15 Sad Signs He Just Wants to Sleep With You

Do you suspect he just wants to get down with you? Then read through these sad signs he just wants to sleep with you, and also find out possible reasons why he only wants to sleep with you.

Let’s get one thing straight, men love sex. They enjoy it just the way women enjoy romance. I’m yet to meet a healthy man that doesn’t love it. But very few of them understand what sex is, when to have sex and who to have sex with.

The ones that understand it knows that sex isn’t just the penetration of a woman’s Vagina, but soul to soul connection, and so they vow to go down with that one woman they’re ready to walk down the aisle.

On the other hand, some men think sex has been created to satisfy their urges and nothing more. That’s why they can easily move over to the next available person when their wives and real girlfriends refuse to give them the satisfaction they asked for.

Truth is, you might be that next available person, so you need to know if he’s with you out of love or if he just wants to use and dump you when he’s done enjoying you.

This discovery is very crucial so you don’t waste your years being with someone that sees you as nothing but a sex doll

It’s okay if you don’t know where to start from, I have here 15 sad signs he just wants to sleep with you:


15 Sad Signs He Just Wants to Sleep With You

1. He Sends Only Flirty Messages

There’s no problem if he sends you flirtatious messages once in a while, that’s not an issue but if that’s the only kind of messages he sends you all the time. It shows that the only thing he remembers when he thinks about you is sex and nothing more.

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2. He’s Always Touchy

While this may not be a sure sign, it is definitely one of the signs he just wants to sleep with you; it’s a pointer. Naturally, men love to sit close with women that they need whether for good or bad motive, but when he tries to touch the sensitive parts of your body in the public, it means he doesn’t respect your body; all he wants from you is sexual satisfaction.

3. He Doesn’t Want to Get to Know You

What’s the need when all he wants is your body. If your man doesn’t ask questions about you, what you want to achieve, your dreams and aspirations, your family, and how they’re faring, he clearly does not care about you at all. A man who loves you will make attempts to know you more, and even help you get all that you want in life.

4. He Always Wants to Sleep Over at Your Place

Now, why won’t it be at his place? What prevents him from bringing you to his apartment? These are things you should look into. If he always wants to get laid in your apartment, it means that he’s hiding something from you. If you dig deep, you might find out that he’s married with kids.

5. He refuses to introduce you to his family

This is because he thinks that you aren’t good enough for him and don’t want his family to know that he is having anything to do with you. It’s a good sign. Even if he has issues with his family, a man who truly wants you will strive to bring you in no matter what.

6. He Always Offers to Massage You

You know what comes after massage in most cases. This might be a petty way to get you arose especially when you say no to sleeping with him or not. A fact is a man who loves you can offer to massage you also, so don’t depend only on this sign. You need to dig more.

7. He Gets Angry When You Say No to Sex

This is it. If he flares up when you say no to going down with him, it shows he doesn’t care about how you feel. A real man would observe to know whether his woman is out for it or not. He sees you as his sex doll who should be ready to give it to him hot whenever he needs it, that’s why he always gets angry when things don’t go the way he planned.

8. He Gazes at Your Boobs

If you’ve caught him severally gazing at your boobs, he’s definitely out to devour you and go away. He might be the one night stand kind of man. A man that loves you will respect everything about you, especially your body. He won’t dare to give you any reason to think he came for your body alone.

9. He Licks His Lips Whenever He’s Around You

He is just telling you that you are succulent and wish to have you. Womanizers do this a lot, it’s not even new. If he does that to you, I suggest you move because there’s nothing meaningful for you in his heart.

10. He hides you from the public

This is one of the sad signs he just wants to sleep with you or only want to be sleeping with you. You are nothing but his sex toy, he can’t afford to have people see you with him, that is why he doesn’t have your pictures on his phone, on social media, and even in his apartment. If he loves you, he will show you off, that’s how men behave when they find love. If he isn’t doing the same to you, it means that you’re worth nothing to him.

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11. He doesn’t respect you

Does he call you bad names at every slightest provocation? Does he insult your parents who he hasn’t even met once you both have little misunderstanding? Does he raise his voice or hands at you if he gets angry? Then you shouldn’t remain in that relationship because there’s nothing for you there. He is using you and he’s making it obvious. If you don’t, he will leave as soon as he finds another woman that rides him more than you do, so think.

12. He Leaves Immediately After Sex

Of course, he is satisfied and wants to move over to the next assignment for the day, after all, it’s always about him. It’s only a man that keeps you for sex that can do that to you. A man who loves you will cuddle you for a while after sex, initiate a pillow talk with you, or even appreciate you for satisfying him.

13. He Compliments Your Body Only

This is another easy way to find out his motives. A man that wants you for sex will praise your beauty in a flirtatious way on the first date. He will compliment your boobs and how curvy you are, but a man that loves you will compliment your intelligence, your carriage, and every other thing except your body features on the first date.

14. He doesn’t tell you much about him

Well, that’s because he sees no need for it since he isn’t doing anything serious with you. Some even give you a fake name that doesn’t even relate to his real name. Some won’t tell you the truth about where they work and what their work entails. You should know he isn’t taking you seriously if he hides basic details such as this from you.

15. He Orders You Around

He does that because to him, you’re a piece of trash that should do all the work. This is more frequent with men that spend heavily on you. He believes that you are his investment and must do all that he requires of you, which includes giving him all of you in the other room.

If you are sure of his motive using these signs and you’re wondering why he just wants to sleep with you, I will give you answers to your questions.


Why Would He Only Want to Sleep with you?

As a said earlier, men love sex and so, asking why he wants to sleep with you isn’t what should bother you much because men are wired that way.

I think the question should be, why does he only want to sleep with me?

If this is the case, I give you a few reasons:

1. He only wants you for sex probably because his woman is not giving him enough and then, wants extra. Unfortunately, he sees you as that extra that he desires.

2. You gave him reasons to. Maybe he came for a real relationship but in the long run, notices that you have nothing but sex upstairs, and so instead of leaving you entirely, he decides to keep you for his satisfaction alone.

3. That was the agreement. Maybe you both agreed to be friends with benefit but you suddenly ask him out and he says yes because he doesn’t want to sacrifice the pleasure he gets from you.

4. He isn’t ready to settle down just yet but wants to enjoy what his married friends are enjoying and you, unfortunately, became one of the victims of his decision.

Now you know why he only wants to sleep with you, what next?

What are you going to do about it? I will give you a few tips on what to do.


What to Do When He Only Wants to Sleep With You

1. Accept the Situation

Accept that this is really what’s happening, don’t fight it. That way, your mind will open up to ideas on how to either make him love you truly or make him leave you for good.

2. Talk to Him About It

Talk to him about how you feel. Tell him that you’re worth more than just sex and would want to mean more to him. Let him know that you’re not comfortable with the way he treats your relationship. He can actually see reasons with you and make amends.

3. Give Him Space

If he doesn’t change his ways after discussing with him, you might need to give him some space. Making yourself scarce for him might make him realize just how much he needs you. It happens! Give him space and see what happens, if he doesn’t come running after you, then, it means that’s the end.

4. Block Him on Social Media

Make contacting you difficult for him, it will make him understand that you aren’t cheap as he thought. Block him temporarily on every platform and move on with your life.

5. Love Yourself

Treat yourself like the queen that you are. Take care of your look; make nice hair and do your manicure. Don’t go blaming yourself for anything, even if you contributed in the way he treated you unconsciously, there’s still a chance to make amend.

6. Stop Giving Him Sex

If you stop giving, he will stop receiving, and sooner or later, he will leave you alone. At first, he might want to use his power as a man but don’t give in. If he doesn’t succeed using force, he might decide to act cunning by being extremely nice to you. Don’t think he has changed if he starts giving you attention all of a sudden, it’s his strategy to get what he wants from you.

7. Don’t Beg to be Loved

Even if you fall on your knees to beg him to love you, he still won’t rather, he will think that you’re more foolish than he thought. Queens don’t beg to be loved, he should be the one begging for your attention and not the other way around.

Now that you have discovered signs he just want to sleep with you, and what to do as well, if you’re wondering what to say to any guy that comes to you with the intention to use you as a sex doll, then, you should keep reading.

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What to Say to a Guy Who Just Wants to Sleep With You

It depends on what you want. If you’re cool with being used and dumped, then you can say yes to his proposal.

If you want a real love relationship, say no to him, and mean it. Except he is a rapist, no man will false you against your will. So, stand for what you want and be unapologetic about it.

Finding out that a man you love doesn’t love you back is frustrating, and worst still if he sees you as a sex doll, but don’t beat yourself. Decide to leave him alone until he realizes your worth. Love and treat yourself the way you should be loved and treated, and the right person who will love you truly will come by.