18 Signs He Pretends to Love You, But He Really Does Not

One of the most hurtful things you can experience is loving someone who doesn’t love you back. And, of course, you might not see things as they really are in reality. Before getting into despair, you should know there are some clear signs he pretends to love you but does not really love you in real essence. Next, we share our insights on how to tell whether he truly loves you or he does not. Let’s see how you can understand if your partner shares the same feelings as you or he is just covering up things and pretending;

So whether he says “I love you”, or he tries to convince you in one way or the other, simply read below, our points on Signs he pretends to love you whereas in deep reality he does not really love you as he may seem to be making you believe; These signs will help clear you doubts!

Signs He Pretends to Love You But He Really Does Not

1. You Feel Unhappy Most Of The Time

One of the first signs he pretends to love you is him making you feel awful about yourself. So, if you constantly feel sad and with low energy because of the way he treats you. When he makes you feel worried, anxious, and upset, it might be the perfect time to reconsider your relationship. Continuous pain mustn’t be part of any human bond. Hence, if you secretly wish it comes to an end, you might not feel loved. And sometimes, this can be a hurtful truth. He might pretend to love you, which is why you feel awful.

2. You Don’t Feel Respected

If he doesn’t respect you, he most likely pretends to love you. When a guy is using you, he doesn’t bother to show any signs of respect. Instead, he treats you less than what you deserve. And there is more! When your partner doesn’t love you, he doesn’t care about the people you love either. He does not treat your friends and family people with due respect. He doesn’t bother to discover more about the things you like. Instead, he acts like everything you enjoy isn’t worth his time.

3. You Never See Him By Your Side When You Need Him

When he pretends to love you or when he uses you, he doesn’t bother to show up when you need him most. This applies to work parties, weddings, and family gatherings. What is even more concerning is that he doesn’t take responsibility for your wellbeing, and he might even ignore you. So, a clear sign he pretends to love you is when you find yourself on your own. If he doesn’t offer to help you out, you might want to reconsider your relationship.

4. You Constantly Feel Disappointed By His Actions

Do you recall that moment when you felt let down? Do you feel like it happens all the time? Well, this tells you that he might pretend to love you! When a guy loves you, he does all he can to show his love and appreciation. But if he never seems to meet your expectations, or he never shows up, he might not be appreciating your relationship. If you constantly feel disappointed by his actions, you should consider the fact that he is using you. He might only pretend to love you.

5. You Feel Like You Move In Different Directions

There is another situation that tells you you don’t receive the love you deserve. If a man is intimate with you but won’t commit to you, it might because he’s using you. Most people tend to take advantage of you, and you need to be constantly aware of their behavior. When someone loves you, he does his best to meet your standards. He is interested in walking the same path as you. A man who truly loves you with every sincerity will never leave you hanging or trying to figure it all out yourself.

6. You Notice That He Dismisses Deep Conversations

An important sign that he pretends to love you is when he makes you feel terrible about moving your relationship to the next level. He dreads conversations about things that matter, like when you’re going to meet his family. And he might even call you dramatic and in need of attention. Moreover, if your partner gets defensive when you ask about his friends, it means that he doesn’t want you to know too much about him. He avoids deep conversations because he isn’t interested in anything serious with you.

7. You Catch Him With Numerous Lies

If he lies to you, you shouldn’t think twice about ending the relationship. When your partner truly loves you, he’s honest no matter what. He commits to telling the truth even if it’s hard to hear. Being honest about his feelings is a clear sign he loves you. But when he prefers to lie or hide the truth, he might not have good intentions with you. He might avoid telling you what bothers him. And he might push you away and treat you badly when you try to discuss this with him.

8. You Notice He Has A Different Behavior In Front Of His Friends

If your partner is serious about your relationship, he will be proud to take you with him anywhere. But when you notice he has different behavior in front of his friends, he might only be using you. So, if he is a romantic person around you but suddenly becomes mean in front of his friends, he might pretend to love you. He wants to give the impression that he doesn’t care much for you. And sometimes, this might be a fact you don’t want to hear. If your partner changes his behavior in front of his friends, he most likely pretends to love you.

9. You Feel Like He Manipulates You All The Time

If your partner isn’t truly interested in you, he will develop manipulative behavior. This means that one day he will act like the best boyfriend you ever had, and the next, he’ll be a jerk and hurt your feelings. And this loop will go on endlessly. He might actually apologize and promise this will never happen again. But again, this bad behavior will resume, and he will continue to manipulate you. This implies a lot of neglect and disrespect since he already knows you’ll give him another chance. Remember that this repetitive behavior won’t stop. He will continue to d the same thing over and over again because his intentions aren’t real.

10. You Notice Your Feelings Aren’t Something He Cares About

If you’re not sure your partner loves you, this telltale sign will help you sort things out. When your partner isn’t truly interested in you, he will disregard your feelings. This means he is only using you, and he will continue to do so until you put an end to it. So, if he is careless and doesn’t care how his actions affect you, he most likely pretends to love you. If he makes decisions that he knows will hurt you, he doesn’t care about you. Remember that when your partner loves you, he makes you a priority in his life. If you’re an option, you aren’t loved and appreciated.

11. You Notice He Procrastinates A Lot

If you love your partner, you think about your relationship in the long term. But if you’re the only one doing this, you might not be in an honest relationship. When a guy pretends to love you, he avoids thinking about your bond in the future. He will end up avoiding sharing vacation time or any other free time he might have. Couples spend a lot of time together. Yet when one of the partners constantly procrastinates and avoids making plans with you, it is a clear sign he pretends to love you.

12. You Notice He Has No Desire To Protect You

A man who loves you will do his best to treat you the way you deserve. But when he doesn’t care about you, you’ll notice he never gets protective over you. A small dosage of jealousy isn’t bad for a relationship. In fact, it can show your partner is really interested in you. So, when your partner doesn’t show any interest in driving you to work or picking you up, he might not love you. If he doesn’t have your back because he feels like it doesn’t matter, it might be the perfect time for you to end the relationship. When someone truly loves you, he will do his best to be there for you and protect you.

13. You Observe That He Forgets To Call You

If he doesn’t call at all or simply calls you in the middle of the night, he might try to show that he has better things to do. A guy who doesn’t love you will always be busy and have a hard time making time to see you. If he constantly calls you late at night, it might not be because he was busy working. In fact, he might not bother to remember about you throughout the day. And there is more! If he doesn’t show any interest in how your day went, he might not be as committed as you are.

14. You Feel Stuck With Granting Him Favors

A major sign he pretends to love you is when he asks for a lot of favors. When he’s using you, he won’t bother to be nice. Since he doesn’t have genuine intentions, he will opt for using you at all times. For example, he will expect you to go out of your way for him. But he won’t do the same for you. If you feel like you’re like his mom or private secretary, you most likely aren’t loved.

15. You Feel Like You’re Falling Out Of Love

Never ignore your intuition! We humans have a way of picking up bad vibes. This means that if you feel like you’re falling out of love, that’s most likely the truth. So, when you and your partner argue a lot with no end result, he might not be interested in you. You might be waiting for something that will never be sustained. That’s the moment when your subconscious will decide to let go. You’ll gradually notice that your love becomes a burden, and you’ll end up investing less in your relationship.

16. You Can’t Get A Clear Answer About Your Place In His Life

This is a clear sign he doesn’t know what he wants or what he feels. If he can’t tell you your place in his life, he most likely doesn’t care too much about you. Lack of decision and interest are signs he pretends to love you. The truth is that you might actually be just a temporary person in his life.

17. You Don’t Have Any Special Moments

Every couple has some special moments shared between the two. And there doesn’t refer to an expensive vacation or date. Instead, it’s all about little moments in which you shared a marvelous feeling. So, if he doesn’t make you feel special and you don’t share any moments together, he might be pretending to love you.

18. You Notice Signs He Doesn’t Miss You

When you love someone, you automatically miss them when you’re apart. And you show this feeling! It’s a sign you love and appreciate someone. Yet when your partner doesn’t love you, he won’t show any indication he misses you. You’ll receive no calls or texts. And what is even more concerning is that he might end up completely ignoring you. If he doesn’t feel bothered by your absence, he might be only using you.

The Bottom Line

These are some compelling signs he pretends to love you. Of course, there are several others that could indicate you don’t have an honest person in your life. Remember that each relationship evolves differently. It depends on you, your personality, and how you communicate. When someone truly appreciates and loves you, he will do his best to make you feel it!