Why do I crave male attention; 5 Reasons women crave attention from men

Everyone wants attention both male and female. But in this article we are going to answer as regards some women who constantly ask themselves the question “Why do I crave male attention”.  Craving attention is usual with human, in fact it gives us reason to go out and put on our best so that it can, in turn, get us even more attention.  But with women, catching your attention is very always the end itself.

Women will say to you that they want a lot of things. But there is one thing women need from you which is above and beyond all other things: your attention.

The fact that you are asking yourself the reason why you do crave male attention implies that you are on the right way. It tells you that you now realize the craving, and you are challenging it. From there, ask yourself if it is the typical hit of the feel-good factor that comes from a normal craving, or whether it is a want for attention to feel excellent about yourself.

If you crave attention, that is quite normal. We all want the attention of somebody we are crushing on. But, if you think you want attention to feel nice about yourself, well, it is time to take a look within and ask yourself why you are not discovering that feel-good factor from yourself and from the things you do in your life.

So, check out the reasons why you crave attention from men and how to stop it.

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Why do I crave male attention; Reasons women crave attention from men

1. You do not have self-confidence

The simplest way to seek preference or acceptance is by working on one’s bodily look. But even as physical charm can draw attention, it can not cover up for a long time; the factors that lie deep inside you need changes. You tend to seek approval from others for being who you are or what you have.

  • How you can fix the problem of Self-confidence

If there are things inside of you that you would rather change to feel more certain about yourself and not look bad to others, then look within yourself and seek your self acceptance first. When you are convinced about yourself, you will not need to use physical appearance to search for attention from casual men. Always feel good when you give yourself attention.

2. You judge your past selections

You have made bad choices in the past that you are not proud of, and you are scared that you will make same mistakes and give yourself a bad name in the future. And acceptance comes easily from men when you are an attractive woman, so you want attention and attention from men because you do not want to be denied appreciation and recognition, just like you had been rejected before.

  • How to stop it

You have to approve yourself for who you are first, to be received by the rest. Accept yourself with your weaknesses, holding a decision to better yourself so that you do not end up blaming yourself and look to others unconsciously to act in defense against your judgments of yourself.

3. You want to be loved

What you are actually seeking could be affection and love from one person. You might not know it or say it out loud because you dread emotional pain you may have been exposed to earlier in your life. You urge secretly to be cherished by one of these men you have been looking to for attention without allowing yourself to be accessible to being hurt again. That feeling of “I just want to be loved” could be one reason you crave male attention.

  • How to fix this problem

Now you know what is missing from your life. Indeed, you think it is a man at this phase, but note that a man will not provide you what you want in life; only you can give that. Certainly, men can make life more memorable, and you can build a relationship that satisfies you emotionally.

But there are some things that you have to achieve for yourself and be there for yourself in order to understand. You need to feel like you are sufficient on your own to find real joy because a man is not going to do it for you.

Let us be candid; he is only a man. He could be the most handsome, patient, considerate, talented, and amusing guy globally, but he is a human being with defects, just like everyone else. You do not need to assume that you are less than this. Because if you want attention from someone else, then you do not believe that you are sufficient for yourself as you are.

4. You need backing and support

You need somebody to help you cope with the life problems that you seem not to have the ability do all by yourself. You may have grown up in a torn household, which might have resulted in great emotional harm to you, and you really do not like to experience the same life again. You are always searching for the man who will assist you in getting through your emotional stigma and pushing you to think otherwise about relationships.

  • How to stop it

Go to the gym, go out with friends, travel around, and take up that hobby you stopped doing; these things will help you. You will no longer mind the attention somebody gives you. You will not be bothered when they do not provide attention because you are too busy enjoying your life.

The ironic thing is that when you begin to fall in love with yourself and cast aside those wild needs for attention, you even entertain love into your life.

5. You want compensation for your father’s absence

If you happen to be one of those ladies who were less valued by their father in their girlhood, when they always wanted validation from him, you might keep looking for compensation for what your father neglected to provide to you from other men.

  • How to overcome this

You will need to build up your confidence. People can stay for some time and leave you at any time. That is the reason why you should be self-reliant enough in the stage to realize that whatever comes your way in life, you will be okay. When you inquire about why you crave male attention, make sure that the response is satisfactory. Otherwise, you have got a tough self-finding task to do. Only when you start to question all of this will you realize you were not exactly living your best life.

There is no good when you are waiting for somebody who shows you a little attention in order to feel nice about yourself. So, start doing things for yourself.


Looking for attention could, therefore, be an innate cry for assistance. However, if you strive to look deep within yourself and attempt to figure out what is inducing you to crave help or attention, you will know the cause. After you realize what it is, it will be easier for you to cope up and simultaneously get over the continual craving for help.