How to Test a Guy to See If He Really Loves You

The truth is, uncertainty is the mother of curiosity, and this is why you want to know how to test a guy to see if he really loves you. Although it can be a difficult one, yes it is not easy, but we’ve got you covered on how to test your man to see if he truly loves love and cares about you genuinely.

Apart from its level of difficulty, it is also risky to test a guy to see if he really loves you because he may be able to tell you are testing him.

If he finds out you are testing him, he may play along and make sure you get a result that will leave you thinking you are with the right man.

Men are very intelligent, and while ladies always like to believe they are the smartest in the room, they are wrong.

Guys are wired in a certain way that makes them adapt quickly, and they are able to pretend and be very convincing when they want to be.

It is easy for a guy to detect a lady’s move even before she makes them. Call it instincts or alertness, but guys have a way of knowing these things. [Read; Signs He Pretends to Love You]

Regardless of all these, however, if you have a strong feeling that your man is not being faithful to you, and you are determined to test if he truly loves you, there are ways you can go about it.

A critical point of note before attempting to test a guy is that there is a high tendency that it may lead to the end of your relationship. Whether guilty or not, a guy can break up with his partner if he finds out that he was being tested.

On many occasions, ladies are the ones who open up to their partners that they tested them with a particular action. This is not the right thing to do in a relationship because you have helped him to be at alert and raise his guards against future tests.

If you make the mistake of telling him you carried out a test to see if he really loves you, he may break the relationship, or if he doesn’t, he will raise his guards – and he will never fall for your tests again.

When compared to the torture of being in a relationship where you are not loved enough anymore or never loved, it is better to carry out a test to see if a guy truly loves you.

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In this article, I have highlighted a few ways on how to test a guy to see if he genuinely loves you. If done right, the steps highlighted below can help you tell if your guy truly loves you or not; let’s get to it – shall we?

How to Test a Guy to See If He Really Loves You – What to do to Know If He Truly Loves You

1. Try denying him sex to see his reaction

One thing that triggers a lot of guys to show their true nature is sexx. There is no denying that s3xual desire is the greatest weakness of a man. When you test him by denying him sexx, his reaction will give you the answers you seek.

If he suddenly begins to give you the cold shoulder, acts differently, quarrels with you, or threatens to break up with you, then it is a red flag. A guy that will do any of these because you refused him sex has failed your test, and it is obvious he doesn’t love you genuinely.

Sex should never be the basis of a healthy relationship, and if he genuinely pictures a future with you, he will not snap at you because you refused to have s3x with him. With or without sexx, a man that loves you truly will love you regardless, and nothing will change his actions towards you.

Also, you have to be deliberate when carrying out this test. Be sure to hold on until you get his genuine reaction.

Do not deny him sexx for one night, and if he doesn’t say anything, you claim he has passed. Hold on until he notices you deliberately deny him of sexx, which is when you will see his true colors.

2. Pretend to be pregnant

If a guy claims he is in love with you and wants to spend the rest of his life with you, he shouldn’t panic if you get pregnant. How a guy reacts to the news of your pregnancy is very important, and it can go a long way to tell you his true intentions towards you.

Try pretending to your man that you are pregnant and observe his reactions. You need to also take into consideration his advice for you. What does he asks you to do, abort it? Or is he angry ‘you allowed yourself to get pregnant?’

If he claims you should have known better and that as a woman, you should be able to take care of yourself so as not to get pregnant, it means there is someone out there who is ‘taking care of herself not to get pregnant.’

What if he questions the legitimacy? If he asks you whether you are sure the child is his, it means he doesn’t have you in his plans at all. In fact, after that conversation, set for the door and walk out of the relationship because it has no basis and no future.

A man that is really in love with you will not snap at you for being pregnant, and he will not threaten you if you refuse to abort the pregnancy.

It would be best if you also watched what he says at this moment. If he tells you that you want to ruin his life with the pregnancy, he has said it all. It means having you or your baby in his life will destroy his perfect picture – that doesn’t have you in it.

3. Pretend to be ill and in need of care

When you pretend to be sick, you will see firsthand how he would react. You would notice things that ordinarily you wouldn’t have noticed if you were genuinely ill.

When you pretend to be ill, does he tell you to go to your mother or go live with a friend until you are better? Does he sacrifice a day or two from work just to be with you? Does he make your meals, clean the house, wash the dishes and do your laundry?

If you are not living together, does he call you every minute and show genuine concern about your health? What are his reactions when you are unable to do the things you did before the illness? These are the things you need to pay good attention to.

It is important you watch how he is able to take care of you and the level of time he dedicates to it. If he really loves you, he will set every other thing aside just to take care of you when you are ill.

So, give it a try! Pretend you are ill for a week or more and see if he takes care of you or gets tired of taking care of you. [Read Also – Signs He Pretends to Love You]

4. Make a huge request from him

Now a lot of ladies get this totally wrong. They believe that carrying out a test that involves making a request means requesting money or material things. No, that is not what this test is about.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can test if a guy really loves you by the amount of money he spends on you.

Do not ask him for money or anything money can buy as a way of testing if he really loves you.

If you carry out the test in this way, there is a one hundred percent chance that you will get the wrong results. A guy can spend so much money on you even when he doesn’t really love you.

To effectively carry out this text, ask him for something you know money cannot buy. Ask him to accompany you to see your parents. Tell him to stop a habit.

An important point of note is that your goal is not to see whether he grants your wish or not. He may love you so much and still reuse to grant your request.

The goal is to see his reaction, especially after he refuses. What does he say, and how does he express his refusal to your request. These are the things you should look out for, not whether he grants your wish or not.

5. Deliberately make a mistake

You can test a guy to see if he truly loves you by making a deliberate mistake to see his reaction. If you have the heart for it, you can try making a mistake in public.

The way a guy reacts to your mistakes will tell if he really loves you or not. For example, how will he react when you ‘mistakenly’ spill a drink on his favorite outfit – one he has earmarked to wear for an outing with his friends?

How does he react when you ‘mistakenly’ break his favorite drinking glass? Does he snap at you and go on and on about how careless and stupid you are? Or he hit you? Maybe he goes on for days about the issue.

However, do not the excuse of carrying out a test as a reason to destroy his most prized possessions. Please resist the temptation of destroying his properties or becoming a wicked and destructive partner, all in the name of testing him.

How to know when it is time to test a guy to see if he really loves you

You need to be observant to know when it becomes imperative to test your guy to see if he really loves you.

Do not go on with a relationship that is leading nowhere and continue to ignore the signs of whether he really loves you.

If he is not telling you his intentions and cannot see the signs to enable you decide on the relationship, you may have to test him to see if he really loves you.

You may need to test a guy to see if he really loves you when you notice the following:

  • When you notice that he is not physically or verbally affectionate with you.
  • You notice that he does not make romantic gestures towards you.
  • It has become a big problem for him to say ‘I love you or any other romantic statement to you.
  • You do not feel at home in his presence or in his arms.
  • Your man makes love to you without first engaging you in foreplay to put in the mood.
  • He doesn’t see a need to pamper you or treat you like a baby.
  • Does he laughs off or gets angry at any talk that has to do with a future together.
  • At every little instance, he tells you of how he is tired of the relationship and does not wish to continue with it.


Many people may wonder and question why you should test a guy to see if he really loves you.

There are many reasons you should test a guy to know if he loves you. You should know what you are doing before it gets too late.

It is hard for a guy to tell a lady openly that he doesn’t really love her. Most of the time, they leave it to the girl to figure out herself, and if she doesn’t figure it out quickly, she will waste her time in the relationship for as long as only God knows.

This is why it is essential to carry out your due diligence and should test a guy to know if he truly loves you – or not. There is no need to ask him if he loves you because he won’t tell you otherwise. As a lady, you will have to figure this out yourself.

Ladies should know what you are getting into, and you deserve to know the truth. You have your life to live and should not spend it allowing someone to waste it for you.

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