Signs He Doesn’t Only Want to Sleep with You

Men are not scum! Read in details signs he doesn’t only want to sleep with you!

I agree that some come for your body only, but there are still men out there who are ready to love you genuinely if you let them.

You might have kissed lots of frogs before, but that doesn’t mean that princes are no longer out there. They are!

A man who just wants to have his way with you gives you hints almost immediately likewise the man that came for something better, you just have to be observant to know these things.

If you wondering if the man that approached you recently loves you genuinely or he just wants to sleep with you, the list of signs he doesn’t only want to sleep with you below will assist you with the discovery process. They include:


Signs He Doesn’t Only Want to Sleep with You


1. He Doesn’t Tell You He Loves You Immediately

Anyone can say they love you, but not everyone means it when they say it. As I said earlier, you must be observant.

A man who wants to use you will tell you he loves you almost immediately he meets you so as to win you over and get what he wants as soon as possible; But the responsible ones will rather compliment your beauty and personality on the first date because they know the value of the four-letter word.

2. He Calls to Say Hi

If he calls or messages you often without mentioning the word “sex” it means he thinks of you all the time and can’t deal with not hearing from you for a long time. But, you shouldn’t judge based on this as there are many smart men out there that understand that they won’t get what they want by pushing it, they simply let you fall naturally before striking. Beware!

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3. He Shows You Off

He posts pictures on social media with romantic write up, he uses your picture as his screen saver, he holds your hand while walking along the road, etc. He does all these because he loves you and wants to let anyone that cares to know that he does. Men who want a one-night stand with you won’t dare do that.

4. He’s Always Available for You

A man who loves you will create time for you despite his busy schedule and even if he doesn’t come running at the time you asked for him because of his boss, he will come to you once he clears his table. This is a big sign that he doesn’t just want to get into your panties.

5. He Rarely Asks for Sex

This is one of the signs he doesn’t only want to sleep with you. He doesn’t always ask for sex because that isn’t his priority, it isn’t the only thing he wants from you. He understands that he can have you any time he wants if he makes things official and so, he is not in a hurry. The best way to identify those that came for pleasure is that they ask for sex whenever they visit.

6. He Introduces You to His Friends as His Woman

It’s not enough to get introduced to his friends because he can still beg his friends to behave in front of you to make you feel important.

While he is introducing you, monitor his friends’ nonverbal signals, and even his facial expressions, with that you can know if they are playing a game or not. Secondly, watch his friends’ behavior towards you when he isn’t around you. If you are observant enough, you will sense something fishy if there is.

7. He Wants to Know More About You

When he asked to know you more, he is making attempts to make you see that he wants more than sex with you. It shows that he wants to understand you for good reasons.

Those looking for sex dolls won’t bother to know your surname, all that need is your name and how wild you are on the bed. If a man tries to know you better, let him in, he might be the prince you’ve been waiting for after kissing so many frogs.

8. He Protects You

That’s one of the many characteristics of good men that want you for life. They go out of their way to ensure that you’re okay.

They come running whenever they hear you are in trouble, some even go to the extent of being with you almost all the time to ensure your safety. If he does all this for you, you need not worry because he isn’t after your body alone. It’s another of the signs he doesn’t only want to sleep with you.

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9. He Discusses His Dreams And Goals With You

A real man does not discuss his vision with just anybody that won’t contribute a thing towards its accomplishment. If he sits to tell you what plan he has for his life, and how he wants to go about it, he definitely loves and trusts you deeply, and wants you to be part of his success story. You shouldn’t doubt such a man, grab him with your two hands.

10. He Seeks Your Opinion

Men are known for their pride, and they don’t let it down except for those that they love and trust. They always want to be seen as the hero hence, not all of them know how to humbly ask for suggestions or other people’s opinions as regards what they want to accomplish.

If he humbles himself and asks for your advice, it means that you have won him over and will remain that way for a very long time.

11. He Cuddles You After Sex

If he cuddles you after making out, it is one of the signs he doesn’t only want to sleep with you. It means that aside sex, he enjoys being with you. The man that came for sex will remember he had an unfinished work on his table immediately he’s satisfied, but a man who loves you will stay glued to you after being intimate with you. He values you that’s why.

12. He Gets Jealous When He Sees You With Other Guys

He won’t be jealous if he does not have feelings for you, it won’t affect him in any way. So long as you give sex to the man that doesn’t love you, he won’t have any problem with you seeing other men but the man that loves you will be hurt deeply if you hang out with another man, but he might not show it immediately. Then how do you know? You know if he asks you questions about them.

13. He Makes You His Priority

If he plans his day around you; buy household equipment that will benefit you, subscribe to the cable to show your favorite soap opera, dress nicely because he wants to hear you compliment him, he definitely came not for sex alone. He came to love and to be loved.

14. He’s Supportive

If he asks to know your dream and aspirations, if he wants to know what you want from life and does all he can to make it happen, he’s trying to let you know that you’re safe with him. A man who doesn’t love you genuinely will not give you such attention no matter what, he won’t even make you feel worthy of dreaming, he will continuously treat you like trash.

15. He Wants to See Your Family

You know what that means, right? Maybe he doesn’t want to date you just like everyone else will, he wants to make it authentic and solid by getting your parents involved. He wants to let you know that he isn’t a gamer but a serious dude that wants something meaningful with you. That’s a big sign that he isn’t with you for sex alone.

16. He Initiates Eye Contact

When he does that, he wants you to see through to his heart to know that he loves you dearly and won’t leave you if you decide to go celibate. Such love is rare and every sensible lady longs to have such a man, love him as he’s supposed to be loved because he isn’t out for just sex.

17. He Makes Excuse to Stay With You

When a man loves you, he won’t get enough of you. He will constantly wish to stay by your side and if an emergency comes up, he will suggest you accompany him just so that he can always see your face. You don’t need anyone to make you see just how much he love you.

18. He Compliments Your Personality

Instead of telling you how attractive your curves and boobs are, he will compliment your agility, your intelligence, your courage, and your peaceful nature. This is because these are the things that thrill him more about you.

That is not to say your body features don’t wow him, it does but he understands that true beauty is more of inward characteristics than the outward. This is one way to catch a pervert, he will always take a glance at your ass or boobs even while you both are having a serious conversation.

19: He Gist You About His Daily Activities

If a man finds time to tell you about what he did in a day, where he went, what happened in his office and even the restaurant he went to have his lunch, no doubt, he doesn’t just love you, he also sees you as his best friend. Guys don’t talk too much, women are the chatterbox.

When he calms down to tell you these irrelevant things, you should know he enjoys your presence.

20. He Unlocks His Phone for You or Tells You His Password

What else do you want to see to know that he has given you his all. He is practically telling you that he has left every other girl out there to be with you and he isn’t doing that to get into your pant. Get the message and love him back because he deserves it 100 percent.

These signs will help you know for sure if the man in your life currently or the one that is asking to come in loves you genuinely, and is not out to use and dump you.

If you’ve been with him or married to him and he suddenly stops asking for sex, worst still, refuses to give in when you ask for it, don’t go shouting at him.

Understand that he might have a reason for his action, but you wouldn’t know if you don’t calm down and follow the procedure that I’m about to show you.


What to Do When a Guy Doesn’t Want to Sleep With You

1. Give him space: It might be difficult to do but it’s worth it. Your man might be going through some challenges that have stolen his peace. Give him space to settle things out, and he will return to his previous self.

2. Talk to him: If it lingers, then you will need to sit him down to know what is going on with him. If he doesn’t want to spill, let him know that he is hurting you with his action.

A man who loves you will either tell you why he wants to abstain or have sex with you immediately, because he won’t want to hurt you any further.

3. Be patient: If he tells you that he’s going through something and want you to be patient with him, be patient, and while at it, try to be supportive as well. With time, he will come around.

4. Focus on building your relationship: Sex isn’t the only reason you’re with him right? Focus on other aspects of your relationship, pay attention to your kids if you are married, focus on increasing your family income. Just get busy with other things, with that, you will give him all the time he needs and also, help yourself to avoid falling into depression.

5. Take care of your appearance: Your foul body odor might be the reason he doesn’t want to have sex with you. Maybe the smell drives him crazy but he doesn’t know how to tell, because he fears that it will attack your self-esteem. Take your bath as at when due, wash your underwear properly and get sexy red lingerie in the night.

6. Move on: If after you try your possible best to make him want you, and he’s still adamant, you can leave the relationship if you can’t bear it. Although, this isn’t the best solution but if sex is the main reason you two began the relationship, you can go look elsewhere for satisfaction.

These tips are practical and are real. Using these few tips, you can get your man to find you attractive again or long to have you all night without going the wrong of disrespecting him which might make you lose him entirely.