10 Signs Your Ex Has Moved On And It’s All Over

Did you break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, and want to know if they have moved on past the relationship? Then there are certain signs and indications to look out for, they are signs your ex has moved on. Breaking up with someone that you still love is a tough thing to do. Your entire world can alter in a matter of moments, and you might find yourself not realizing exactly how to move on after breaking up.

You are beginning to get a sneaking impression that the person you care about is moving on with their life.

Realizing that your ex is not holding on can stimulate you to move ahead. If you are doubtful about his/her feelings, you can not move on. Examine these signs below, they are sure signs your ex has moved on and that it’s really all over.

1. Your Ex ceased to contact you

Relationships are established on interactions, and if you are not in touch in one way or another in person or on the phone, there is no bond.

Hence, when you end the relationship with somebody, your conversations naturally become shorter and more unusual. If your ex has stopped to contact you, then the relationship is over.

While it is typical for people to stop speaking to one another once the relationship ceases, some persons will still stay in touch because they prefer to stay friends.

2. If he/she doesn’t reply to your messages

Not only does your ex hardly talk to you since the final conversation, but they demonstrate just how unimportant that you now mean to them by avoiding your phone calls and texts, even emotional messages telling them how you are not doing good after the breakup.

It is harsh, but this is likely because they do not regard you as their problem anymore, and an ex with feelings will always reply to your messages. Thus, not taking your calls or replying your messages are good signs your ex has moved on.

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3. Signs of comfort

If he or she keeps everything simple with you and if he does not stutter or try to avoid you, then this is an indication that he or she is completely over you. Also, if he is very calm and comfortable with you around, it is a perfect sign he has moved on.

And if your ex never speaks of the past with you, then that is another sign that he or she is possibly over you.

Also, if your ex does not flirt or makes the discussion less fun when talking to you, your ex has moved on.

4. If your Ex asked you to move on

If your ex asks you to find somebody new, this is a convincing sign that the relationship is over. Your ex cares about you and wants you to be happy, and so he typically does not want you having feelings for him and does not want you to hope that things can be reawakened between you.

Just try to acknowledge that it is for the nicest and do yourself good to find happiness somewhere else as you go ahead with your life. You cannot influence how he feels about you, and there is nothing you can work out about that.

5. Offline in social media

If your ex is silent on social media, it is probably because they find happiness in something else.  Enjoying life at the moment, not online, is a sign that they have moved on. If you have not noticed any activity from your ex online, they are not basking in sadness, but because they are comfortable and moved ahead.

6. They Returned your stuff or want theirs back

If your ex suddenly returns all you gave or bought for him or her and tells you he does not want or like it anymore. In this sense, your ex is obvious about his moving on and is trying to wipe you out from his mind. This is an undeniable sign from him that he or she does not yearn for you any longer.

Also, if they want their things back, then they want you to forget about them and move on.

7. Dating someone else

You find out that your ex has gotten into a relationship with another person; instead of getting envious, which is pretty much want he planned to do, accept this as a sign that your ex has moved on.

Especially if this new person in his life is different from you(your stature, job, the color of your hair, and other things related to you), then it is apparent that he has moved on.

8. They Care less if you are dating someone else

If you are dating someone and your ex notices it and does not appear to care about it, then your ex is over you. Your ex might be entirely unconcerned to this new improvement in your life, or he might even be glad that you have been able to move forward from your preceding relationship.

9. Your ex has told you that he or she does not feel anything for you

If your ex goes out of his or her way to tell you that they do not feel anything for you, then it is a good sign that they are striving to move ahead.

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10. Your ex does not regret

Your ex does not let out anything about missing you or regretting that the relationship ended. When asked about how they feel, they always say that they are good and could not be happier. Counting on the person, this could be genuine or a pretense.

11. If your ex does not message you

An ex that does not contact or message you at all is over you, or at the very least trying to be. If someone is over you, they don’t need to reach out to remember you or follow you up or check you in.

If you never get attended to by your ex, they are most probably over you.


Several hints will tell you if your ex is over you. Use your findings to conclude if he might still have feelings for you or completely move ahead.

If you see these signs, they are signs your ex has moved on, you should get yourself together, go out and live the life you desire for yourself, aspiring to meet someone more caring and loving.