12 First Date Tips for Women: What Not to Do On a First Date As a Lady

Are you preparing for your first date? Then read this first date tips for women as you observe all the do’s and don’ts for the first date outing. The truth is, girls going on first date can be very excited and anxious at the same time. First dates can stimulate in us the most complicated sensations. But there’s so much more involved in making the first date a pleasant experience, whether it leads to something.

With a little planning, you can guarantee that your first date goes as well as it can. Below are 12 helpful tips and suggestions for women who are going out on their first date.

1. Dress Properly and Comfortably

As cliche as it sounds, it remains the truth; the way you dress is how you will be addressed. Look for a simple dress to wear on your first date when going through your wardrobe. A right first-date dress reveals who you are, where you are, and what you want. Also, you should try to be comfortable in whatever you wear to the first date because if you are not comfortable, both of you will be distracted during the date.

2. Check Your Body Language

Assess how your body language before you go out on a date. This might help to make the date more beautiful and less awkward.

If you are uncomfortable and nervous, your date will not feel like they want to be interested in you at all. This means maintaining a friendly smile, an open body posture, and point your body towards your date.

3. Location

It’s good that the best first date has a lot to do with the location you choose to have the date.

If you choose a place to meet up, make sure it is somewhere you can hear the other person talking. Don’t go to a bar that is way too rowdy and loud. I will not suggest that you go to the movies on a first date.

The place you choose sets the expression for your date. It is good to select a low-pressure and neutral place where you can concentrate on getting to know each other and unraveling how well you both can flow.

Go to a local bar or a hip new coffee shop rather than going for a movie or dinner. The simple surroundings serve as a suitable place to have an engaging discussion, without the burden of dressing fancy or buying a costly meal.

4. Prepare Your Mind

One of the most vital things to do before you go for a date is getting your mind right.
Before going out on the date, ensure that you don’t have any lagging emotions or problems from the day that might take away from your excitement or experience.

Recently, small research found that women incline to be more captivated by men who are high in the ability to be completely present without judging. If you are troubled by an issue, consider rescheduling the date because science informs us that when our mind is not in the right place, we will do things incorrectly, and this will not make a good impression on your first date.

5. Inform Someone Before Going on a Date

We want to conclude the best in people, yet it is essential to be cautious. Let your best friend or one of your family members know where you’re going to and who you are going with. Note as much information about who your date is; if something happens, your loved ones will know where to look.
If you only know each other online, ensure you meet him somewhere. That meeting place should be a brightly-lit and active spot too.

6. Prepare For an Engaging Chat

If you’re silent or have social tension, the most nerve-wracking aspect of going on a first date is trying to have an engaging dialogue with someone you hardly know.

But possibly the most constant recommendations that come from research on conversations is to ask for someone’s advice on an issue. This is a great way to get someone talking, and if they’re giving advice, they’ll feel like they’re being valued.

Some people are not good in communicating, so if you find it hard to express yourself in the conversation department, have a list of inquiries that you can ask to keep the conversation going.

7. Be Yourself

If you are uncertain of what someone might see in you, it might be a terrible date for both of you.
Too many people worry about whether they’re engaging, intelligent, or elegant enough for a person they see for the first time.

Out of tension, some of us end up composing lies about our careers and our personal lives to make ourselves look a little more interesting. A relationship founded on lies is not going to work out.
Before going on that first date, remember first that you are amazing just the way you are. Even if you think you’re behaving awkwardly, it is good to be yourself than someone else. Your primary aim should be to enjoy the day.

8. Have a Reasonable Amount of Alcoholic Drinks

Ensure you’re not too drunk that you either start giving your partner the lowest moments of the date or you throw up in his car. If possible, for a starter, stay sober.

9. Don’t Let Him Do All the Talking

If you’d rather be anywhere than be on this date, let him do all the talking. You can come in and out of the conversation as it suits you. It’s easy to ascertain that you won’t have a second date with someone who doesn’t pay attention. Still, don’t talk too much yourself.

10. Talk Less About Your Ex

Talking more about your ex is a great way to kill the mood. This is a very important first date tips for women! You must avoid talking more about your ex. Bringing up an ex on a first date can make you seem like you may still have feelings for him or have some unresolved issues that need to be addressed.” If you say horrible things about your ex, your date can easily see you saying those things about them, and it’s game over from there. It certainly indicates that you’re not fully over your ex.

11. Don’t Hide Your Interest in Him

If you feel like the date is going well, don’t hide it and do not play hard-to-get. Let your partner know that you are taking pleasure in the time that you are using with him. Acting like you have no interest when you can get old quickly and send the wrong message to your date.

12. Who Pays?

It is entirely alright to let a guy pay, particularly if he was the one who initiated the date.

If the guy has decided on the date, the possibilities are that he’s prepared for the entire day, including spending some money and time.

The girl can offer to pay, which most guys appreciate. If the guy offers, it’s because they want to treat the girl to a good time.


It isn’t your date’s sole duty to make your time together a success. You need to help make this happen also. Do away with your phone and engage in conversation. Ask questions and be attentive. Show an interest in his life by using your active listening skills and trying to connect to what he is saying.