26 Signs Of Overprotective Boyfriend

This article covers everything you need to identify signs of overprotective boyfriend, they will help you handle your relationship a lot more better if your boyfriend is overprotective of you and your relationship.

Although it feels good to be protected by your man, but when it is overly done, it can be irritating and embarrassing. A relationship where there is no total freedom is slavery, and must be avoided. It’s a different thing entirely if your heartthrob wants to keep you out of danger, but if he shows his love by suffocating you, you must do something about it.

The best time to deal with this kind of relationship is from the onset before investing time and resources.


What is Overprotective Boyfriend

It’s very much understanding if a man gets jealous over his woman, but when it exceeds limits, it becomes overprotection, hence, an overprotective boyfriend is one who shows his love by being possessive, jealous, abusive and/or clingy.


What Does It Mean When a Guy Is Overprotective of You?

When a man becomes overprotective of you, it is because of one of these reasons;

1. He does not trust you: Overprotective men have trust issues, and that propels them into making a strong effort to monitor your day-to-day activities, who you mingle with, who you work with, how you dress and, so on.

2. He is jealous: This is the major reason behind overprotection. When a man sees that you’re associating freely with colleagues especially the male ones, he can become overprotective.

3. He is obsessed with you: Obsessed men always want to be right where their women are at all times. They would even cancel important assignments just to be with you. Many ladies tend to mistake this for love, when a man is obsessed with you, he is capable of stopping you from having friends whether male or female just to have you all to himself.

4. Is his mindset: He is probably raised with the mentality that being overprotective is a way to express love. He might be suffering from the effect of child abuse and believes that the best way to treat a woman is by being abusive.

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Is it Bad to Be Overprotective?

It’s usual for your boyfriend to be jealous over you, it shows that he loves you truly but when he expresses his love by being overprotective, it becomes bad.

Overprotection in a relationship means that trust and true love does not exist and such is not enjoyable.

So yes! It is bad.

But how do you recognize a man who will be toxic to you in a relationship?

How do you know that the man that looks so innocent will be a pain in your ass after saying yes to being his partner?

In this article, you will be exposed to various signs that will tell if he will turn out to be overprotective.


26 Signs Of Overprotective Boyfriend

Your boyfriend is overprotective if;

1. He snoops through your stuff

Most men show off their lack of trust by prying into the affairs of their women in a bid to monitor their daily activity. When you find him always trying to go your messages, call log, and social media DMs, he is overprotective.

2. He gets angry when you hang out

This one is viral, some overprotective boyfriends hate to see their women with other men. They can even go to the extent of exchanging words with your friends not minding who they are to you. So he would indirectly discourage you from keeping friends. If you notice these attitudes from him, you need not doubt because he is overprotective.

3. He always wants to be with you

This is one of the major signs of overprotective boyfriend. Well, you might feel he loves you so much, and cannot do without you; this may be true but mostly, men that forfeit their business to stay with their women do that out of jealousy. He does that to monitor the level of inflow of visitors and acquaintances.

4. He hates your independence

Being independent as a woman is an achievement that should be celebrated. Men with value longs for women that are focused and are serious about their life. If your man hates this fact, it shows that he wants you to be overly dependent on him for everything which will make your life revolve around him, and you know what that means. [Also Read: How to Handle Complicated Relationship]

5. He feels entitled

If your man always wants you to be available for him any time he wants, he definitely is overprotective. Such men have the tendency to be very abusive, and so when you recognize this trait in your man, you must pay attention to it and on time.

6. He tends to be offensive in public

When men become offensive, especially in the public over unnecessary issues, it isn’t without a cause. This is predominant in men who are in relationships with very pretty women. They do this to make their women look bad in the eyes of other men to prevent them from approaching her.

7. He wants to control your Outfit

This might sound funny, but it’s true; overprotective men are always watchful or conscious of what their women wear at all times. Some may tell you to embrace decency as an excuse but most times, the main reason behind this action is jealousy.

8. He tries to restrict your social media flow

If you’re current on social media and your man seems to be disturbed about it, especially when it does not affect any aspect of your life negatively, it’s a sign that he is overprotective. He feels you might be chatting with other men, and he doesn’t want that.

He can even ask you to leave your social media handles without passwords for easy access and if you don’t oblige, he might end up tagging you unfaithful or run around to find ways to stalk your social media handles.

9. He is authoritative

Well, you should read the handwriting on the wall. Being obedient to your man is a virtue that is expected of you to enable the relationship be what you want it to be, but If he insists that you must abide by rules, its probably out of jealousy. He want you to be constantly under him to avoid your contact with other people of the opposite gender.

10. He hates to hear you complimenting other men

Not just men, women also don’t like it when their men compliments other girls in a certain way such as calling them names likes ‘most beautiful, very pretty, very brilliant, etc. Anyone in love would not appreciate this to some extent, but if your sweetheart goes overboard whenever you compliment people, especially men, he is overprotective.

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11. He speaks condescendingly

Jealous choleric men fall into this category. They would want to talk you down to stain your self-esteem and reduce your glow. When they do this, it isn’t necessarily because they dislike you, but because they feel that if your confidence level is high, you have a tendency of attracting men that are better than them and this will not just break their heart, it will also hurt their ego. Avoid these men, they can be abusive too.

12. He is constantly insecure

It’s okay for a man to feel insecure once in a while, but feeling insecure constantly shows a low level of trust and intense jealousy. If your man seeks to know the outcome of your meeting with male colleagues or wants you to keep only female friends who are equally married, it means he isn’t sure about you, and this is a toxic place to be.

13. He is stopping your growth

Jealous men do not allow their women to grow in any area of their lives, especially in their careers. They are the ones that love their women to sit at home while they bring back the money. They may start by encouraging you to be able to quit your job as soon as you get married. If your man discusses this with you, he is an overprotective one.

14. He drives you home often

Ladies find this very romantic, and most men express their love that way. Nothing is wrong with your man taking and bringing you back from work, but how often is it? Does he forfeit a very important meeting just to come drop you off? Does he lay off important businessmen to come ride with you? These and more are the questions you should ask yourself. If your man does these, there is an 80% probability that he is trying to control your movement by doing that. You need to watch.

15. He wants to know who you’re on call with

These kinds of men will bark at you if you leave their presence to answer a phone call, they suspect your every move and ask who called you at all times. When you notice this in your man, flee from him because being with such people in a relationship is a tragedy.

16. He talks men down

This seems like a harmless way of expressing jealousy. If you notice that your man always tries to talk the men around you down; whether your bosses at work, colleagues, or even male friends, he is doing that to reduce their worth before you to prevent the possibility of you falling for them.

17. He often blames you

This is the height of irresponsibility and lack of maturity. Jealous men often put blames on their women to attack their personalities and to make them look like nonentities. If your boyfriend blames you for everything that happens in the relationship, this is because he doesn’t want you to see the good side of yourself. Beware!

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18. He goes high on you

These sign is too glaring and not hidden to be seen. If your boyfriend always gets angry or tends to be angry when you embark on a serious project with a male colleague, he isn’t just abusive but extremely jealous too. You must take serious caution in that relationship before it becomes worse.

19. He never appreciates your effort

Why should you even be in a relationship where you are not appreciated. Jealous men never appreciate what their women did without their contribution. They always want the life of their women to revolve around them and so, if you don’t inform them about your plans before executing it, he will never appreciate it. If your man exhibit this attitude, he is a jealous man.

20. He demands to know all your friends:

You wanna know why? He wants to keep tabs on you. That’s the reason! He isn’t too caring to want to know all your friends; don’t be deceived. A man who trusts you will never demand to know everyone of your friends because he knows the thing you can do and can’t do.

21. He often keeps quiet on you

Guys like this are like poisons to their girl’s mental health. They keep quiet to make you feel restless and confused especially if he sees you with another man who looks better than him. Some fall back to this tactic when they observe that you’ve conversed with people a lot or to have you constantly following them about to resolve whatever issue they are having. The best solution to this is to allow them to be on their own for a while.

22. He thinks you’re cheating

Okay, this is a clear sign. If he is always suspecting you or claiming to know that you’re cheating on him, he is a jealous man. Another thing to note is that most of these men are themselves, cheaters, hence, you must beware of him.

23. He seems to be competitive with you

Men naturally can be egoistic but those who are understanding have trained themselves to know that there is no competition in relationships. One of the major ways to know a jealous man is if he makes an obvious effort to be above you in all aspects of your life especially financially. They feel that if your income is higher, you will fail to be under their control. If your man is competitive, he is a jealous man.

24. He sends a stalker after you

He might not want to do the stalking himself, but hires one to monitor your movement. This is even worse than doing it himself because you’d rarely know about his actions. One good way to get hints is through his words on you. If he talks about the things you did that you didn’t tell him about, he has hired someone after you.

25. He tries to flirt with other girls

If he notices that your attention isn’t on him as much as it used to be, he will try to flirt with other girls to get it back. When he does this, just keep at what you are doing and observe what he will do next. With that, you’d get to find out that it’s all for your attention.

26. He tries to praise other girls

This is a mind game, if he does this to you, it’s probably because he wants you to fight within you to measure up with the girls he praised. To him, this shows that you love him and will dedicate your time trying to impress him other than flirting with other men.

Conclusion On Signs Of Overprotective Boyfriend

Truth be told, if your man does not show an atom of jealousy over you, he probably doesn’t love you as you expected but when it’s overly expressed, it becomes a plaque. If you want to know if your boyfriend is overprotective, use these yardsticks to see things for yourself and reach a conclusion and also make a decision of either continuing or ending it all.