When a Guy Says He Loves You too Soon – What to Do

Have you faced a situation when a guy says he loves you too soon? And now you are wondering what to do, what to say to him or how to handle the situation; do not worry, we’ve got you on in this articles. For a guy to say “I love you” too soon you need to be cautious to ensure he is not either too clingy, a cheat, or just want to have sex. But if he means those words, then he may just be falling in love quickly than you expect. He fell in love with you quickly, realizing how amazing you are and decided to tell you those words.

Some ladies believe in fairy tales and some believe that they are desirable enough for a guy to fall in love with them. But the truth is, it takes time for love to develop. People who fall in love so soon can just as easily and shortly fall out of love.

Are you confused about what to do, or you are not sure if he means it? Do not worry, this article would tell you if he does not mean these words, what you should do and how to respond to him when he says “I love you” too soon.’


Signs He Does Not Mean It When a Guy Says He Loves You too Soon


1. You do not have trust for him and his words

You really have to re-evaluate things to be sure he loves you especially when doubts and feel he is deceiving you. This kind of situation arises when he does not match his words with actions that prove he loves you.

If you are struggling to believe his words, then your instinct may be right, telling you that he truly does not love you. You have to note that a relationship cannot grow without trust so as not to fall into regrettable situation in future.

2. He makes you feel like you are bad

The aura and feeling that abound when you are around someone who genuinely loves you is a special one and indeed, fulfilling! So watch how you feel around him, it says a lot he truly loves you or not. If he makes you feel insecure, then it is a reasonable indication that he does not love you.

A man who loves you will never make you feel insecure, and love itself, is a strong connection of emotions that makes the both individuals feel relaxed and secured in the relationship.

3. He avoids you and your texts

You might not be on his mind if he is ignoring you and taking time before he replies to your texts. A guy that actually loves you will create time for you out of his busy schedule. If he does not make out time for you and avoids calls, it is a sign he does not mean it when he says he loves you.

4. He does not respect you

A guy that is in love with you will regard your opinions and listen to your words. But if he does not listen to you and disrespect your suggestions, then it shows a lack of regard for you. And of course, there is no love without respect!

5. He does not have plans for the future with you

A guy who loves you will always make a picture of you both in the future. This is one obvious sign a guy loves his girl and is willing to go extra mile.  If there is no plans for the future with you, then you may reconsider the situation of things and the words he says to you especially when he says he loves you.

6. He asks for only sex all the time

If he said I love you too soon just to get under your pants, then he is probably using you for pleasure. If he loves you and likes to have a relationship with you, then lovemaking will only be one part of the relationship. [Read: Obvious Signs a Guy Does Not Love You Genuinely]

7. His friends and family does not know about you

If he has not informed his friends about you then he might not be interested in you. Any guy that loves you deeply will certainly tell their closest friends about you. He would be proud of you and will like to show you off to his friends and family.

8. He is too needy or clingy

If he stops you from seeing your friends, he tries to control your plans, or he does not trust whatever you do when you are not with him, he does not love you because these actions do not portray true love. True love brings trust. If he tries to control you, it is a sign of a toxic relationship.


What to do When a Guy Says He Loves You too Soon

1. Listen to him attentively

It can be confusing when a guy tells you he loves you too soon, this is more especially if you both just met. Even though love at first sight can turn out to be true and great, but it is important you pay a little more attention before you say to him the “I love you too” lines. Listening and holding on for a while could reveal other things you may need to put into consideration before trusting his words.

2. Have an engaging Discussion with him

A simple discussion can reveal a lot, except if you do not really care to know whether he loves you, then you may not need an engaging discussion with him. Sometimes conversations can actually reveal what people really mean or their true intent. So discuss and be mindful of things you say, so you do not send out the wrong impressions.

3. Do not scare him off

No one knows what could be in the future. You might think he has said the wrong words, but he could be that guy you have been waiting for. You have to be cautious of the way you react when he says I love you too soon. More importantly, you need to keep cool, though, usually it is not easy at first, especially when you know that you feel something too for this guy. You will need to deal with the situation with maturity like an adult.

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4. Be sincere

Most times, you can tell how hypocritical it is when a guy says I love you too soon. When you find this out, do not resort to being dishonest on your own side. Be sincere and honest and tell him your take on the situation. If you are not okay with things, simply put it to him. More importantly, do not allow anyone use the phrase “I love you” to deceive you.

5. Assess Him

Evaluate him to be convinced he truly loves you, and not trying to manipulate you. Check if he is exhibiting those signs listed above. You can also get friends and family to assess him if he is pretending. Try to forget what he said and pay attention to his actions.

6. Assess the time frame

Check your calendar if it has been a day, a week, or a month since you met him to know he means it. Love grows with time. He might want your body if he says those words when it is just barely a week you meet him.

7. Do not overthink

Women tend to overthink things. You do not have to overthink. If he is not the love of your life it is likely that he slips away before you realize it.

8. Cut him off for some time

Cutting him off for some time is better especially if you are not sure he means his words. Refraining yourself from him may seem harsh, but it is much reasonable than leading him on.

9. Get advice

If you are still clueless about what to do, ask someone who you respect and trust to tell you what to do.


How to Respond When a Guy Says I Love You too Soon

Are you thinking of what to say or how to respond when tells you “I love you too soon”. It is normal and we have all been there at some point. It can be a bit disturbing when you are not certain if you love him too.

Below are how to respond when a guy says I love you too soon.

1. Be truthful

Once a guy says I love you too soon, you have to be truthful when replying to him. Say the truth and do not be rude about anything,  if you do not feel the same way for him, just let him know.

2. Be plain

Though some people do not say ‘I love you’ back, they are not plain about it either. He may not be a person you love, so you have to be concise and firm with your response. Nobody wants to be led on, so do not try to lead on at all when you know you do not love him in return.

3. Tell him to wait

You need to get to learn about him before you can actually be in love with him. So, tell him to wait because it takes time to fall in love. Imploring him to wait will offer you both the time to really know what you want. With time, you will know if he wants sex from you or another thing. A lot of people cannot feign actions for a long time, so this is a good approach to employ to get a clearer picture of things.

4. Express your feelings

Do not be shy to express your feelings if you love him too. Though you have to be sure he loves you. Just take your time for the benefits of you both.