20 Signs He Has a Side Chick

This article reviews signs he has a side chick, and it will guide you on how to find out if your man is keeping another lady out there while you both are together.

Marriage is supposed to be enjoyed by the parties involved! It’s supposed to be a union where two adults keep their bodies exclusively for each other but these days, the institution is falling apart.

Infidelity has become a norm that some men don’t hide it anymore, they brag about how many women they keep by the side for their sexual satisfaction.

Although some men do theirs publicly, thousands out there keep their side chick behind the scene. If you suspect that your husband is one of these men, you should watch out for the signs below:


Signs He Has a Side Chick


1. He spends more time outside the home

Where your treasure lies, there will your heart be. If he doesn’t come home after work, it shows that you and the kids are no longer his treasure.

It can mean that there is someone somewhere that has stolen his heart but then, this might not be the only reason, maybe he isn’t getting enough peace and tranquility that he needs.

Just observe diligently to find out what makes him stay out the way he does before drawing a conclusion.

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2. He begins to keep secrets

Does he run out of the bathroom whenever his phone rings even when you’re there to help him with it? Does he delete his message after reading it?

If he does, it shows that he’s up to something. Some even go as far as locking their social media handles to prevent their women from seeing their chat with side chicks. This is a very big sign that he’s cheating on you.


3. He stops asking for sex

Sex is food to men, they don’t joke around with it. If your husband hasn’t slept or even flirts with you for a long time, and he is not even bothered about it, the probability that he does it with another woman is high.


4. He hides you from the public

It’s very easy to know if he is hiding you. Visit his social media handles and check to see if he has posted your pictures there, also, check his relationship status, if it says single then, you should be worried because he is hiding you.


5. He leaves your presence to answer his calls

He doesn’t want you to hear his conversation with his other woman. This is a very clear sign, no faithful partner will exit his woman’s presence to go answer a phone call no matter who is on the line.


6. He frequent dating sites

Well, you need no one to tell you what is going on. He is definitely cheating on you with different ladies. There’s no excuse for this, he’s probably one of those who are strictly on one nightstand. If you catch him visiting dating sites, understand that you’re sharing your man already.


7. He sings romantic songs affectionately while alone

He should be singing that to you and not to himself, you know? If he sings to himself when it’s clear that things aren’t going smoothly between you two, it means that someone else already has his heart, and he can’t just hide it.


8. A lady approaches you to warn you

Some of these side chicks have some nerves. Some of them don’t mind their space so much that they approach the real wives or girlfriends to warn them to steer clear.

If that has happened to you, you better be careful because you’re sharing your man with a wild bitch.


9. He is always busy

That’s an excuse or maybe it’s true. He’s usually busy enjoying the company of his side chick. When your man who normally finishes his work and returns home before 5 pm starts to stay late into the night when it’s obvious he hasn’t been promoted to a new position. It’s a sign that he is doing something you don’t know about.


10. He goes to work with condoms

You don’t need any more signs to know he’s riding another girl. This is one of the signs he has a side chick. Even condom ambassadors don’t walk around with one, so why would he travel or go to work with a pack of condoms? If you’re still in doubt, kindly check his work bag when he comes back from work to know if it’s still sitting pretty right inside his bag.


11. He avoids eye contact

While discussing intimate matters, try to fix your eyes on his and know the truth. Although smart guys can pass this test, they can look deep into your eyes and still lie comfortably but if your man is a novice, you can tell through this means.


12. You find girlie stuff in his car

A side chick who wants to screw up the man’s marriage or relationship to become the main chick can purposely leave her underwear somewhere in the car. If as a girlfriend, you visit your man only to find a bra that’s not yours lying beneath the bed, you should know that you’re not the only one he’s involved with. It’s a big red flag. It’s another signs he has a side chick!


13. He doesn’t say “I love you” anymore

He stopped being affectionate and romantic; he doesn’t tell you sweet things anymore, don’t serve you breakfast on the bed like he use to, don’t sacrifice for you anymore, don’t light up the room once he’s back from work? These are signs that you’re losing him gradually. His mind and heart have been arrested by someone else.


14. He becomes super nice

That’s his strategy. He still loves you and doesn’t want you to know that he is cheating. He is scared you might not bear it and so he acts all nice to cover up his crimes. He might begin to do things that he normally doesn’t dare to do for you, he might even adore you more than usual, and also, post your pictures on social media telling the world how much he treasures you. Don’t be fooled, he’s playing with your intelligence.


15. Your instinct is saying he has

This might be misleading but you’ve got to wait till you see sure signs or he opens up to you but the fact is, most times, our instincts lead us to the right path but you must not depend on your gut feeling alone to conclude.


16. He doesn’t notice you

Its heart breaking but you must ensure to find out the real reason behind his action, because it might actually be as a result of so many bills to pay, or trouble at work that messes with his head or it might be what you’re thinking. So, you should observe keenly to know what the reason is.


17. He has no time for the kids anymore

He doesn’t want to know if they’ve been feeding well, he doesn’t want to know how well they are doing in school, and he pays no attention to how they dress unlike him. That’s because his attention has been stolen by another woman, and so his children might not matter any longer to him.


18. Your dinner dates become boring

It means he doesn’t find you interesting and fun anymore. If he keeps mute or speaks less while with you, he might just be letting you know that he isn’t having fun and will want to leave as soon as possible to go meet the person that he believes will lighten up his mood.


19. He stops talking about the future with you

it’s a sign that he might return home with divorce papers anytime soon. So, you better brace up for his next action. When guys want to put an end to a relationship, they begin to quit having a meaningful discussion with you because they feel it’s of no importance.


20. He flares up when you ask him

You confront him maturely over this issue and he flares up suddenly. It means he might be trying to discard the discussion by pretending to be the victim. A faithful man might be angry you’re suspecting him but will come back after a while to reassure you, and also give you true reasons why he can’t cheat on you and to crown it all, he will try to improve on areas that made you develop that thought.

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Why Do Men Have Side Chicks

You might be wondering why your man will cheat on you with another despite your beauty, financial capability, or how far you’ve gone together.

It is understandable that you’re confused and worried about the situation. Your man might keep a side chick for so many reasons, some of which you might have contributed to.

Check the list of reasons listed below to fully get the gist.

1. Men love peace and run away from women that rob them of their peace of mind into the hands of one who gives it to them maximally, and you know that’s what side chicks do, at least at the beginning.

2. Men love sex. Some with high libido and no control believe it’s best to get another person who can be at their beck and call when you complain of waist pain.

3. Men love to be appreciated. One of the reasons your man is still with that lady might be because he feels more like a man when he’s with her. She adores and respects him the way a woman should, and he is giving her his total attention as a reward.

4. Some men do it for fun. Some also can’t deal with keeping themselves for a particular person all the days of their lives.

I’m sure you might have seen a loophole somewhere. Another thing you must know is that there’s a possibility that his side chick can take your place in his life.


Can a Man Fall In Love With His Side Chick

Oh yes, he can!

If she gives him what he needs that he isn’t getting from you, he will definitely fall in love with her for that singular reason.

They often don’t hide it if they do, they leave clues behind most times. If you’re wondering if your man loves his side chick, these few tips will help to confirm your suspicion.


Signs He Loves His Side Chick


1. He stops wearing his wedding ring

His wedding ring is something he’s supposed to be super proud of. He should be happy flaunting it. If he removes his wedding ring for no just cause, it might mean that he wants to let his side chick know that his marriage doesn’t matter to him anymore.


2. He doesn’t care if you find out

This is the height of it. If he attends parties with her, introduces her to his close friends, takes her to your favorite restaurant, or even connects her with your dressmaker, he definitely wants her desperately and doesn’t give a damn if you find out and that is bad for you.


3. He discusses you with her

If you succeed with looking through his chat with her and find out that he tells her everything that happens in your home, it shows that their relationship is way beyond what you thought.


4. He keeps her photos in his phone

He wants to have something to fall back on when she isn’t with him and that’s how it begins. If he has nothing deep for her, he won’t keep anything that belongs to her around him.


5. He wants a divorce

He has found new love and doesn’t want you around anymore. It’s a clear sign that he loves his side chick and wants to move their relationship to the permanent site.

Now that you know that he has a side chick and probably recognize that he loves her, you might want to know what to do to get your man back.

Below are excellent tips on how you can make your man dumb his side chick for you;

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How to Make your Man Leave His Side Chick


1. Take care of your body

Your sudden change after childbirth might be the reason your man left and so, to bring him back, you must go back to the girl he loved and married by taking good care of yourself; your dress pattern, your underwear and even your hairdo.

Go back to the days when you welcome him looking all sexy and inviting. You might bring his attention back home by doing so.


2. Be available for him

Being a wife isn’t easy especially when you are a career woman, but you must make out time to be with your man if you love him. Plan properly, manage your time well or delegate some tasks if you must, if he sees you attempting to love him the way he wants to be loved, he might come back home.


3. Don’t be overprotective

Are you that kind of girlfriend that always wants to know who your boyfriend works with and speaks to? Do you monitor his movement to know when he starts to cheat on you? You must stop if you want to make him come back to you. Men love to be respected, hence, if you love him, respect him.


4. Pray for him

This works well if you believe in it. If your fiancé or boyfriend starts to lose interest in you and you feel there’s not much you can do, pray fervently for him and believe that he would come around in no time.


5. Don’t beg him to return

Begging does not help the situation. If he insists on going out with his side chick after discussing with him on that, don’t belittle yourself by going down on your knee to beg him, that’s cowardice. Get busy doing what you love while maintaining a standard, he will come around.

These tips are valid and they are practical. You deserve to be happy with your man without interference from an external person.

Use these clues to know if your man has a side chick, identify the reason why he went through that path, and work vehemently to make him leave the side chick.