How to Attract a Girl Without Talking to Her

Some guys believe that if they keep talking, women will notice them more, but most times, it doesn’t happen like that. You can do some easy things to attract a girl without talking to her, and that’s why we have prepared this simple and easy guide on how to attract a girl without talking to her. And it becomes a lot easier for you when you know and understand this too, because many a times the most attraction between two persons takes place before a single word is even voiced.

There are numerous ways to get the girl of your dreams to notice you without talking to her at all. Let’s look at these easy but powerful tips on how to attract a girl without talking to them.

Attract Women With your Look

It is an excellent beginning to allow the girl you like to know that you are a guy who can tend himself and take care of himself. Women are drawn to men who look good and take care of themselves. It is impressive when a man instills in his hygiene and look because it reveals that he cares for himself.

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Make sure your outfits are neat when you wear them. Check to ensure that your clothes fit well. Clothes that are not moderate may give you a weird appearance.

Make sure your clothes fit an image that you think is applicable. The way you dress when you are going to a club should be very distinct from going for a burial.

Split your Attention among many Women

Surrounding yourself with women, particularly beautiful women, confirms that you are the type of man women want to be around. Other women in the venue will admire what makes these women want to be with you. If you want a woman to crave for you, make yourself look like all women yearn for a piece of you.


Actions they say speak louder than words, and a smile indicates a behavior of kindness or friendliness.

Women generally like a man who smiles. The smile is one of the most crucial characteristics that women notice in a man.

An expressionless countenance will naturally look hard even if you do not plan to look hard.

Also, don’t force your smile. Let your real happiness show through your smile. And do not put on a big grin or smile too long. This can cause you to look deceitful or weird.

Just Be Yourself

If you want to attract a woman, show your most affable self because if you don’t think women see, you’re wrong. Though she may not be directly staring at you, she sees you. So, when you want to attract a woman, show your best side because women notice.

Embrace yourself for who you are. Either you are good, bad, or ugly, let it all glow. Never think you are smaller than anyone. Instead, think about the personalities you have that will influence any woman’s life!

Allow people to get to know the real you, and if they do not want you, then cut off the relationship. You will soon know that you will not be despised by some people and be cherished by other people.

Having a Job at Hand

Indicating that you are a focused guy can be a beautiful thing as it means commitment. Sometimes having a job that keeps you focused too helps clear your heads from time to time and leaves you making yourself available at the most necessary time when this would yield better result in attracting your girl crush.

Pay Attention to your Body Language

Women can say a lot about you by your body language alone. If you want to show the confidence that will get women captivated to you, then you are to ensure that your body language is on point.

Don’t squat your shoulders down or forward. You have to have them usually pushed back. Stand upright at all times, maintaining your head up. Also, resist slouching when you are sitting down.

You can again show confidence through body language by forgoing excess activities and fidgeting. Walk with goal and direction. Having control over your body language helps you appear as a strong and confident man women prefer.

Make Eye Contact to Attract her

The most vital part of attracting women without talking is creating quality eye contact with women. When you realize that you are making eye contact with a woman, hold her gaze, and give her a warm smile.

A person’s eyes are strong communicators because, with a simple look, you can make a woman feel appreciated and validated.

Holding eye contact shows women’s confidence. Smiling indicates that you are a warm and friendly dude. Don’t be scared to be expressive through your eyes.

Think about what the girl might like

Although you have not talked to the girl you are interested in, you might still know a few things that she is interested in. Realizing what she likes can help you drive your conversations and actions in a direction that can make an attraction.

Entice women just by the fact that you are at the same spot as them. It is always impressive to see someone liking the same things as you like them.

Be the Center of People’s Attention

If you want her attention, you have to be the center of everybody’s attention. Be spontaneously fun and do ensure your pals are always around you, most importantly each time the girl you admire passes by.  People always get more attention than a single person staying in a corner.

If she notices you as being the center of attraction, she may become interested in you, wondering what attracts people to you. Try encircling yourself with friends and getting along with those around you to catch her interest.

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Fix your Body Posture

Nothing implies insecurity more than slouchy shoulders and an inclined head.

While sitting, pull your chest forth, and roll your shoulders back. Keep your head high.

Walk with your back upright and your head up. Take rhythmic steps, and roll your shoulders back.

Care for Others Well

If you want to make a good attraction, it is always an admirable intention to treat others around you well. If a girl is interested in you, she will be reckoning how you treat other people to get an impression of how you might treat her.


Attracting a girl is not rocket science. Just be yourself and put up your A-game. Now that you have gotten some tips on how to attract a girl without talking to her, try these tips and see how you can express yourself with your body language.