20 Signs Your Crush Likes Someone Else

When you understand the signs your crush likes someone else, it will help you feel more calm and figure out what’s your next plan. Thus, if you are in this situation where you feel someone you crush on, have their eyes on another person, then you need to read through these signs to be sure and validate your feelings so as to know what to do when your crush likes another girl or guy.

Believe me, it’s frustrating to find yourself caught in the middle without any clue of how to get the message clear.

Your crush who you love and believes he loves you too starts to act abnormally all of a sudden, and you have one question  running through your head, “Does s/he still love me?” [Read: Signs They Never Loved You]

Your girl who you’ve invested a lot into starts to make you feel unloved in some kind of way and you’re wondering if you both are still on the same page.

Well, the answer may be yes or no.

Your crush might have psychological issues to settle, and their behavior towards you might be a resultant effect of what they are passing through, or they might have fallen in love with someone else thereby looking for a way to walk out of the relationship but you can’t be so sure until you check properly through our expert tips on signs your crush likes someone else.


20 Signs Your Crush Likes Someone Else


1. They Seldom Hang Out With You

A quick way to sight two people in love is through their longing to be with each other. If your crush begins to run away from things that will bring you two together, it’s a sign that they are no longer into you.

2. They find you unattractive

If your looks stop making him want you, if your bikini doesn’t look inviting to him anymore, you should be worried because the love isn’t there anymore. If she doesn’t strip at the sight of your six packs the way she use to, it’s a sign that she might be dying for someone else.

3. They cancel date plans often

It’s a different ball game if they cancel once in a while due to emergencies at the workplace but if they do it over and over with no tangible reason, then, there is a problem. They might be avoiding you.

4. They describe another person in a sexy way

If your crush describes another girl in a very sexy manner, It’s a clear sign that you might be losing him anytime, especially if they rarely describe other people that way.

5. They make decisions to favor the other person

If it’s obvious that your woman is always considering another guy’s interest before making any decision, you should check it out because it’s a red flag, or your man makes plans to accommodate another girl even at his expense, it shows he is crushing on her.

6. They care less when they see you with the opposite sex

Even the most understanding boyfriend will feel bad when he sees you flirting with another guy. He might not show it publicly but his actions will tell you he’s jealous. So, whenever you flirt with guys and your man seems okay with it, you’ve lost him already. This is one of the signs your crush likes someone else.

7. They rarely return your calls or messages

Well, that’s because they want you to read the handwriting on the wall. A woman who loves you will long to speak with you no matter how stressful her day was, and the same is with men. If this isn’t the case in your relationship, then, I’m afraid you have to give up the fight because your crush might have given his time to someone else.

8. They often speak highly of the other person in your presence

This isn’t a clear sign though but it’s a pointer. Ladies don’t praise another man more than they praise their men, men don’t too, hence, it’s abnormal if the reverse happens in your relationship.

9. They give more attention to the other person

There’s nothing as heartbreaking as watching your crush hang out more with someone that is not you, it pierces the heart. If they begin to give more time to another instead of you, you should bid them farewell because they are no longer yours. This is one of the major signs your crush likes someone else.

10. They mention the name of another person in your conversation

It shows that their mind is occupied with the thought of the other person and long to be with them. If you notice this attitude in them, be sure that they are in love.

11. They find it hard to say they love you

Although cheating boyfriends can still say he loves you, but the three words won’t come with affection. If he seldom confesses his love for you or she tells you casually, it means that there’s something she’s hiding.

12. They unfollow you on Instagram

If this happens, wait a bit to know if it was done consciously or unconsciously before concluding. If it was a mistake, they will notice as soon as possible and correct it but if it isn’t, it means they are done crushing on you, and the likeness is no more there.

13. They post pictures of another person on social media consistently

It can be a picture of a family member, a family friend, or their newfound crush and love. Ladies often post a guy’s picture on social media just to send their guys that they’ve moved on. This might be the case in your relationship.

14. They stop buying your gift

It’s understandable if they do not have the money to buy gifts, but when it’s obvious that the finance is there but they suddenly stopped surprising you with gifts, they are saying you know longer worth it indirectly.

15. Their friends stop respecting you

Only his friends can tell if you’re still the main chick or another side chick. They know all about it because he discusses his movement with them and so if they stop giving you the usual respect they do give you as their friend’s girl, you must walk away because you’ve lost him.

16. They prefer the other persons’ advice

The joy of a relationship is having your crush listen and trust your suggestion to make it big. When they stop asking for your suggestion, you should know that he no longer see you as valuable. When this happens between you and your crush it is signs your crush likes someone else who they prefer over you.

17. They avoid contact

A study proves that you can tell a person is lying by locking your eyes with theirs when they speak to you. If they are saying the truth, they will freely speak without stammering but if they hide their face from yours, it tells that they are hiding something that might interest you.

18. They make plans without you

When your woman starts to make plans for her future and you are not featured in that future, leave and plan yours alone because you’re no longer on her mind.

19. They always pick offense

It shows that they are tired and want to leave but don’t know how to bring up the topic. Love covereth all sin. If you always fight on the insignificant issue, it’s a sign that you may experience a break soon.

20. They talk down on you in the public

This is one sign that your crush does not like you any more, and may like someone else. They plan to get you angry so that you can act negatively out of anger and they will use your action as a footstool to leave the relationship without coming back.

21. They hide things from you

You are no longer someone they love so why tell you their plan. If you notice they keep to themselves all of a sudden, it’s a sign that you no longer have a place in their life.

22. They forget your birthday

If your man is one who never jokes with your birthday, this is a sign that proves that you’re no longer his heartbeat. They might say they forgot but in actual sense they didn’t, they just don’t want to celebrate you because you no longer matter to them.

23. They compare you with another

To them, you’re no longer the ideal person and so they begin to compare you with the recent person they have found worthy of their love. If he often mentions the name of another lady when he’s trying to correct you, it’s a sign that he’s harboring feelings for her.

24. They stop accepting your gifts

Ladies do this often, they stop collecting gifts from you once they find out they won’t be with you again. They use it as a means to send a message. If she rejects your gift for no just cause, it’s a sign that her new found love is taking care of her needs. In fact, this is one of the signs your crush likes someone else.


What Do You Do When Your Crush Likes Someone Else?

They are definitely cheating if they show more than 5 of the signs listed here, but don’t confront the other person no matter how heartbroken you are. That’s a sign of weakness and it’s never a solution. If you find out that you’ve been dumped, do these things instead;

1. Ask them

For clarification’s sake, you can ask them face to face and observe their reply. Don’t ask straight questions like “Do you still love me” if you want to get the truth out of their mouth, but prepare ahead in case you get a big No.

2. Accept it

Now that you know, your heart hurts, your head aches, it’s a normal feeling, for no one deserves to go through such, but you must accept the situation at hand. Don’t go fighting to get them back, you might end up hurting yourself more.

3. Cry if you feel like it

It’s okay to cry. If you want to shout, go ahead if it will help ease the pain, you won’t be sued if you do.  Losing a lover, especially one that you’ve invested a lot in is devastating. So, express yourself by crying if you want to but make sure it doesn’t last for 24hrs.

4. Cherish yourself more

Of course, you’ve got to love yourself more now than you ever did. You can’t possibly reject yourself because you got rejected by someone. Beating yourself up won’t make them love you back, so, go take a cold bath, put on a very beautiful dress, wear a perfume with nice cologne and go about your business.

5. Give them space

Don’t go begging to be loved, that will make you look cheap and desperate and I’m sure you don’t want that. Give them breathing space. If they are for you, they will surely return to you. [Read: How to Deal With Feeling Of Wanting to Be Loved]

6. Smile normally when you see them

They need to know you’re totally fine without them, even though you might still be hurting. Smile normally when you bump into them and exchange pleasantries as though nothing happened.

7. Open your heart for another

You need to let love in, they are not the only people in the world. You’re another person’s treasure and you must make yourself available to be loved rightly because you totally deserve it.

8. Don’t entertain your memories with them

This might be difficult especially if you deeply love them but it isn’t impossible to be with them. Whenever the memories of the good times you spent together come up, fight with all your strength, with time, it will be totally gone.

9. Cut contacts with them

This is one thing you must do when your crush likes someone else, and dumps you for the same reason. If you feel like it, cut contacts with them. Although on the second thought, I will advise you don’t because doing so will make them feel important if they finally find out. The best way is by ignoring them.

10. Commit to self-development

This works! Find a new hobby and channel your energy there, that way, you will have less time to think about them. If you are not employed, pay to learn a skill to grow yourself. You don’t need to sit around blaming yourself for what happened. They must not meet you the same way they left you, so you need to work hard.

11. Don’t meet with their friends

Men have the habit of meeting with their women’s friends when things go sour, but the truth they don’t know is that they are the wrong set of people to go ask for help as regards your relationship.

12. Tell a friend

If you have a friend who you can confide in, you can go ahead and let it out. Sometimes, sharing our problems makes the problem less of what we thought it was. Pour out your heart and be free indeed.

You deserve to be loved 100% don’t stay in a relationship where you don’t get all the love you can get. Remember to pick up the pieces of your life and move on.