24 Things to Do When your Boyfriend Is Mad At You

If you are on this page, it is possibly because you want to know what to do when your boyfriend is mad at you. Yes, it can be frustrating to when your man is mad at you over something, especially if you have tried to resolve things. It’s even more draining when he does not talk to you and keeps silence on you over all things; he keeps mute no matter what you do.

If you are in this position, and you want to restore situations (and of course you should), then here are things you need to do when he is mad at you. You have to do them in order to bring back normalcy to your relationship with your boyfriend.


Things to Do When your Boyfriend Is Mad At You

1. Understand that it’s normal

Do not go bordering yourself because he is angry. He is not unreal, every human being; sane and insane, gets angry hence to get him smiling again, you have to first understand that he is a human with emotions.

2. Never Make Him Feel You Don’t Care

When you offend someone it is normal for them to react, and when this happens make sure you acknowledge the situation and that you have offended your man. Let him know you are not care-free about the situation. Make him understand your regret your action and do not go on “I don’t care attitude”.

3. Apologize sincerely

This is one the must important things to do when your boyfriend is mad at you. Whether or not you are guilty as charged, begin your statement by apologizing for the whole situation. After that, you can then present your points, if you are not guilty, help him understand things the way it is.

If you are guilty, say sorry and mean it. Let him see it more than he hears it, let your attitude show that you have repented from what you have done.

4. Cook his favorite

Go to the grocery store, get fresh condiments and carefully prepare that food you know he loves too much although this works best If he is into food. Make it look inviting and beautifully set the table, then, go tell him that his food is ready.

5. Watch his favorite TV show or Movie

While he eats the food, put on the TV and scroll down to the channel that he loves most and watch it interestingly, this might lighten his mood. If a laughing scene comes, laugh moderately, else, he will suspect your actions.

6. Set his best list of songs on replay

Songs have a way of soothing the nerves and it works magic especially the once on romance. Play it and sing along while being busy handling one or two but hey, don’t put your eyes on him, that way, he will flow with the song rapidly. If he notices that you’re looking, he might want to leave the place for you and that’s not good at all.

7. Ask him why he is angry

His anger must have subsided a bit from eating and paying attention to the TV or listening to the songs. Now, clear the table immediately and sit beside him. Look at his face with love and ask what is making him upset. If he loves you, he will open up and while he does that, listen carefully. Make him understand that you’re really concerned.

8. Let him have his space

If after everything he doesn’t still open up, let him have his space. This is because, at times, guys need their space to think things through. Don’t force it, else, he will see you as a parasite that needs to be dealt with. Leave his presence, he will call you when he’s ready to talk.

9. Be calm and observe

Give him everything that you should give to him, if usually you text him every morning, continue with that, if you take his lunch to his workplace, don’t stop doing that. Just be calm and observe his actions, you might even get a clue on why he is angry or what he wants.

10. Don’t take it personal

Arguments in relationships are inevitable, therefore, you must learn to avoid taking reactions personal. Taking it personal will help to fan the flame and increase tension, the problem won’t be solved that way; two wrongs will never make the right decision. Whether or not you know what is making him angry, ensure that you don’t get angry yourself, no matter what. Always put on a smiley face and relate with him as though nothing is happening.

11. Listen as he speaks

If he eventually speaks out, pay rapt attention. Make him know that you are interested in what is bringing him pain and also, by listening, you will be able to figure out how to respond in a peaceful way. Let him speak and don’t interrupt. Allow him to pour his heart out and don’t be absent-minded.

12. Acknowledge his feelings

Don’t go blaming him for being angry, instead, let him know that he is not totally wrong by showing how he feels. That will make him become more relaxed and less defensive.

13. Promise to do better

Most times it’s not enough to just say ‘I’m sorry’, there should be more commitment and that includes making a promise that will make him believe that such will not repeat itself. Let this not be a casual promise, remember, if you blow up, next time, he won’t take your promise as valid. Do everything to restrain from doing that same thing because you might just lose his trust if you do it again.

14. Remind him of how awesome he is

We all need assurance from time to time, reassure him of your love and respect for him and please be genuine because he can see either your fakeness or realness from your eyes, so be careful. Tell him how much of a great person he is, you know what praises do to a human mind, it will brighten his mood.

15. Hug him passionately

That might be what he needs to cool off. Physical touches have a way of calming the whole situation and making one feel loved but don’t forget to ask for his permission if it’s not your regular.

16. Kiss him rather

If it’s allowed, you can kiss him. This sends the message ‘are we cool now?’ to him and if he kisses you back, it means that you’ve won. Congratulations!

17. Organize a date night for you two

It’s often the guys that treat ladies, turning the table for him might make him smile. A date night plan from you would be a great idea. This is also a way of reminding him of how much you treasure your relationship with him. No man will remain stone-hearted after this gesture except the gravity of what he is angry over is way bigger but whatever the case may be, just give it a try. [Read: 61 Cute Romantic Date Ideas for you And your Partner}

18. Don’t gossip about what happened

Guess what breaks a relationship faster than you can imagine… it’s the invitation of a third party into a relationship and one of the best ways to do that is by telling a third party about things that go on in your relationship. Zip your lips and solve the issue between you two, that’s the best and mature way of handling issues in relationship.

19. Don’t always be at the ‘sorry’ end

You don’ have to always say sorry to make him feel good, it will backfire in no time. In a relationship, no one is always right, neither you nor him, you have to understand that and hiding your feeling to make the relationship work isn’t the right thing to do. You too have a say. If he accuses you of things you didn’t do, it’s okay to reject but politely do that to avoid more chaos.

20. Go see the professional

If you’ve tried all you could and he still remain sad, then, you need to contact a therapist. Extreme sadness can usher a person into deep depression and you don’t want that for him. Locate a good therapist and explain everything to him/her, and he/she will suggest a way or ways to bring him for therapy sessions.

21. Meet his close pals

This isn’t always advisable but something can still come out of it. Meet with those that he spends time with if you’re in talking terms with them and ask if they have a clue of what is going on with him. Men share things with themselves especially if there is trust, there is a probability that he must have told his guys about his feelings. Ensure that you plead with them not to let him know that you asked. If they are good people, they will zip it.

22. Play a tape on forgiveness

This might seem funny but it works. Remember, you know he is mad but you’re not sure of what you did exactly and he is not ready to let go. While acting all normal, play a tape on the effects of quick forgiveness to relationships. Yes, you can help him know why he must cultivate the habit of discussing how he feels and not staying angry. If he cares about you and your relationship, he will try to make amend.

23. Talk to those he listens to

This is why you must go into a relationship with someone that respects people. After you must have tried out every other option and nothing worked, don’t give up on him just yet. Go talk to those he listens to, such as his parents; if you’re in a talking mood with them, those he esteems greatly. They might be able to summon him and he might change his attitude after that.

24. Focus on yourself

You are human too and you deserve a second chance no matter what. If he is still adamant, then, you can as well, focus on you. It’s not bad at all. Your happiness still matters and no matter what you do, don’t give up on yourself for the sake of another. Just be sure that you’ve tried your possible best. Love yourself too.


It’s okay to be concerned over your sweetheart well being, it shows that what you have with him is special and unique. Fight for your love and win him back regardless. [Also Read: How to Get Your Boyfriend Back]


FAQ Questions On Things to Do When your Boyfriend Is Mad At You


Is It Normal When Your Boyfriend Is Mad At You?

Generally, we are all human with emotions. And so it’s normal for anyone to be angry when offended. So, have you got your boyfriend upset? Or is he angry and you do not even have a clue about why he is angry. Then you have to be a girl that cares and do the necessary things to get to root of the problem.


Is It Okay to Fight Him While He is Angry At You?

When your man is angry at you, all you need to do is remain calm and peaceful even when you have not figured out what the problem is. And if you already know you offended him, and as such you are the cause of the issue, the best you can do is apologize to your man with every sincerity.

Do not panic or get frustrated as this may make you react in certain ways that can worsen the situation. Do not fight him even when he wouldn’t open up to you. Allow him sometime, give him a little space and try to talk things over with time.


What Do I Do when My Boyfriend Is Giving Me Silent Treatment?

Does he give you the silent treatment because he is angry at you? Relax, and do not give him back same treatment. Instead give him sometimes and allow him some space. Let him know you feel sorry and ensure you have apologized to him and say all the necessary things you need to say as long as he listens. Then give him time and allow him to think through over everything, and be positive about the situation.


What to Do When You Have Done All Possible Things, Yet Your Boyfriend Won’t Forgive You?

If you have apologized and done all the necessary things you should do, and the forgiveness is not forthcoming, then the best suggestion would be to movie on with your life and happiness. This is necessary if he would not give room for you both to make up things and he denies you access to reaching him physically and even on phone. It is time to move on. [Read: How to Move On from Your Boyfriend Even When You Still Love Him]


How to Make Him Miss You After an Argument?

So he is still angry with you and you have done all you can but nothing changed. It will be in your best interest to keep a little distance and be out of sight. Scarcity they say creates value! This will create curiosity in him and because he wouldn’t know what you are up to, he will be curious and will be willing to reach out to you and when you play a little hard to get, definitely he will miss you. [Read: Signs Your Ex Has Moved On And It’s All Over]