20 Signs You Are Unofficially Dating

It’s really exhausting to be in a situation of not knowing where you belong in the life of someone you are crushing on. He/she is undeniably close to you than any other person, he/she relates with you as a lover but he/she hasn’t professed love to you verbally, or shown any signs, and so you wonder if you are unofficially dating.

These attitudes have kept you in a wonderland, constantly thinking about what you’re to him/her. You have many unanswered questions that won’t leave your thought, and you yearn to get answers to these questions.

You must note that not everyone is capable of expressing themselves verbally; this is predominant among women and phlegmatic men. This set of people express themselves using body language. So if you want to know if this person is dating you in his/her mind, there are signs to look out for to get a clue if you both are dating unofficially.


20 Signs You Are Unofficially Dating

1. You always call each other

This is obviously one of the first signs to look out for. Do you call each other constantly when you are not together? Lovers especially when they newly started, find it difficult to stay away from each other so they resort to calling each other to stay connected. If “yes” is the answer to the above question, then, you are in a relationship. [Read: Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back to You]

2. You chat more than usual

Do you chat regularly on social media even till midnight? Do you text each other subsequently more than every other person? If yes, then it is signs that suggests you both are in a dating relationship.

3. You are always together

Loving someone comes with the urge to be constantly knitted with that person. The feeling is always there. If a man loves you, he will do everything to be with you and that is also attributed to the women. If you both love being around yourselves often, like doing dinner or lunch together or going on a vacation, it is definitely not just a casual friendship, there is more to it.

4. He/she defend you often

Men generally love to protect, it is in their makeup. They all have the mentality that they must be able to protect the women especially those in their lives but when a man loves you differently, they are capable of taking risks to defend you. They hate to see the women they love in a difficult situation and strive to show them that they can be trusted with their safety. The women also do this if they really love you.

5. You’ve met with his/her friends

People get to introduce you to their friends when they feel you’re part of them. When a man allows you to get to know their friends, he definitely wants more than friendship and when I say his friends, I’m talking about his real and closest friends who have a very high influence on him. Ladies might let you party around with them but until they feel you’re worthy, you aren’t meeting their friends. So, if you have been given such privilege, you’re more than just a friend. This is one of the signs you are unofficially dating.

6. You’ve met with parent

You shouldn’t be confused if he/she introduces you to his/her parent because people with virtue don’t bring their parents into a thing that they are not serious about. Even if they introduce you as a friend, don’t mind that. In some homes, a boyfriend- girlfriend relationship isn’t allowed, hence, at that stage, the only way to define you is as a friend.

7. You rely on each other

Even in a family, there must be that one person that you have full confidence in. If he/she always come to you for advice or to entrust certain secret, you should be sure that he/she loves you and could possible want something more from you – dating relationship.

8. You both feel each other pain

As we know, there are different kinds of love; the Agape, the Eros and, the Philia. There are levels to this love thing, when you get to the level that you feel each others pain so deeply, and you’re willing to risk your life or valuable items for one another, you’re expressing agape love which is the highest kind of love to give to someone and that is rare to find. Most times when people show you this kind of genuine love, it could mean they want to go into a relationship with you.

9. They show sign of jealousy

One of the good ways to know if a person loves you, is by observing how they feel when you’re with the opposite gender. If a man gets uncomfortable if you are in the midst of other men, he will strive to see that you leave that scene. Ladies can go the extent of faking illness just to get your attention back; if you notice this, you’re dating because it’s a nonverbal way of saying ‘I want you’. And it is one of the signs you are unofficially dating.

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10. You both think about each other often

This is normal between two lovers. When you love someone, you will continue to think about him/her until you both meet up again. It’s a clear sign that you are dating unofficially, and how you will know that you’re occupying a space in each other’s thought is the frequency of calls you received from each other.

11. You are comfortable with each other

It’s comforting to find a person with whom you can be yourself with at all time, a person who isn’t disturbed by your inadequacies and mischief. If you find comfort in each other, it’s a sign that you are unofficially dating, and could possible make a compatible couples.

13. You don’t find others attractive

The magic that happens right after seeing a person that suits your heart, is the inability to find anyone else as attractive as the one person in your mind. If you don’t find any other person attractive except him/her, it shows that you’ve fallen very deep into the ocean of love. It also tells that you have subconsciously separated your self for that one person, obviously, you’re dating.

14. They give you access to private stuff

When a man loves you wholeheartedly, he does not mind telling you about his savings, he can open his home to you at any time and he will quickly introduce you to his friends even without you asking. Ladies are ready to tell you the very secret they have kept from one another.

15. He/she takes responsibility

Friends watch each other’s back, that is a known fact, but the one who love you will do the extra things to make you see how much you mean to them. When a man begins to pamper you, assist you in doing a lot of things without being told, you shouldn’t doubt that he loves you, and this could be his best way of expressing himself. Ladies can help you with domestic chores and even financial help when they love you.

16. You go to events together

Anyone can accompany anyone to a reunion but not continually. If he invites you to an office dinner, it is probably because he has spoken about you severally, and wants to introduce you to his friends. Girls like to show off the men in their life for the world to see. If this happens between you too, you’re in a relationship.

17. People think you are a couple

The cliché ‘Don’t care about what people say’ is a good one but you can’t totally neglect people’s opinion especially those people that matter, because most times, they speak according to what they see which influences how they feel. If they call you a couple, it means that they’ve seen some attributes displayed by you both.

18. You find peace in each other

Peace is the primary thing that everyone looks out for in a partner, and a relationship void of conflict is the dream of every creature. If you understand yourselves such that you’re able to settle issues without making a fuss of it, you’re dating dear because this ability isn’t seen randomly.

19. You enjoy each other’s joke

When a girl loves you, she will laugh at your dry jokes, and when properly examined, you’d get to find out that she isn’t laughing at your jokes, but the fact that you are the one telling the joke, or simply to make you happy. I guess it’s safe to say men also do that. If you enjoy each other’s jokes, there is a high probability that you’re unofficially dating.

20. You have each other’s pictures

It’s probably a random thing to have people’s pictures on your phone, but when it becomes excess, then it should be looked into. Men usually have the pictures of these group of girls; their sisters and girlfriends or sex partners for those that are into such acts. If you find out that he keeps your pictures, it’s a sign that you both might be dating unofficially.

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Signs Of a Relationship Starting – Other Signs to Look Out for

1. You support each other’s view

Someone who loves you will always want to show support to you by standing right beside you including in your decisions. They will love to give you the liberty of making your own choice. If he/she gives you the space to express yourself freely, and still support your choice even when every other person doesn’t, it’s because he/she wants you to see her/his loyalty.

2. You prioritize yourselves

It’s not usual to put others’ needs before yours, if you receive this kind of treatment from a person, a woman especially, it shows that she value you greatly, and within her, you are her lover. Men also do this with the women they are into. It’s a sign.

3. You compliment each other affectionately

Not the casual compliment you receive here and there, I mean the one that comes with that air-restricting smile and lovely words. No matter the quantity of compliments you get, when you hear the quality one; the one that comes from the heart, you will definitely know. This coupled with other signs will tell that you’re dating unofficially.

4. He/she shows you off

You know if he/she is proud of you if he/she shows you off regularly. This is one thing men do often, they love it when their friends compliment their lady’s beauty. When you get showed off often by him, you are his date. It is one of the signs you are unofficially dating.

5. You plan fun activities together

Women have a lot of things to do with their spare time like shopping with friends and even hanging out in a very cool place with their girls and so also men. For someone to let you into their personal time often, it means that you mean more than just a friend to them. It’s a pure sign that you’ve been accepted.

6. He/she brightens your mood

If you find yourself in a difficult situation that results in you having a bad mood, and at the thought of her/him, you lay off sadness for some minutes or for a long time. It’s probably a sign that you are in love.

7. He/she often gets gifts for you

This is a popular way both genders use to express love. Buying a gift for a person does not necessarily mean that you are unofficially dating, what makes it seem that way is, if it’s done frequently. If he/she buys you gift randomly or without any cost, it might mean that you’re loved.

8. You tolerate each other’s excesses easily

Women tend to overstep. If you notice he tolerates you no matter what you do, you won’t be wrong if you feel you’re dating.

9. You are on good terms with siblings

Well, this happens often. Women tend to get attached to their crush’s siblings. They will create time to bond, even against their schedule. The men also go to the level of getting them gifts to buy their love.

10. You believe in each other’s goals

There is no better way to express love than believing in the visions or goals of the person you love. Most principled men choose to do love this way, because they believe that what makes you a real woman is your goals, and even more, actualizing them. If he/she goes the extra mile to see that you become the woman you are meant to be, you might be dating unofficially.

Conclusion On Signs You Are Unofficially Dating

If you recognized more than five signs amongst the signs above, you should stay calm and wait for the other person especially if he is a man but if you wait for a while and don’t get any result, you can call him/her for intimate discussion. If it’s a woman, go ahead and make it official; love is a beautiful thing.