20 Signs of Unspoken Attraction; Mutual Attraction Signs Between two people

Noticing the signs of unspoken attraction is not that easy, but once you are able to spot these signs, you will be able to tell if someone likes you or not. Truth is, in many occasions, most of us have wondered if an individual feels attracted to us or not, and many a times, when an emotional attraction is felt, we tend not to express our feelings clearly for the other person to notice this attraction, all because of the fear of rejection. This fear is also existing when a physical attraction transpires when somebody likes another person and conversely.

Thinking if someone likes you or not can make you feel awkward. Particularly if you have been rejected in the past, and you are afraid of another refusal. More so, individuals might not be forthcoming with their emotions because they cannot express them appropriately. Despite obvious signs of attraction between two people, their fear of expressing them may prevent better connection and even serious relationship from sparking up.

It may be that your crush already has powerful feelings for you, but you do not notice them. These tips below disclose the obvious signs that someone’s into you.

How to Spot those Signs of Unspoken Attraction

Now it is obvious you like this person too, and so you want to know if this feeling of attraction is mutual between you both.  These points below go a long way to give you clue if someone’s into you and trying to show those signs of unspoken mutual attraction; But then do not draw your conclusion when you notice only one sign. Make sure there are couple of other clear signs as revealed in this post which you must observe to make your conclusion. Having said, let us quickly look into the signs below;

1. They observe things about you: When somebody likes you, they take action to be in the present minute and connect with you. A person who does not care about you, will not bother to take notice or remember anything about you.

2. Mutual Eye Contact: He or she makes eye contact with you, and vice versa. This sign is a body language and mutual attraction manner that shows a powerful connection between you both. If you notice him or her continuing to glance at you and holding eye contact, not in an odd way, then it is a great sign. Just remember that some people are shy, so if they are not making a lot of eye connection, it does not automatically mean that such a person does not want you. [Read; 12 things About How Men Fall In Love]

3. She Smiles Often When around you: It is easy to smile when we are near someone we are attracted to. It simply feels that nice to be around one another. When you discover that someone is staring at you with a funny smile on their face, it is one of the clues of unstated attraction. One of the signs of unspoken attraction is when there is always an irresistible longing to smile when we are with somebody we like.

And we do not have any specific reason for smiling; it is simply something we cannot handle. Most times, people cannot help but smile when the name of the person they love is simply mentioned. Mere thinking about them compels us to smile.

4. Nervousness: People tend to feel slightly confident and even not secured when they are with someone they find desirable, which will compel them to appear nervous. So if you are looking for clues of unspoken, hidden attraction, this tip is one of them. Body language is amazing because it usually demonstrates these hidden feelings before you are even conscious of them.

5. The chemistry is felt: Even without anyone announcing it, you can sometimes sense that you have very intense chemistry with somebody. Hanging around one another, effortlessly gives you a power boost, unlike anything you can comprehend. When you share chemistry with someone, everything moves gracefully. The discussion never looks like it is forced. And whatever you do jointly appears like lots of fun. Chemistry makes you feel like you are familiar with each other for years, even when you hardly know one another. If you sense this type of chemistry between both of you, then that is a solid sign that your attraction is mutual. [Read; Signs She Wants you to Notice Her And Make a Move]

6. He or she tries to impress you: If one is anxious to let someone see the best side of them, they like the person. If your crush feels this way, it is evident they are also making an effort to impress you. On a very intense point, this indicates this person thinks about you a lot and cares about your feelings. It is very normal to care what those we like to feel about us; this is why we usually make an effort to impress them by being good communicators and attempting to be more pleasant when in their sight. If you think someone worth to see the nicest of you, that confirms you are attracted to them.

7. You both like the way you two smell: If somebody you like lets out to you that you smell nice, they may be attracted to you. If you are both captivated by the other person’s odor, this can imply mutual attention. Though, some individuals are not as quick to commend others on the way they smell. But if someone you like tells you that you smell good, there is a big possibility that they are attracted to you.

8. He or she is curious about you and recall random facts about you: If someone is into you, they will recall the little things you tell them, and they will be curious about you. They will like to discuss with you and ask you questions to get to identify you the more. If they remember casual details about your existence and bring it up again in a later discussion, that is a big sign. This sign means that they listen to you and unconsciously investing in a future with you.

9. He or she blushes when they are around you: If you detect little changes in their actions or manner, such as adjusting their posture when you come around, this is a sign that they are into you. Blushing is something that is out of what one can handle. People always redden when they are attracted to somebody. If the person you like goes red, it is a good pointer that they feel something when they are close to you.

10. You both are naturally near to each other: This tip is talking about physical and emotional feeling. You are often sitting or standing close to each other. This is something you do not usually do with other individuals. But you permit them into your private space and vice versa. If you are also communicating a lot of personal messages with them, you feel safe and believe in them, this is a good sign. [Read; How to Attract a Girl Without Talking to Her]

11. You tease one another: Teasing is a means of flirting when it is done honestly. By teasing someone, you are exhibiting that you are intimate with that individual. You cannot flirt with just anyone; they have to be selves who are emotionally attached to you.

12. Their actions speak: The most message is nonverbal, which implies that you have to be giving full attention to their stories, not their utterances. If you catch them touching you, moving near to you, and often facing in your direction, this could be a pointer that they want something extra. When you enthrall somebody, everything will focus on your direction.

13. Changing their appearance: When somebody is always changing their appearance, they are not doing it for no reason.  If you observe that they are fixing their shirt, hair, and cosmetics, making sure their look is on point, it is because they want their crush to find them desirable, because they are interested. When one makes a lot of changes to their appearance it is one of the signs of unspoken attraction you should not neglect.

14. Trying to make you laugh: If there is no unstated attraction between two souls, no one would mind whether somebody is laughing. But if there is an attraction between you and another person, unconsciously, you like to laugh with them. Laughing builds a bond, and that is the major goal. [ Read; How to Stop Being the Side Chick In His Life]

15. He or she does not pay attention to other people when with you: When he or she is around you, they will only focus on you. They are not checking other people out; instead, they keep their eyes on the prize, which is you.

16. Mirroring each other’s movements: If you have noticed that someone started doing the same thing as you only seconds after you, they are mirroring your movements. Mirroring one another’s movements transpires when there is a powerful emotional relation and physical attraction between two people. So, if you discover that they are doing something at the same time as you or vice versa, it implies that they are deeply attracted to you and in that case, mirroring each other’s movements comes naturally.

17. Touching each other: Touching is the supreme body language sign that someone is deeply interested in you. This tip is not about the kind of intentional touching; however, it is about subtle touching. You are attracted to each other, and there is an unseen pressure pulling you toward each other like a magnet.

Suppose you discover that you are always stroking each other’s knees, arms, or shoulders in a subtle means during discussion or whatever you are doing together, it is a good attraction indication. In that case, it implies that there are powerful sexual anxiety and common attraction between you.

18. Lowering your voice: It said that if you want to captivate someone, you should talk in a low, hoarse voice. But usually, the fact is that lowering our voice certainly comes to us when we are into someone. This sign is particularly the characteristic of guys whose voices are much deeper than that of ladies.

That is why when they want a lady they are discussing with, they manage to lower their voices because their caring propensity is urging them to do so. When we discuss with somebody cute whom we truly like, we unconsciously change our voice’s tone to get intimate with them and exhibit to them that we desire them. A lowered tone is also related to building sexual tension between two individuals, so when this happens it shows there is attraction.

19. He or she hangs out with you every time: Individuals that have hints of unstated mutual attraction often love to be together. Hanging with that unique someone is one of the best feelings on the earth. Having powerful chemistry with that particular person is a feeling you should love and not take lightly. If he is clearing time in his schedule to get in every minute to be with you, he is possibly clearing it for a reason, and this is a sign that he may be in the attraction level. [Read; How to Know If you’re in a Low Key Relationship]

20. You both miss each other when you are not with him or her: If you both are attracted to one another, you will miss each other when you are distant. Your crush completes you and makes everything good, so it is natural to miss them. You will be capable of saying to him or her that you will miss each other when you go. The goodbye might last longer than an ordinary goodbye would linger with any different friend.

And so, now you know most of these signs of unspoken attraction, you stand to better discern who’s into you and know how to make your conclusion based on the signs you see.