How to tell a Girl You Love Her – 15 Ways to tell her I love her

Do you love her and don’t know how to let her know because you’re the shy type? Do you harbor the fear that you’re going to be rejected after confessing your love to her? You’re not alone in this! Read through this piece to learn how to tell a girl you love her without sounding desperate about it.

Saying I love you to a girl can be difficult especially when it’s genuine from your heart and you aren’t a flirt that is ignorant of the value of these words.

The word “I love you” has been used randomly such that ladies are no longer mesmerized by it, but if you are genuine, there are several ways to say ‘I love you’ even without using the three words and your woman will be able to see through your heart.

As you go through this how to tell a girl you love her guide, there are few things you need to know before confessing your love for her. Below are five things to consider before say “I love you” to her;

Things to Consider Before You Tell a Girl You Love Her

1. Ensure you understand what “I love you” really means and ensure you’re not mistaking lust for love. Check your heart and confirm your feelings to avoid breaking her heart on the long run. Love isn’t something to be toiled with, understand that commitment follows after confession. Are you ready to commit? Answer that before using those sensitive words on her.

2. Be sure that she has feelings for you before telling her how you feel to avoid getting your ass kicked by getting a shocking ‘no way’ as a reply or even worse.

3. Say I Love You to her when you’re both sober, that way you can trust that the reply she will give you is genuine, whether positive or negative.

4. Be observant enough to know when to profess your love. Monitor her mood and feeling because you will likely get a positive response if her mind isn’t occupied with other pressing thoughts.

5. This is a gradual process, you must take your time to nurture a friendship stage before moving it to the next level. It’s always safer that way. Follow the procedure one step at a time.

Confessing love to a girl you really care about can be very difficult but then, you must do it if you really want a long lasting relationship to kick start, but not to worry, I’ve got your back on this, check out below the different ways to a girl you love her without sounding desperate.

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How to tell a Girl You Love Her

The ‘yes’ that you desire might seem difficult to get but in actual sense, it’s a possibility and will be easier if you strictly follow the two stages that I will introduce to you. These two stages involve how to tell a girl you love her and win her over.

First stage: This is the friendship cultivation stage which is very sensitive, be careful not to ruin your effort. You can be friends with her by doing the following;

1. Get close to her:

Though there are “love at first sight” scenarios, walking up to a girl you just met to confess your love for her might be tagged being lousy and any girl you walk up to that way will believe you are one of those sugar boys that flirts with any beautiful girl they come in contact with. There are numerous ways to say “I love you” to a girl but before that, first cultivate friendship, that way, you will be able to study her to know the pattern that suits her accurately before confessing your love to her.

2. Compliment her:

When girl is concerned, knowing how to compliment her from time to time is a plus to you. Girls love to hear that they are beautiful and more importantly, they want to hear it always even if they do not say it. Lines like “You have a heart of gold”, “You have a great personality”, “I love your sense of reasoning” and lots more send the message faster but ensure you’re sincere with your compliment.

 3. Provide for her:

You know what they say, action speaks louder than words. In girls dictionary, a man that loves them, provides for them. At the flip back, a man that does not love them will not provide for them. Do not get it twisted, by providing for her, I mean a piece of gift can do the magic. So, do the necessary and she will get the message.

 4. Give her your attention:

To girls, one of the criteria or instrument for measuring the level of a man’s love is the quality time he gives to his girl especially if the man is often busy. Gift her your time and she will be certain that you truly love her.

5. Show support:

Every sane human being feel loved when supported; praise her whenever she achieves a goal and encourage her to do more but most importantly, it must come from your heart.

6. Be proud of her:

9 out of 10 girls love guys that show them of. Show her how happy you’re to be seen with her because they consider this a sign that a guy loves her; you must not miss this.

7. Accord respect to those she respects:

One of the things that will make her see the depth of your love for her is through how you relate with those she values. Show love and respect to those she does the same things to and the message will become clearer to her.

The second stage; At this point, you have to go ahead with the confession. Who knows, at this point, she might be waiting for you to speak out but then, you still need to say it in a very beautiful way that will be memorable. Follow these procedures;

8. Ask her out on a date:

Choose a nice location to spend quality time with her. It can be a quiet garden, a flamboyant restaurant, or the beach, depending on her personality. If she is an introvert, get a serene environment and if she’s an extrovert, then, you can go haywire with your choice, whichever way, just make it a memorable one. [Read; Right Questions to Ask On a First Date]

9. Start with Sweet words first:

Yes, you’ve followed through to this point but that does not mean you should just say it at the onset. Start with sweet words but let them be sincere. This is where the ‘You look dazzling, what’s the secret’ kind of lines should appear. Some other sweet words you can use includes;

  • You are purpose driven and I love that fact.
  • My best times are moments I spent with you.
  • To make you smile has become one of my life’s missions.
  • Your gorgeous smile brightens my day, I don’t mind having it all to myself.
  • You’re a gorgeous and elegant lady, I can’t deny that.

10. Lock eye with hers while saying it

Locking your eyes with hers indicates that you are real and sincere. She might want to take her eyes off but make sure she catches your gaze when she looks up again but hey, don’t be tempted to choke her with your eyes, there may be consequences for that.

11. Say “I love you”

Yes! It’s high time you used these words because by now, she’s already itching to hear it and an attempt to hold back might be dangerous. Do not think about what her response can be, ensure you say it with confidence, and remember, your eyes must remain locked with hers.

12. Wait for her

Not everyone is lucky to get a reply immediately. She might need time to process what she just heard, so wait for her, It can be a plus to you too. The ability to wait is a virtue that ladies long to see in their men, show her that she’s worth it by exercising patience.

13. Remain confident

Whether you get a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ after confessing your love to her, remain confident and be proud that you didn’t hold back because it takes a good level of confidence to tell someone you love them. So, be bold regardless and maintain your cheerful look.

14. Respect her decision

Most times, the reply girls give to you at first might not be the final answer but you must respect it no matter what. Don’t go bugging her with text messages and calls in a bid to change her mind. Keep your cool and remain cheerful; she can still change her mind.

15. Kiss her

Kissing her is a very good way of expressing your love for her. If you’re privileged to get an instant positive response, make sure that moment is one that she will not wish to forget. Kiss her gently but make sure you don’t spoil all your efforts by kissing her without her consent.

Other Ways to Tell Her You Love Her

If you want to be more creative, after the first stage, when a healthy friendship has been cultivated, you can profess your love via these means;

  • Send her flowers frequently, reminding her of the good qualities that you see in her. Naturally, at the sight of it, she will automatically get the message.


  • Compose a song with her name in it and sing it to her on her special day, this will surely sweep her off her feet.


  • Cook and bring it to her when you know she needs it desperately. This works best if she is a 9-5 employee, she will feel loved.

Following this guide and approach can help you get to tell any girl you love them. And this can apply to how to tell your crush you like her and how to tell your female best friend you like her. Let us know your thought on this how to tell a girl you love her.