yourself.