How to Make a Girl Like you On Facebook Social Media: Impress Her to Love you With these Steps

Facebook is a great place to start dating. Enough reason you should read through this guide on how to make a girl like you on Facebook in the first place. And if you’re wondering why you shouldn’t choose Tinder, the answer is quite simple. First of all, Tinder is a weird app filled with numerous people with odd intentions. Secondly, this dating app might not get you the desired results since people aren’t so honest here.

This is why impressing girls on Facebook might turn out to be a better solution. Besides, this social media platform has an algorithm that will suggest you the best mutual connections. Thus, you will have some friends in common from which you can start your conversation. And the best part about making a good impression on Facebook is that you get access to a girl’s profile where she shares her likes on stuff. You will have plenty of information to work on! But we do recommend following the tips listed below on how to impress girls on Facebook. It will guarantee your success, and it will increase the chances of meeting the girl in real life.

1. Select a qualitative profile picture

The first important thing on how to make a girl like you on Facebook is to opt for a good profile picture. This is the first thing you need to do to impress girls on Facebook. Each individual is a visual being, so a qualitative photograph will be to your advantage. Avoid using a selfie, and opt for making someone take a picture for you. A pro tip for dating on Facebook is to use a profile photo in which you look ‘caught in the action’ doing something you are passionate about.

2. Avoid weird and bad photographs of you

Posting a bad picture won’t do anything good for you. Of course, you might not be an expert photographer. But avoid sharing photographs in which your face is too close, and you appear fatter than you are. Moreover, dating experts say that using weird and abstract photographs won’t make a girl like you on Facebook. People just tend to ignore such stuff. Do not ignore it!

3. Make people post on your wall and tag you in their stuff

If you want to impress a girl on social media, you should display your social behavior. So, getting tagged with your friends while out can add up to a good impression. Creating a social circle that frequently interacts on your wall can show how nice and friendly you are.

4. Check your crush’s profile

Of course, at this point, you might have a crush on someone on this platform. And dating experts say that if you want to get her attention, you should be online when she is. The chances are that she will spot your presence and check your profile. And you can go even further and check out what she is sharing. This can help you make a good impression and start a pleasant conversation in the future.

5. Start a conversation, but don’t be creepy about it

Remember that this platform isn’t actually a dating app. So, moderation is key to impressing girls on Facebook. Start with a casual ‘Hi’ and make sure you ask whether or not you’re bothering her. You can also choose an interesting conversation topic, which will help you discover new things about each other.

6. Be attentive about your manner of chatting

Even though it is a digital medium, how you chat says a lot about you. So, avoid sending endless message lines, especially if she isn’t replying to any of the messages. It might be a good idea to send a joke, a humorous gif, or smiley while chatting. This will prevent boredom from setting in, and she might even like you more because you are funny.

7. Be bold and suggest a video chat

When you are comfortable with this idea, and when you get hints your girl is interested in you, you can suggest a video chat. This is a great opportunity to know each other better, and it can tell you if she is the one or not. Besides, it is the safest way to impress a girl on Facebook since it will reveal you are interested in her. After all, you are spending time with a video chat when you could’ve ignored her for hours in the message section!

8. Invite her to an event you’re both interested in

After some time, when you discover some common interest points, you can make the next move. Check out to see what pages you have in common and what events she is interested in. You will most likely manage to impress her on Facebook by asking her on a first date at a preferred event.

9. Don’t act like this first meet up is the first date for you

When you first see each other in real life, you shouldn’t act like this is an official date. Instead, think about it as an opportunity to meet in real life, your crush. And this will show whether or not you impressed her on Facebook. If she remains interested during the event, chances are you are on the right path!

The bottom line

If you were searching for tips and tricks on how to impress girls on Facebook, this is how to start! Just make sure you avoid creepy or stalking behavior online. It is easy on social media to make the wrong impression! Besides this, design your profile in such a way that matches your personality! And don’t forget to include your likes, hobbies and preferred activities. She will, too, check your profile to look up information about what you like or dislike. And if everything goes well in the chat section, you can move to the next level and ask her out!