How to Move On After a Heartbreak from Breakup With Someone you Love

We all know that sometimes love hurts. And a breakup with someone you love is one event that can wound us irremediably! So, if you’re wondering how to soothe your internal bleeding and regain strength from such a blow, we kindly ask you to read this article. We’ve asked several dating experts to share their insightful advice on how to move on after heartbreak. So, let’s see how to diminish your pain and regain inner balance after a relationship ended!

1 Let yourself feel the pain

The first thing you need to do to recover from a heartbreak is to allow yourself to feel the pain. Acknowledge that when a relationship ends, you’ll get flooded with mixed feelings and emotions. And experts say this situation is similar to trauma. It will shock you, and it will make you feel not good enough.

It is an excellent idea to let yourself cry and embrace the pain and frustration that follows the end of a relationship. It is similar to grieving, so you should get ready to go through the five stages of loss: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

2 Do your best not to become your feelings

Indeed, you need to let your emotions flow and express them. But it is imperative to avoid becoming your pain. For example, allow yourself one hour to cry, yell, or do anything that might let your emotions out. But after the time has ended, stop wallowing and try doing something soothing.

3 Don’t reach out to your ex-partner

It is tempting. And it might seem like the best decision you can make to cut off the pin. But studies show that each break up triggers withdrawal-like symptoms. The explanation is quite straightforward: the feel-good hormones you got from your relationship are out of the blue gone. And this makes you crave for more, wallow, and act heretically, just like a drug addict in withdrawal. So, you might be tempted to reach out to your ex-partner. But experts advise that it is best to cut off all contact so that you break up the attachment as healthily as possible.

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4 Choose a support system

And since you’ll be experiencing such powerful feelings, it is best to have a support system. Choose a friend, a family member, or several close people to tell them about how you feel. You’ll be amazed by the power of such bonds. Opening up might help you understand the situation and how to overcome your feelings and pain.

5 Start an exercise routine

Sweating out your pain and anger is the best approach to heartbreak. Even though you might not feel like exercising is the best right now, give it a try. The endorphins released during exercise will aid with the heartbreak and make you feel better. Besides, it can help you regain confidence in yourself.

6 Review the bad parts of your former relationship

As humans, we tend to emphasize the good parts of our connections overly. But if you want to move on after heartbreak, you should start reviewing the bad parts of your relationship. Write a list with all the negative you’ve experienced and work your way towards accepting this is the best outcome. Psychologists say that this mental exercise can counterbalance the obsessive thinking and tendency to reconnect with your ex.

7 Don’t forget to take care of yourself

If you want to keep up your health, you should focus on yourself. Heartbreak is challenging, and it can take a toll on our physical and mental wellbeing. So, ask yourself what you need to feel better and do it. You can go for a walk, for a run, or shopping. It doesn’t matter! Doing something for you will help you feel a lot better.

8 Don’t be too harsh on yourself

If you’re telling yourself it takes too long for you to recover from heartbreak, you should stop. It would help if you had time to grieve, accept the loss, and deal with your feelings. Almost any relationship can lead to a huge heartbreak, no matter its length. So, don’t judge yourself too much. Take baby steps toward healing.

9 Don’t blame yourself

Of course, in each relationship, both parties contribute to the breakup. Still, it is best not to internalize the breakup. Avoid telling yourself that you’re to blame, or that you’re not good enough. Instead, focus on the indicators that tell you weren’t in an adequate relationship with the proper partner for you.

10 Focus on old or new hobbies

If you didn’t focus on your passions in your former relationship (but not only), this is the best time to explore old and new hobbies. Allow yourself to reconnect with what you like most! Spend time outdoors, join a workshop, or learn a new skill.

11 Acknowledge that you’re the only one responsible for getting closure

In most situations, your ex-partner won’t get you any closure. And this might happen because they failed to express their reasons for ending the relationship. But no matter how this unfolded, you should accept that you might have to find closure on your own.

12 Embrace the idea that pain won’t last forever and focus on positive thoughts

Lastly, if you want to move on after a heartbreak,you should be confident that the pain won’t last forever. The pain will subside in time if you focus on yourself! So, take your time, and don’t be too harsh! Focusing on positive thoughts and things can remind you how great you are.

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The bottom line

Sometimes it is hard for us to accept when things end. And when it comes to how to move on after a heartbreak, things can get even more challenging, especially when the breakup involves someone you truly love so much and so dearly. Still, if you’re currently in this situation, you should follow the tips we’ve listed above. It will help you reconnect with your inner self and discover healthy methods to cope with the pain. And remember that nothing lasts forever! Be ready to spend some time to mend your heartache! A bit of attention to details and support from your loved ones can speed up the recovery process after heartbreak.